March Madness Fun

I don’t know why I love March Madness so much…because honestly I don’t really care that much about basketball. It’s not my favorite sport. I think it’s just because I love competitions and games!
Anyway, I’m in three different pools and I’m not doing too bad! I’m in sixth place out of about 100 people in one, and if Ohio State wins I will win! Cross your fingers for me!!! I have no idea how I am doing in my work pool (see standing in front of all of our brackets).
I really want to win though, because I get lots of cash or an ipad in the big one…so for real, cross for fingers for me and go Ohio State!

Some of the girls from work and I at Buffalo Wild Wings during round one of the games. Love me some hot wings 🙂

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March Photoaday – Week Four

Day 19- Monday March 19 – Funny
Phil – Modern Family – Enough Said

Day 20 – Tuesday March 20 – Before/After
Super boring, but here is my guest bathroom before and after. Still trying to finish the rest of the apartment.

Day 21 – Wednesday March 21 – Delicious
Sweet Tooth Fairy – yum

Day 22 – Thursday March 22 – Kitchen Sink

Day 23 – Friday 23 – Moon
I missed this day because there was barely a moon…sorry guys!

Day 24 – Saturday March 24 – Animal
I’m loving my J.Crew Creature necklaces! Plus they’re a lot cheaper than the Lagos ones I posted earlier today from Nordstrom.

Day 25 – Sunday March 25 – Breakfast

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Favorites Lately – End of March

Blouson Dress in Stripe – J.Crew

I have no idea who makes this necklace but I LOVE it!

Obsessed with braids

Love these colors and the headboard.

Check Stamped Leather Strap Watch – Buberry

Gigi Sandal – Sam Edelman

Feather-Print Drawstring Sundress – Old Navy

Rebecca Minkoff Iphone case

Light Hearted Silk Dress – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Rare Wonders Necklaces – Lagos – Nordstrom

Printed Canvas Shorts – Gap

I have been listening to this over and over…Hey I heard you were a Wild One…yeah that was me singing 🙂

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The Hunger Games – The Movie

I was sooo excited for this movie to come out and I LOVED it! So good! I kind of want to go read the book again. (or all three of them).
A friend rented out a theatre up at Jordan Commons, and Brit, Jocelyn, and I went up and watched in on Thursday night at 9. Read the book and watch this movie (if you haven’t already). I’m so glad they had a good budget for it because I was really looking forward to it. I also liked it because it stuck to the story line of the book really well
P.S. I love Gale. I wish he was in the movie more. I always loved Peeta, but now I kind of love Gale. I’m feeling so torn now.

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9 secrets to happy couples

and I think everyone could take something from this. It has a lot of good ideas. I thought I would just post the 9 main points, but go to the article and read about it for more. 🙂

1. They use terms of endearment
2. They do stuff together
3. When the going gets tough, they don’t call Mom or Dad
4. They stay connected to their parents
5. They don’t nickel-and-dime about chores
6. They fight constructively
7. They give each other gifts
8. They never lose their sense of humor
9. They take “for better or for worse” seriously

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