Hair Tutorial – Side Braided Pony

Here is another alternative to a plain ponytail! It’s pretty easy, just follow these steps! (P.S. sorry about the pictures, my bathroom has the worst light and I hadn’t gotten ready for the day yet!)

instagram @kristinrosedavis

Step 1: Part your hair to one side. On the side you’re not going to do the braid, you can twist your hair back or leave plain. I decided to twist mine. I clipped it to save for later.

Step 2: Take a small amount of hair from where your part starts and begin to french braid your hair, in the direction of your ear. Make sure to pull your hair down (as shown in the next few pictures) so that it will lay flat to your head, gathering hair along the way.

Step 3: Continue to french braid until you are behind your ear, then stop gathering hair and do a regular braid down until your hair runs out. You can do it as tight or as loose as you want.

Step 4: Secure with a small (I like to use the little clear ones) elastic. Then I like to separate my braid a little it so it doesn’t pull so tight against my head. I just pull at the top a little.

Step 5: Next, pull the remaining hair into a pony tail. You can tease hair to make it more full or just leave it. This is when I take the clip out of the twist on the other side and add it to the ponytail.

Step 6: Now start to wrap the braid around your ponytail. This is why you want the braid to lay flat to your head, so it doesn’t stick out funny when you pull it back to meet your pony. I then secure it with a bobby pin or two to keep the ends from coming loose or poking out weird.

And here is your finished product! 

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Janelle’s Mini-Bachelorette Party

One of my best and oldest (by oldest, I mean the length of time I have known her) was getting married last weekend, most of the girls from the dorms and a few others were able to finally get together! Heather and I came down to my hometown of Redlands, CA, (because that is where Janelle is from too!) and met up with everyone on Friday night for a small “mini-bachelorette” for Janelle!

We just went to BJ’s for dinner, dessert, and gifts. It was one of Janelle and I’s favorite places to go in high school and we love the pazooki there! Plus, none of us had been able to get together for a shower or gifts before this, so we thought we had to at least do something!

Here are the ones who could make dinner! Janelle, Brooke, Holly, me, and Heather.

just opening some fun surprises…:)

Apparently coral was a popular choice.

What I Wore: Necklace – Anthropologie; Tank – Forever21; Skirt – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Steve Madden.

My BFF: Janelle Foster…soon to be Mrs. Janelle Hair. (well I guess she is now) We’ve been great friends since we were in Elementary School all the way up to going to College together until now. I love her to death! So happy for her!!!

Also, I decided to throw in this random photo, because my brother was cracking me up at home…

Apparently this gun is real…I thought it looked fake. It was so heavy!

Kristin: I don’t know what to do with it.

Adam: What are you doing? Kristin, hold it like you wanna kill someone! Give it to me, I’ll show you.

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Cucumber Lemon Water for Detox

BEST Water to Boost Weight Loss

– 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. (can add 1 tspn of freshly grated ginger)

Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day.

The idea for this lemonade came from a health/fitness/nutrition site, where it says that this drink helps maintain a flat belly.

Also great for general detox–including clear skin!

*found on pinterest

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Parade of Pink – Celebs in Hot Pink

Emily Maynard, the current Bachelorette, wore a gorgeous hot pink dress last night on “The Men Tell All’ episode. She seems to be following a popular Hollywood trend right now…or did she start it a couple months ago…

Here she is back in may in a fabulous hot pink number. She looks amazing in this color, so who could blame her for pulling it off again last night?

But it does seem like the rest of Hollywood has jumped on this same trend. Hot pink and fuchsia dresses are everywhere! It’s not really just a girly color anymore. It’s bright…it’s bold…it’s bada$$ as Glamour Magazine describes the color. It also seems to be a color that looks good on basically every skin tone we’ve seen it on. So ladies, let’s try it out!

Blake Lively

Dakota Fanning

Kristin Callavari

Reese Witherspoon

Kate Beckinsale

Ginnifer Goodwin

Selena Gomez

 Debra Messing

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Lopez

Viola Davis

Lily Collins

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Favorites Lately – Lulu Frost Code Rings and more!

Lulu Frost ‘Code Rings’ –

Native Birds Dress –

Dogeared ‘Three Wishes’ Necklace –

Andrew Marc ‘Audrey’ Leather Jacket –

This hair color reminds me of Florence Welch…I love it, but I love the use of the headbands here. Such great ideas.

Steve Madden ‘Beauty-L’ –

Absolutely love this mirror and the bright dresser below. (Found on pinterest)

Juicy Couture ‘Fiji Stripe’ Dress –

Juicy Couture Neon Blazer – (looks so cute with the dress above)


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The Lost Years

This summer I’ve been reading a lot of super easy, reads. This is another one of those.

I have always loved Mary Higgins Clark. She writes suspenseful, mysteries, which are kind of my guilty pleasure. I always read them fast because I just want to know what happens next.

Heather and I listened to this book on tape while driving back from California, so this one went extra fast.

Mariah’s (an investment banker in New York) father is shot in his own home. The police assume that it was her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and was found holding the gun in a closet. However, her father had just made an enormous discovery in antiquities, so of course there are quite a few other suspects that begin to come into play.

This book is from the point of view a few different people, and sometimes the time period flips back and forth so you have to pay attention to that. It’s also very slow with character development, but as soon as it finished with that it picks up pretty fast. I would definitely recommend it for a light, quick read.

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8 Staples A Girl Needs For Summer Traveling

Do you ever pack WAY too much for a trip? I know I do. Hopefully these staple items will help you limit your packing to just what you need. I always seem to get to my destinations with a suitcase full of random items just thrown in and nothing ends up matching. One way to solve this, is to pack things in a similar color scheme. That way you can mix and match all week and coordinate different outfits. I also have started trying to plan my outfits before I pack them so I don’t end up with the problem of nothing matching. This also cuts down on my getting ready time and gives me more time to do fun stuff on my vacation!

I hope this helps and happy packing!

1. A Bright Casual Top

Splendid ‘Always Shirting Pocked Tunic’ at

Rag & Bone ‘The Pocket Tee’ at (yes this is white, but it’s always nice to pack a white top as well)

2. Fun Sunnies…Dolce & Gabbana at

3. A Loose, Go-Everywhere Dress

Banana Republic ‘Bordered T-Shirt’ Dress –

Michael Stars ‘Highline Stripe Blouson’ Maxi Dress –

4. A Nautical-Inspired Suit

J.Crew ‘Anchors Aweigh Skirted Tank’

Ted Baker ‘Nautical Stripe’ Bikini –

5. Wear-Nightly Heels…I prefer to wear wedges if I’m wearing heels all night or on consecutive nights, because they allow your feet to last longer. They’re also perfect for summer nights, and so are espadrilles. They’re a little more beachy and casual. Pack a brown or tan pair because they will pretty much match with almost any outfit you bring.

Ras ‘Open Toe Wedge’ Espadrilles –

Diane von Furstenburg ‘Opal Crisscross Wedge’ Sandals –

6. A Beachy Tote…Rebecca Minkoff ‘Striped Canvas Diamond’ Tote at

7. Colorful Shorts…I love patterned shorts, like these Rachel Antonoff ‘Annie’ Shorts at

8. Shoes you can walk miles in…I love rainbows during the summer, but if you want something a little more sturdy, I would recommend Toms, because they are lightweight, easy to pack, and super comfy inside!

*Inspiration from Glamour Magazine.

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