It’s safe to say that I’ve been obsessing since they opened their site. It makes me wish I was getting married, just so I could get a dress. Or at least have a good friend get married so I could wear something fun! These are just some of my favorites from the site.

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Natalie Portman

Chick Crush Day 12
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses. She has won multiple awards for acting and has been in tons of amazing movies. I think she is talented and gorgeous. Not to mention funny! She’s also pregnant! Yay! She went to Harvard, and said she didn’t care if it ruined her acting career because, “I don’t care, I’d rather be a smart movie star.” Haha. Looks and brains…I’d take her life.

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Weekly Bachelor Update
Brad is just SOOOO boring to me lately. I feel like he just says the same things over and over.
I was really bored with Chantal O’s hometown date.
Ashley’s actually made me like her more. It also made me really want french fries. I don’t really want gravy on them, but I’m tempted to go get my my car right now and get some.
I was dying when Shawntal (who I’ve been spelling her name wrong) made Brad go through the funeral home and lay on the table, etc. He was freaking out. I felt bad because you could tell that he was going to send her home because of the family stuff, with them wanting her to stay and just because he was freaking out. I like her more than the other Chantal and Ashley, so I was sad, but I saw that coming. I like her cuz she wasn’t freaking out when she left either. She was just sad, but pretty calm.
I just love Emily. Her little girl is so cute. I thought it was funny that she was mad at him for not kissing her and funny that he though her daughter was going to come downstairs.
Also…Emily is the only one that really looked that great at the rose ceremony. Step it up girls. Even her dress wasn’t that fabulous.
It made me so sad, and sort of hit home a little when Brad said, “I didn’t feel the way a man should feel when he hears you tell him that you love him.” That has got to be one of the worst feelings. I know it’s the bachelor, but having someone tell you that they don’t love you the way you love them hurts.
Quotes from this Week:

“From the moment I stepped out of that limo, and I saw him…well yes I slapped him…hahaha” – Chantal O

“I’m really hoping that once I see him everything just falls back into place and there’s chemistry and like SPARKS!” – Ashley H

“Like what? Moose burgers?” – Brad

“Can you guys sleep over?” – Ashley’s mom…loved Brad’s awkward reaction after that

“I’ve been thinking that if Shawntal and I get married these are going to be our conversations. There’ going to be centered around death. I’ve been asking myself all day…can I handle that?” – Brad

“Ok…I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I am.” – After Shawntal asked him if he wanted to know how to be embalmed.

“Where do we go from here? I don’t need to see a dead body. I really don’t.” – Brad

“Brad Womack is not getting out the front door without kissing me first. That’s for damn sure.” – Emily

Sneak Peak
Sport’s Illustrated Photos from last week’s episode. They turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Michelle really is pretty even though she’s crazy. I actually think Chantal is very pretty in these also. There are more pictures on the Sports Illustrated site if you want to see them.

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Grammy’s…a little late

Grammy’s 2011
I just felt that since I didn’t have to work today I would take it upon myself to judge some outfits from the Grammy’s. I know it was a week ago, but better late than never right…besides, I’m probably nice than Perez. haha. My worst dress and best dressed come later. Here are just some that caught my eye.
First though…
This is the biggest disappointment of the night…REALLY?? What is this? I couldn’t even put this in my worst dressed category because it’s so bad. I had to “feature” this. She usually is so good. It’s some see-through ruffly crap of a dress. Also it looks like she didn’t even brush or color her hair for it. So sad…

LeAnn Rimes
I like the dress a lot, but she looks way too skinny. I think maybe her look would have been better if she had softer hair also.

I like this dress. I think she looks like she was going for the greek look, but it’s simple and it’s a good color on her.

Dianna Argon
Usually she looks really pretty, but I think I like her better when her makeup is softer. I think she looks pretty and I like the outfit, but I’m not in love with her hair. I actually liked her better live on tv than in these pictures also.

Eva Longoria
Not a big fan tonight. I think the dress looks too 80s. She also looked better live on tv than in these pictures. I think her hair would have looked better if it was softer as well. I think her makeup is pretty though.

Jennifer Hudson
Not my favorite dress, but she looks amazing. The dress looks good on her and her face is gorgeous.

Kelly Osbourne
I really don’t like her, but I do like this dress. I think she could have done something different with her hair. But I love her shoes.

Lea Michele
Not loving the hair or lips, but I do think the dress is very interesting. It looks good on her. Stunning.

Selma Blair
Such a cute dress for a pregnant person. I think she looks great.

Nicole Kidman
I love this dress. She always wears such simple things, so I really like this choice. It’s very different and I love the color. It looks so good against her hair. She looks amazing.

Jennifer Lopez
I think she kind of looks like a giant disco ball, but I like it! I would totally wear it! And she freaking looks amazing! But I do think her extensions are a little bit too long!

The Worst:
Lady Gaga
She is just crazy…she literally came in in this egg. Then she “incubated” in the back until her preformance….there’s not a lot to say.

Miley Cyrus
The dress itself wouldn’t be that bad, if she wasn’t like sucked into it and her boobs weren’t popping out. This picture doesn’t show it as much, but I couldn’t bring myself to put that on my blog. Also she has WAY too many bangles on.

WTH? That’s all. Disappointed.

Katy Perry
This could have been worse too…but really? Wings and a bare tummy? I don’t know…she’s usually really pretty, but her face just looks tired or something.

Hayley Williams
Her stomach panel is see through…she’s got like pink feathers or something at the bottom, but it clashes with her bright red hair, which has really short bangs…and the red lipstick…I just…ugh.

Nicki Minaj
I don’t even have anything to say about this. It’s just bad.

What are her shoulder pad things doing? This could have gone in a lot better direction, but it didn’t. She just overall doesn’t look very good. I guess I’ve seen her look worse though.

My Favorites:
Selena Gomez
She actually isn’t my favorite person…I can’t really put my finger on why…maybe because her disney show is sort of annoying, but I actually think she is really pretty, and I just thought her dress choice was great. I loved it.

Florence Welch
Ahh…loved this dress. It’s totally unique and interesting. I love the colors and the fabric.

Miranda Lambert
Love this dress. 3 of my top dresses are gold glitter, which is sort of funny, but gold was a big color this year and the dresses were amazing that were picked. This looks great on her.

Silver Sparkles…not much to say. I just think she looks amazing.

Heidi Klum
She totally redeemed herself after the Golden Globes! I LOVE THIS DRESS! So glamourous. I can’t decide between this one and Kim’s below.

Kim Kardashian
I absolutely love this dress too, and her hair. I think she looks fabulous.

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new hair…?

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow…FINALLY! But I can’t decide what to do…
I don’t know if I want to do it the same as last time, like this…I had put a little bit of red in it, but you can’t really see it in this picture…or

go a little more light like I’ve had it for about a year before that…or

really light…but I might wait til closer until summer…or

what if I just went totally different, and put in a lot more red? I don’t know! AHHH!!!
I guess this isn’t really that red…


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AnnaLynne McCord

Chick Crush Day 11
AnnaLynne McCord
One of the biggest stars of the new version 0f 90210, (which happens to be one of my favorite shows), AnnaLynne McCord is actually one of the youngest female philanthropists in Hollywood also. She donates a lot of time and money to charities. She’s been in a few movies and guest starred on a bunch of tv shows. I think she’s beautiful and very unique. I’m also really jealous of her hair. I love it!

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I hate when people tell you “if it’s supposed to work out, then it will work out”.
I know that seems contradictory to my post below. I love that quote from Gossip Girl below, mostly because I just want Chuck and Blair to get back together. And because it gives you hope. But in real life it never seems to. It’s just an excuse to make you feel better about what’s happening and to let you down easy, because when it doesn’t work out you’re supposed to say, it wasn’t meant to be and something better will happen. Well how do you really know? When someone else’s actions or decisions change yours, how do you really know that it wasn’t supposed to be right? It’s just hard when you’re in that situation. I guess that’s why everything is better in hindsight. Who knows, maybe it will work out. Maybe I will feel better later, but right now I just don’t.
I guess I’ll just keep hoping that this so called advice is true…

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