Favorites Lately! – Steve Madden Varanda and more!

Steve Madden ‘Varanda Dalmation’ – stevemadde.com

‘Juggling Figures Silk Blouse’ – Anthropologie.com

‘Bellflower’ Earrings – jcrew.com

Love this hairstyle. Need to learn this asap. I love that it’s sort of polished and messy at the same time.

Velvet ‘Maija’ Strapless Maxi Dress – shopbop.com (on sale!)

Graceful Sensibility Lace Clutch – shopruche.com

‘To My Soul Mess’ Cocktail Dress – www.esther.com.au

Vanessa Mooney Collection ‘Gold Manouche Strand’ – baublebar.com

Equipment ‘Liam Python Contrast Tee’ – shopbop.com

Wise Words.


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Olympic-Worthy Dresses

Need a dress worthy of an Olympic medal?

You can find all of these and more at RentTheRunway.com…

…and the best part is, you don’t have the spend the crazy amounts of money for them! You can rent them! Yeah, it sounds a little weird at first, but you can rent a thousand dollar dress for an event for way less! You just go to the site, check the date, and pick out the dress you want! They ship it to you for the days you need the dress and do all the cleaning! They’ll also send you two sizes if you’re not sure what you will need! So it’s great for holidays or events when you want a super fancy dress, but don’t want to spend the money!

Take a look at these Metallic dresses and decide which Olympic dream you’d like to fulfill!


Badgley Mischka – Gold Glitterati Gown

Nanette Lepore – Joan of Arc Mini

Pencey – Gold Rush Mini


Haute Hippie – Gypsy Glam Gown

Radenroro – Just a Hint of Sparkle Dress


Milly – Gold Metallica Pleat Gown (close enough to Bronze right 🙂 )

Peter Soronen – Copper Sequin Confetti Dress

*all dress can be found at renttherunway.com

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Rodeo and the Y

This last weekend, Kale was part of a “Little Buckaroo Rodeo”. It was pretty cute and funny. What did Kale do? Well…he did the muttin’ bustin’ and got banged in the head by his sheep. And I mean banged. My friend, Aislinn, came to meet us at the pool later and when she saw his head, she said “Well I wasn’t sure if I should say anything because maybe he just has a funny shaped head.” He ended up with a giant bruise and goose-egg, but the little guy was tough and rode the sheep for a long time. He hung on like crazy and made it to the middle of the arena…until he got banged in the head, either by the horns or one of the feet. So yay, Kale!

Our boots 🙂 A couple people have asked me where I got them and they were on sale at Piperlime! (by Sabine)

Little cowboy getting ready to ride his sheep!

Little champ!

What I wore:

Top – Ginger; Shorts – 7 for all Mankind; Shoes – Sabine; Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch – Michael Kors.

Later this weekend, we decided to hike the Y…at noon. Probably not one of the smartest ideas we’ve ever had. It was the hottest day ever. I’m pretty sure I almost died of heat exhaustion.

Someone doesn’t like to share…This is me with heat stroke.

The Y.

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Olympic Nails!

This Olympics may have a new sport…nail art! If you haven’t noticed yet, the athletes seem to be spreading their countries patriotism with their team gear and their hands! Whether they are splashing in the water or spiking volleyballs, these athletes have been “nailing” their events! 

Allison Schmitt for Team USA Swimming

Another USA swimmer – Missy Franklin

Ruta Meilutyte for Lithuania shows all of her colors

Laura Ludwig “serves” up some colorful nails

Rebecca Addlington is yet another swimmer with a passion for nail art, (for Great Britain!)

Danish nails!

Luz Mercedes Acosta Valdez spruces up weight lifting with her fancy nails!

Great Britain brings more nails to volleyball.

Bronte Barratt shows up her medal and her nails.

*found at LuckyMagazine.com

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Pre-Fall Christian Louboutins

Louboutins are always a lust for me, but one day I’m going to buy some for a special occasion and then wear the crap out of them. Maybe some lovely nude or black pumps…but I love these fun beauties from their ‘pre-fall’ collection!

Asteroid Spike-Toe Pump

Divinoche Crisscross Platform d’Orsay

Summerissima Crisscross Platform Sandal, Brown/White

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Favorites Lately – Halogen ‘Manda’ Flat and more!

Halogen ‘Manda’ Flat – Nordstrom.com

Huyana Feather Cuff – Anthropologie.com

Vince ‘Silk Shirred Neckline Half Placket Blouse’ – Piperlime.com

Gorjana ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Disc Necklace – Revolveclothing.com

I love this braided bun (from www.moonshineandwool.tumblr.com)

Madewell ‘Stripe Silk Riverbank’ Dress – madewell.com

I love Chevrons…I need to find an old dresser so I can copy this and paint it. (found on pinterest)

Striped Galao Pullover – Anthropologie.com

Tai ‘Evil Eye Cord Friendship Bracelet’ – scocpnyc.com

I just really like this. #wordstoliveby

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Becoming a Morning Exerciser!

If you’re anything like me, when you get home from work all you want to go is plop down on the couch and relax, eat, and either read a book or zone out to a tv show. I am so exhausted after working all day, the last thing on my mind is the gym, even though as I’m reaching for my snack I can hear that little voice in the back of my head nagging me about it. Besides, most nights I barely have time to sit and watch tv anyway…I’m usually running errands or I got home late anyway!

But, I’m the WORST at waking up early enough to go to the gym! I hit the snooze button about 15 times before I get up. I would so much rather have it out of the way in the morning though, not to mention that it gets your energy up and helps burn more calories throughout the day if you get started earlier. So here are some helpful tips to help you become a morning exerciser! I know I need them!

1. Slowly Start Moving Your Bedtime Up – If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s pointless to get up early and workout anyway. You will just get fatigued and have low energy. Plus weight gain has been linked to not getting enough sleep. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours a night. If you usually go to bed at midnight, don’t just start going to bed at 9 p.m. You’re body will be thrown off. Start gradually going to bed 15 minutes early until you get to your desired time.

2. Determine a Realistic Strategy for Success – Is going to the gym the best option at 6 a.m.? Will you have time to shower or is it easy to bring all of your things to get ready there? Maybe it’s easier to job around your home or there could possibly be a class (like cross fit) closer to your home.

3. Plan to Fail – Have a backup plan. What if it’s pouring rain and you were planning on running outside that day? Do you have a DVD you can use inside? Also, somedays you’re just not going to make it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can make it up that night!

4. Psych (or Bribe) Yourself Up – Even with 8 hours of sleep, it can be hard to get up early. If you have a treat you crave, maybe once a week you can treat yourself if you make all of your morning workouts. Or buy yourself those shoes you’ve been eyeing if you make it to a month! Rewarding yourself will push you!

5. Build a Motivating A.M. Mix – Never underestimate the power of music to get you moving. Don’t wait til you’re exercising either. Turn it on when you wake up to help get you going.

6. Share Your Plans on Social Media – Don’t post every workout! Your friends will probably delete you! (and we all have those friends) But posting a goal or two will put it in writing and make you feel more pressured to do it! Getting the feedback and support from your friends will be a big help!

7. Prepare for a Painless Pre and Post-Workout – Make your before and after routines as quick and easy as possible. That way if you have to be somewhere (like work or school) you won’t be stressed about getting through your workout or rushed getting ready! Pack a bag the night before so all of your things are ready to go and become a fan of dry shampoo! A pony or braid can hide messy hair if you only have time for a rinse off!

*steps found at www.shape.com

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