The Twelfth Day of Christmas…

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love painted for me…

12 Funky and Fun Christmas Nail Designs!

From poinsettias to penguins, these cute nail designs are everywhere. How do you share your Christmas Spirit?

After looking at all of these designs I feel like I was super boring! But here is what I did for our Christmas Party and through the holidays 🙂 Just a little *sparkle*

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6th Day of Christmas…

On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love showed to me…

6 hilarious Elf of a Shelf Tricks!

I love this cute tradition! I have been trying to think of funny ideas for when Kale comes over and his elf, Zigi. These are just some funny little photos I have found around the internet and below I have posted some links for more ideas! I love the great ideas everyone has been posting! I’d love to see yours!

For more ideas go here, here, or here!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of December


A fun updo 🙂

Terrorizing Dad in the car with Ke$ha and Taylor Swift



The results of craft night.

Mad Ones

Christmas came early 🙂

More crafting

Janell’s Baby Shower

Love all of these girls

Feeling Festive

Snow Day!

Loving my polka dot shoes #katespade

someone’s elf finally came! #betterlatethannever

Christmas Lights at Riverwoods

My funny little friend

I think I’m funny.

Holiday Jewels.

A quick updo.

My Shopping Buddy

Christmas Penquin

I think it’s safe to say what my favorite color is right now. #oxblood #hunter #rebeccaminkoff

Best hair ever! #vsfashionshow

It’s so hard being a superhero #massagesandcookies

Santa’s house in midway!


Dagney and I in Midway

Kale and I sneaking around Santa’s room.

Sleigh Rides and Santa!

*Instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Cute Kids Halloween Costumes

I love little kids Halloween costumes. I just think the kids are so hilarious. They’re either always afraid of their costume or want to wear it all year long. I found a bunch of these on etsy and on pinterest. I wish I had some kids to dress up. Here are some of my favs!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of October

Our booth at the bridal expo for Double Tree Carriage!

so true…

a great day for tennis

fun details to keep lil’ stink busy at the expo

Photobooth fun 🙂

Hiking in Pleasant Grove


Playing at the Park.

love this 🙂

Haunted Forest! Scary Scary for Brit’s birthday!!!

Tailgating with “the hooper” at the BYU game.

Buffalo Wild Wings


Life lesson…don’t wear your cute boots four wheeling…whoopsie. #farmlife

Engage in what? Why is it that expensive cars always have the dumbest license plates? # annoying.

Go Tigers! Playoffs!

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide what to wear when both of your teams are playing at the same time…but both won! Yay!

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Favorites Lately – Oh La La Sweater and more!

Zoe Karssen ‘Oh La La’Jersey Sweater –

Sugar Coated Necklace –

Ann Taylor ‘Static Print Croped Pants’ –

Dots & Smidges Vases –

Colin Stuart ‘Metallic-trim Ankle Boot’ –

Madewell ‘Feather Pendant’ Necklace –

Line & Dot ‘Daisy Blouse with Lace Back –

Gap ‘1969 Sexy Boyfriend Flap-Pocket Jeans’ –

Hey, whatever motivates you right?

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This Means War

Ohmigoodness…I could not stop laughing.

Maybe I was just in a weird mood, but I thought this movie was hilarious.

What do you get when you mix two federal agents (who happen to be best friends), a slightly OCD, but very successful and beautiful women, and her crazy best friend…? This awesome movie.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play two FBI agents who happen to meet the same girl and when they find out, they decide to see which one is the best for her. She just thinks she’s dating two great guys and turns to her best friend (Chelsey Handler) for advice on how to date two guys and which one to pick. It makes to be a sort of cheesy, but super funny movie. Don’t expect it to win an academy award (obviously), but I thought it was great for a romantic comedy (and I love Reese!)

Also, I’m pretty sure that Chelsey Handler is one of my favorite people ever. She totally made the movie. She is the best side kick in a movie ever. HILARIOUS. (but we already knew that about her).

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of August

Sorry for the long post – I’m a little overdue!

Arm Party! #Anthro #BaubleBar #JCrew


Bunco night with the girls from the office.

Got my K back! #nashelle

Was definitely supposed to be runnng a 10K this day, but decided to chow down on this instead…I think I made a good decision?

So then I thought about it and decided to get back on track…my workout schedule to I can train for a half marathon. #goodluck

My baubles have arrived! Love baublebar!

He volunteered. He literally  entertained himself “scrubbing” the drain plug for a good twenty minutes and then asked if he could mop. #childlabor

What I Wore:

Top – j.crew; Jeans – forever21; Shoes – Steve Madden; Bracelets – Anthropologie.

Getting my hair done…some of my favorite days of the year 🙂

Do I need to say anything here?

Swimming with Heather and Brooke!

baby shoes

BBQ with Kale

‘Birds of a Feather’ (Top from Forever21

The many faces of Kale…he likes to model my jewelry and asks to be photographed…”which one is the handsomest?”…”now take one like this.”…”now I will take one of you and make you looks pretty.”

Loving this song. Loving this album.

Hot Stone Massage while Pedicuring.

Just a nice walk up the canyon.

Ready for a birthday party with Ironman.

*You can follow me on Instagram at kristinrosedavis

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The Five-Year Engagement

Two thumbs up! I thought this movie was hilarious! I love Emily Blunt and Jason Segel!

I enjoyed this movie as much for the comedy, as I did for the real-life aspect as well. It sort of reminded me a little bit of The Break-Up in that aspect. Funny, but Real. I would literally be laughing out loud in some parts and then really said or mad at the characters in others. It was a tiny bit long for a funny movie, but I would still tell everyone to go see it! 

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