Runaway Bride?

Normally I would be watching Gossip Girl right about now, but since it’s on it’s winter break I can’t :(.
Apparently, these are pictures from the film sets and the 100th episode. So… I’m confused because she doesn’t look pregnant, what’s going to happen with Chuck, and why is she running away?
They’re saying maybe it’s a dream sequence, but then maybe she does decide to marry the prince, but then does run….hmmm I don’t know! I do know that I don’t want to keep waiting to find out.
Her dress is Vera Wang and it is gorgeous…it’s Blair, of course it would be.

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Favorites Lately – Mid December

1. J.Crew Invitation Clutch – It’s the perfect size to use as a clutch or a purse. I love this print.

2. Photo Booth Wall. I think I’m going to have to do this in my house.

3. No idea who makes this, but it is gorgeous. I love vintage looking wedding dresses. Found on pinterest.

4. I agree.

5. I usually don’t like this style of boots, but I kind of want to get these Sorels this year. They’re cute, but actually practical…haha

6. Kourtney and Kim Take New York…I know I know…but it’s my guilty pleasure. I swear Kourtney gets funnier every year. Khloe visited last week and she cracks me up sooo much too. Kim is crazy. I miss Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.

7. Robin Piccone Swim Suit at Nordstorm. I really like this…like a lot.

8. I have kind of been obsessing over this song since the Victoria Secret Fashion show too. I really like the song, but this video is weird lol. But it’s little Jeny from Gossip Girl. This is apparently why she isn’t on the show anymore.

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Style Watch: Selena Gomez

I think she is seriously so adorable. I love her. Also, for being so young she has one of the cutest styles ever. Ummm…look at Miley…yuck.
I wish I looked like this girl. She is going to be even that much more amazing as she gets older.

I’m not so sure about Justin’s outfit here, but she looks beautiful!

This is one of my favorite outfits…it’s perfect for her and I LOVE the pattern. The cut makes her look so much taller. Also her shoes are so cute…see below.

I absolutely love this Marchesa dress…I’m drooling over her right now. It’s so cute on her.

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Favorites Lately – Early December

Very true.

I wish I could find cute ways to do my hair. I love this because it looks cute for dressing up or down. Messy buns are my favorite.

Infinity Ring. No idea where to find this, but I’m going to start searching. I found it on pinterest. I love the simplicity.

Love this smell…go try it out.

Every year I like to get Christmas PJs…I just got this shirt/dress top from Victoria Secret’s pink collection. They make the cutest stuff. Now I want to get the thermals below to go with it.

The ‘Real Hoot Canister’ from Anthropologie. Pretty sure this is the perfect gift. It’s so cute. I’m going to get one for me, my mom, and Jake’s mom. I’m obsessed.

Found this dress on pinterest also…gorgeous.

I want this necklace. Kris Nations State Pendant Necklace at Nordstroms.

New Brunswick Sweater at Anthropologie. The perfect sweater for winter.

A little bit obsessed with this song…especially after the Victoria Secret Fashion show…I’ve been getting my gansta on 🙂

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Dianna Agron for Nylon Magazine

I love this spread in Nylon Magazine of Dianna Agron. I think she is gorgeous. I think she looks a lot like Twiggy here actually. I love the 70s vibe…she looks amazing. I basically posted every possible picture because I loved all of them. I couldn’t choose.

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