Camping and Crablegs

So for Memorial Day Weekend Jake and I went to Marysville, UT with Janell and Burk and camped. It was so nice and warm. The boys fished and Janell and I just kinda hung out and we found this fun little antique shop. I bought a little gold watch for $3.00. haha. I love it though. It’s my souvenir from the weekend. We played this washer throwing game that we found at wal-mart like twenty times, but it is seriously like the most fun game. Then that night we went to this gas station that has been turned into a “restaurant”. Jake and I had been there a year ago with his brother and some of their friends so that’s why we decided to go back. They have unlimited crab legs and these giant servings of prime rib for pretty cheap and it is amaaaaaazing! It looks like the most white trash place ever, but I kid you not, it is sooooo good. I think I literally ate 25 crab legs (on top of everything else they give you). Ask Jake.

Anyway, then on Sunday, Janell and Burke had to head back, but Taylor and Devo wanted to come camping, so we headed back to Jake’s family’s house in Holden. They met us there, but the weather started getting bad and it was freezing! So…we ended up just having a fire and cooked hot dogs and smores there. It was really fun actually, but I don’t have any pictures from it. Hopefully we’ll get a good camping trip planned with all of our friends soon!

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New York- Day 3

Saturday, March 26 2011

Last Saturday I was shopping my heart out in NYC and celebrating my birthday a day early…

This Saturday I’m broke in Provo 🙁

This photo was from Friday, but I accidentally left it out. I just had to post it though because I love it!

Shake Shack! Ahhh I’m in love. How am I going to live without this? See below for the best burger ever. The Shack Stack…with a fried portobello mushroom surrounded by some kind of melted cheese inside…. delightful. Calories galore! Don’t worry, I literally ate my heart out.

We went to Soho again and then over to our favorite Urban, but I can’t remember where it was (that is where this photo was taken). Then we went shopping over by Rockafeller Center and 5th Ave.

We took a little nap again and got ready to go out. Our first stop was Sushi Samba where we had the best sushi ever and the nicest waiter! So fun! I highly recommend going there if you’re in NY or Vegas.

Then we went out to Covet Lounge. It was a pretty cool atomosphere. We were there a little too early, but we were just so tired we couldn’t stay out til all hours of the night. I guess that’s a sign that you’re getting old. HA jk. So we just had fun dancing and taking pictures and then headed home and all passed out from exhaustion!

Don’t worry…it’s just redbull 😉

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New York- Day 2

Friday, March 25 2011
This is what I was doing a week ago Friday in New York…so many activities…so many pictures…OVERLOAD…enjoy!

Starting out the day…

Shopping in Soho…probably one of my new favorite places ever.

Cafe Habana

more Soho…

DASH! we had to go…

Jenn’s Brother-In-Law got us VIP passes to the Empire State Building, so we got to skip all the lines, and go up to the top of the needle. So much better than the last time I went. I love the view of the city from up there.


Dylan’s Candy Bar

Serendipity…where we ate our weight in chocolate fudge.

We all went home and took a nap after our long day and then got up and went to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. So fun and great pictures! If you go to New York, make sure you do this once!

more playing on the subway

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New York- Day 1

Thursday, March 24 2011
I had so many pictures I decided to split them up based on which day I was doing what. This is what I was doing last Thursday in New York.
O how I miss you already…

Just starting out the day at our Hotel

Norma’s for Breakfast…just see how hungry you get looking at the food.

Just walking around the city 🙂

subway pic

Union Square

Union Square Cafe

Shell Steak, Cheese Gnocchi, Spinach, Calamari, and some more tasty things that I can’t remember

Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre!

Times Square

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Ten Day “YOU” Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – Five Foods
This might be my favorite day. I LOVE FOOD! This one was especially hard for me to choose, because I’m one of those people who can probably find something at any restaurant. I’m not picky. I love all kinds of food. I love to go out to eat and I love to try new things. So here are some of my favorite foods, but it probably changes everyday just depending on what I feel like eating. Haha

1. Tamales
I LOVE mexican food. I grew up in Southern California so I ate it all the time. The spicier the better. I love fish tacos, regular tacos, burritos, taquitos, and etc, but lately I especially LOVE tamales. I would probably eat them everyday if I could.

2. Soup
This is just general because I love all kinds of soups. Cheesy are my favorite and then I eat a lot of tomato too. I eat soup even when it’s warm outside. I love the handheld Campbell’s soups, but Paradise Cafe and Zupa’s are probably places I go on a weekly basis.

3. Salad with Goat Cheese and a Balsamic Dressing
I love all kinds of salad, but if there is a salad with goat cheese on the menu, you can bet that’s probably the one I’m going to pick. I LOVE goat cheese. I literally would eat it plain.

4. Gnocchi
I have recently developed a love of this food. I don’t know what it is, but put it in any sauce with any filling or side and I just devour it.

5. Seafood
This is hands down my favorite type of food. You can find it in any “genre” of food. Japanese, Mexican, America, Italian, etc etc…you can get seafood. I could eat sushi everyday. I absolutely love shellfish. And if I could afford to eat lobster or crab every week at a nice restaurant I would. I also probably eat fish multiple times a week as it is.

*This is my life moto*

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Trio and Takashi

Just posting some pictures of the past couple weekends.
We went to the downtown Trio for Chelsey’s birthday a few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday Chels!

This weekend I went to Takashi in downtown SLC with my roommates and Jenn to plan out the New York trip we’re going on in a couple weeks. Ah I’m so exicted! However, we had to sit through a 45 year old man with his stomach showing hitting on us, the table next to us blatantly talking about us like we can’t hear them (sorry you just weren’t cute…not to mention you were like 15 years older than us, and two of you were guys…wow), and Jenn getting spilled all over. At least the food was really good. Go there.

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Cheese Puffs….MMMM

Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s French-Style Cheese Puffs
Makes three dozen
1 c. plus 1 tbsp. water
7 tbsp. butter
1¼ c. flour
4 large eggs
1¾ c. grated Gruyere
Pinch of salt
1. Preheat oven to 375°.
2. Prepare a baking tray with parchment paper.
3. Pour water into a large saucepan; add butter and salt. Turn up the heat. Once the butter has melted, turn down the heat and add the flour all at once, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Remove from the heat when the flour is amalgamated and the paste is smooth (about 5 minutes).
4. Continue to stir 3-5 minutes or until the paste is just warm (this process dries the dough). Do not overheat.
5. Put the dough ball in your KitchenAid mixer (if you’re lucky) or just roll up your sleeves to mix by hand. Add eggs one at the time, mixing on low until well incorporated before adding the next. After the last egg has been mixed in, add the cheese, and mix for about 30 seconds (the cheese will melt slightly).
6. Transfer the dough to a pastry bag and squeeze out small, round mounds onto the baking tray. (No pastry bag? A spoon will do.)
7. Bake 20-25 minutes (depending on their size) until they rise and are golden brown.
8. To impress your friends, serve them warm right out of the oven.

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