Airabella Active Pink Lemonade Capris + Giveaway

Ok, so today is my birthday and I wanted to give you guys a little present! These capris from Airabella Active are possibly some of the cutest and most comfortable leggings I have tried on in a while! They are so soft! I love the color! So to thank you for being such awesome followers look for a GIVEAWAY on my instagram @kristinrosedavis in the morning! But if you just can’t wait because these pants are so cute, you can get 15% off your order by using code: airabella15

Good Luck and thank you all so much for following and supporting me!
Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 13Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 2Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 16Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 3Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 9Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 5Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 15Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 12Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 14Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 7Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 18Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 11Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 6Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 1Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 8Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 4Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 10Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 17Leggings – c/o Airabella Active; Tank – Lulu Lemon; Sports Bra – Lulu Lemon; Shoes – Nike

Photos: LC Photography

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Unicity Matcha, Nike, and Leopard Adidas

I am obsessed with these shoes. For some reason animal print just seems to call out to me. But mostly I want to tell you about…

Unicity Matcha. It’s a powder that you mix into a drink for natural energy. It’s formula helps to boost your metabolism, increases your energy, and improves you mental clarity. I’ve mostly been using the energy formula for a couple weeks now, but they also have one for focus. I’m going to tell you a little secret as well…it looks disgusting, but it actually tastes really good. Anyway, I like to drink it in the morning on my way to work and it helps me all day! I don’t get that afternoon slump and I feel like I’m able to concentrate so much better! Some people like to drink it around that afternoon time…you know what I’m talking about, when you’re sitting at work and you can’t keep your head up anymore…but if I drink it in the morning I’m fine all day. I still feel like I’m more awake when I want to work out at night too. I really like it because I don’t drink soda. I’m not a Diet Coke fiend, but this helps so much! I don’t feel like you get the crash afterwards.

I totally recommend trying it if you’re feeling low on energy or if you want to boost your workout a little bit. Click the link above to read more about the ingredients and other benefits! Also, if you want to try it, you can get their new water bottle for free with your purchase of the 7-day pack until the end of January. Use code: kristinmatcha
Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 18Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 5Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 6Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 15Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 1Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 8Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 12Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 22Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 4Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 2Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 17Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 13Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 10Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 14Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 21Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 20Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 11Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 7Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 3Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 9Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 19Wild One Forever - Nike and Leopard Adidas 16

Sweatshirt – Nike; Leggings – Forever 21; Shoes – Adidas

Photos: Nina Tekwani Photo

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Happy New Year with a Kiava Clothing Giveaway!

Happy 2016!

Since it’s the new year and I’m sure that many of you have resolutions involving fitness goals I have partnered with Kiava Clothing to do another giveaway! Visit my instagram (@kristinrosedavis) today to enter! We’re giving away 2 $50 gift cards!

I want to hear what your goals are this year! (I don’t like to call them resolutions as much as goals…) I’m so bad because I feel like I have the same ones every year haha. I actually usually kind of update my goals or “bucket list” closer to around my birthday. This year will be a big one since I’m turning 30. However, here are some of mine for 2016 in the spirit of New Years:

– Cook more!

– Check at least one travel location of my bucket list

– Work out consistently.

– Read two books a month! (or listen…I think this still counts, but I like to physically read them too)

– Figure out my Apple TV…it’s been sitting there for over 6 months…whoops

– Keep my room clean. I am by far the worst person ever at this.

– Continue to grow my blog! My hobby turned profitable and the last couple months are the best I’ve ever had! Gotta keep that going!

So I want to hear about your goals! And I want to hear what you would like to see more of on my blog this year, or what you want to continue! Let me know because I would love to get some feedback!
Wild One Forever - Kiava 6Wild One Forever - Kiava 5Wild One Forever - Kiava 9Wild One Forever - Kiava 3Wild One Forever - Kiava 13Wild One Forever - Kiava 10Wild One Forever - Kiava 1Wild One Forever - Kiava 11Wild One Forever - Kiava 12Wild One Forever - Kiava 7Wild One Forever - Kiava 8Wild One Forever - Kiava 4Wild One Forever - Kiava 2

Top – c/o Kiava Clothing; Sports Bra – c/o Kiava Clothing; Capris – c/o Kiava Clothing; Shoes – Nike (old, similar here – but loving these styles here, here, and here)

Photos: Remember When by Raquel

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of February

Baby Ellie. My friends’ newborn…ohmigosh to die for. So ellie

Getting green 🙂 looks disgusting, but it’s actually pretty good

“Because it’s the halves that halve you in half. I didn’t know, don’t know, about the in-between bits; the gory bits of you, and the gory bits of me.” – Like Crazy

Loved this movie.

Victoria’s Baby Shower

The girls from work at Vic’s shower. Love them so much already!

Bet you don’t have a cool pez dispenser like Abby…

Never love a wild thing…
wild thing

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without an ‘I Love Justin Bieber” tattoo right? #bieber #love #nails

A closer picture of my Valentine’s Nails…pink with a tiny little heart.
heart nail

Valentine goodies from my co-workers!
vday2Flowers for the single girls 🙂

Flowers from a friend and the boss! Love the people at the office!flowersrose

After Safe Haven…such a cute movie…such great friends!

We love Shonda. #scandal #greysanatomyShonda

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Josie Maran Argan Oil

This lightweight oil can be used as a daily moisturizer and treatment for skin, hair, and nails…and now it comes in a holiday package!

What it does:
This high-grade oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, can be used in many different ways: to hydrate and nourish skin, as a daily moisturizer, as a skin treatment, to treat spilt ends, and to soften cuticles. It’s gentle enough to use from head to toe on all skin types and is believed to help with skin conditions including acne. Argan Oil easily absorbs into the skin, providing a youthful, dewy glow, with astonishing healing, conditioning, and anti-agingproperties. The limited-edition holiday packaging is inspired by the colorful bazaars of Morcco, where it is grown organically.

What else you need to know:
100% Pure Argan Oil is cold-pressed to ensure that it’s the best-quality, highest-grade oil. It’s sold in a recyclable glass bottle and purchased from women’s cooperatives in Morocco to support their social and economic welfare. These cooperatives also work within a UNESCO biosphere reserve that ensures the protection and reforestation of Argan trees.

Research results:
This product is clinically proven to improve skin hydration and skin elasticity. After just four weeks, participants saw a visible reduction in coarse wrinklesand fine lines in the eye area; more than 83% of women showed significantly improved skin hydration.

*This description comes directly off of

 But this stuff is amazing! Works extremely well and I highly recommend it. I have friends who use it too and love it! Worth the money!!!

(They also have it in a regular version and in a set at sephora. And don’t forget to try her hot oil hair treatments!)

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PINK for a cure! October is Breast Cancer Month!

I’m sure all of you are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is pink EVERYWHERE! One of my favorite things is seeing the NFL wearing pink with their uniforms. It’s so great to see everyone supporting a fantastic cause, which needs attention! I posted about Ann Taylor’s gorgeous Evelyn Lauder Collection last week, but I have found so many more ways to give away through fashion, etc since then! So I thought I would post a few. I guarantee there are hundreds of more opportunities out there as well. 

If you know of any be sure to comment below and share them!

The Abby Ripple Triangle Bikini –

For each purchase of this limited edition bikini during the Month of October, Vix will donate $20 to the American Cancer Society!

DANNIJO ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Vika’ Bracelet –

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Pink Agenda.

Kelly Wearstler ‘Newton’ Leather Jacket –

10% of the proceeds of the cool jacket goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Mane Message Hair Ties –

20% of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

J Brand ‘Midrise Super Skinny Jeans’ (in Pink Party) –

For each pair purchased, 20% of the sale goes to the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

Gaiam ‘Pink Ribbon’ Yoga Mat –

For each mat sold, Gaiam will donate $1 to fund breast cancer research.

Smashbox BCRF Be Legendary Lipstick in ‘Inspiration’ –

Pick up this limited edition color and Smashbox will give $5 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kohl’s Cares ‘Elle’ Polka Dot Umbrella –

100% of the proceeds of this cute umbrella goes to support fighting breast cancer. 

Loft ‘Live in Pink Heart Blouse’ –

Loft is donating 25% of the proceeds from this blouse to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Nux ‘Rib Racer Tank’ –

40% of the proceeds from this workout tank will go to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation.

Wear this while using your pink yoga mat and feel twice as supportive!

Robindira Unsworth ‘Stackable Gemstone’ Rings –

20% of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research.

(These gorgeous rings would be a great gift to support someone who is battling breast cancer.)

Asics ‘GT 1000′ PR’ Womne’s Running Shoes –

The perfect pair to run that 5K in support for breast cancer in! Plus a minimum donation of $100,000 is going to Christina Applegate’s Right Action for women from Asics from the sale of these already!

Scoop ‘Large Watersnake Zip Pouch’ –

30% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Ralph Lauren ‘Pink Pony Hate’ –

10% of the proceeds go to the Pink Pony Fund, which supports breast cancer programs worldwide. 

ALSO! If you visit their site and purchase select styles, use the code: RLGIVING12 to receive 25% off and more proceeds will go to the fund.

Coach ‘New Andee BCA’ Watch –

Coach is donating 20% of all purchases of their Breast Cancer Awareness products (see the link above for their other fabulous products such as the purse, keychain, and scarf!) to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Remember you can always donate to your favorite charity as well! (Here are some great ones to take a look at)

Women at Risk
The Columbia University Medical Center runs the Women at Risk (WAR) program to improve the lives and health of women with breast cancer and women who are at high risk for it. Funds raised by WAR go to research projects, support, and education.

Making Memories
A mother-daughter team cofounded the Making Memories organization in 1998 to grant wishes to metastatic breast cancer patients. The group raises funds, in part, through the sale of donated wedding gowns.

National Breast Cancer Foundation
The NBCF helps raise awareness with educational programs about early detection and provides free mammograms to women in need. It aids in research funding for the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation
This organization provides funding for clinical and genetic research, with the goal of curing breast cancer in our lifetime. At least 85 percent of the money raised goes to breast cancer research grants and awareness programs.

Komen for the Cure
In its 28 years, this grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and supporters has also become the largest source of nonprofit funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Young Survival Coalition
Founded by three women who were under 35 when they were diagnosed with breast cancer, the coalition focuses on women 40 and under who have breast cancer.

National Breast Cancer Coalition
The NBCC lobbies for public policies that impact breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. Donations go toward training for breast cancer advocates and clinical trials.

Breast Cancer Network of Strength
Formerly known as Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, the nonprofit provides immediate emotional relief for anyone dealing with breast cancer with its survivor-staffed peer support service, YourShoes.

Avon Foundation for Women
The Avon Foundation for Women, which tackles such women’s issues as domestic violence, has raised and donated more than $640 million to support research with its Breast Cancer Crusade program, which launched in 1992.

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Fight Chlorine and Gross Hair with these products!

Chlorine and salt water are not your hair’s best friends. We all love the pool and the beach in the summer time, but we all still want pretty, shiny hair, without split ends right? Well the number one thing to do before getting into the water is to get your hair wet with non-chlorinated water before jumping in. Your hair soaks up the non-chlorinated water first, making it hard for anything else to get trapped in there (the chlorine). If you really want to protect your hair (and not wear a swim cap…hot!) try using argan oil (seen below) or some of the following products. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum – $30 at (Use this to protect against chlorine before getting into the pool, in place of a swim cap!)

Philip Kinsley ‘Swimcap’ Cream – $25 at (This product was actually created for the U.S. Olympic swim team. It protects your hair against chlorine and salt water!)

Ojon Full Detox Detoxifying Shampoo – $24 at (Removes chlorine and all the extra buildup.)

Tresemme ‘Nourishing Rituals’ Rejuenating Mud Masque – $4.99 at (Put this one before getting in the pool, or afterwards for soft hair.)

Paul Mitchell After-Sun Replenishing Masque – $19 at (Get crazy moisture with this masque after a day at the beach!)

 *ideas found at

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Becoming a Morning Exerciser!

If you’re anything like me, when you get home from work all you want to go is plop down on the couch and relax, eat, and either read a book or zone out to a tv show. I am so exhausted after working all day, the last thing on my mind is the gym, even though as I’m reaching for my snack I can hear that little voice in the back of my head nagging me about it. Besides, most nights I barely have time to sit and watch tv anyway…I’m usually running errands or I got home late anyway!

But, I’m the WORST at waking up early enough to go to the gym! I hit the snooze button about 15 times before I get up. I would so much rather have it out of the way in the morning though, not to mention that it gets your energy up and helps burn more calories throughout the day if you get started earlier. So here are some helpful tips to help you become a morning exerciser! I know I need them!

1. Slowly Start Moving Your Bedtime Up – If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s pointless to get up early and workout anyway. You will just get fatigued and have low energy. Plus weight gain has been linked to not getting enough sleep. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours a night. If you usually go to bed at midnight, don’t just start going to bed at 9 p.m. You’re body will be thrown off. Start gradually going to bed 15 minutes early until you get to your desired time.

2. Determine a Realistic Strategy for Success – Is going to the gym the best option at 6 a.m.? Will you have time to shower or is it easy to bring all of your things to get ready there? Maybe it’s easier to job around your home or there could possibly be a class (like cross fit) closer to your home.

3. Plan to Fail – Have a backup plan. What if it’s pouring rain and you were planning on running outside that day? Do you have a DVD you can use inside? Also, somedays you’re just not going to make it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can make it up that night!

4. Psych (or Bribe) Yourself Up – Even with 8 hours of sleep, it can be hard to get up early. If you have a treat you crave, maybe once a week you can treat yourself if you make all of your morning workouts. Or buy yourself those shoes you’ve been eyeing if you make it to a month! Rewarding yourself will push you!

5. Build a Motivating A.M. Mix – Never underestimate the power of music to get you moving. Don’t wait til you’re exercising either. Turn it on when you wake up to help get you going.

6. Share Your Plans on Social Media – Don’t post every workout! Your friends will probably delete you! (and we all have those friends) But posting a goal or two will put it in writing and make you feel more pressured to do it! Getting the feedback and support from your friends will be a big help!

7. Prepare for a Painless Pre and Post-Workout – Make your before and after routines as quick and easy as possible. That way if you have to be somewhere (like work or school) you won’t be stressed about getting through your workout or rushed getting ready! Pack a bag the night before so all of your things are ready to go and become a fan of dry shampoo! A pony or braid can hide messy hair if you only have time for a rinse off!

*steps found at

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Cucumber Lemon Water for Detox

BEST Water to Boost Weight Loss

– 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. (can add 1 tspn of freshly grated ginger)

Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day.

The idea for this lemonade came from a health/fitness/nutrition site, where it says that this drink helps maintain a flat belly.

Also great for general detox–including clear skin!

*found on pinterest

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50 Great Running Tips!

Here are 50 awesome running tips if you’re just starting out or as a reminder if you’re not…

I’m really excited to use these because I’m trying to get more motivated to run and get in better shape. I’m also finally trying to do some runs and am signed up for one in August, so here’s hoping I can do it!!!

*found at Health-Freeak.

Running Tips:

  1. Wear spandex shorts under your regular running shorts so you don’t chafe
  2. Cotton socks will only lead to blisters; invest in socks designed for running.
  3. Join your local running club—check with your local running store fitness center and/or recreation department to find one
  4. Find a committed running partner. It is much harder to skip a run when you have someone else depending on you
  5. Remember that- It gets easier.
  6. Accept and appreciate the fact that not every single run can be a good one
  7. Do not compare yourself to others. Run within yourself and for yourself first.
  8. Even a bad run is better then no run at all
  9. If you normally run with music try skipping it and listening to your feet to hear your pace and your gait
  10. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t experience weight loss immediately
  11. Start a running blog, to see your progress and set goals
  12. Hydrate. Make it a habit to drink water throughout the day
  13. On long runs eat something every hour—whether you feel like it or not
  14. During longer runs if you don’t like to carry water take some cash in your pocket pouch or a shoe wallet. Run a route where there’s a corner store that you can use as a pit stop to pick up your water and maybe use the bathroom
  15. To aid recovery the most crucial time to eat and drink is in the hour immediately after you run
  16. Use Vaseline or BodyGlide wherever things rub. They will help prevent blisters and chafing
  17. Do not increase your mileage more than 10 percent per week
  18. If you are prone to shin splints and lower leg pain try running soft trails for your Training runs and save the asphalt for race day
  19. Do not run two hard days back-to-back
  20. Ice aches and pains immediately
  21. Pay attention to your form. Try to run lightly to minimize impact that could lead to injury
  22. When running don’t forget the bug spray, sunscreen and a hat- BIG TIME!
  23. Neosporin (or another antibiotic cream) is good for chafed areas
  24. Make sure you cut your toenails short enough so they don’t jam into your Shoes
  25. Be careful about running on paths that force you to run consistently on a slant. It’s hard on the hips knees
  26. Don’t stretch before a run. Warm up by walking briskly or jogging slowly for several minutes
  27. Do not ice for more than 20 minutes at a time
  28. For beginners, set mini goals to keep you motivated. (Can be minutes [run 5, walk 10], run between street lights then walk between street lights, run till the next bus stop, until you pass a car on the street)
  29. Do not use the hot tub after a race. It will increase inflammation and hinder healing
  30. Be aware of cyclists approaching you from behind and try to keep to the right. Try to pay special attention when running with music
  31. Run facing traffic.
  32. Never assume a car sees you
  33. Doubleknot your shoe laces so they will not come undone when you run\
  34. If you listen to music, put earbuds in the go inside your ear, if you are usuing the ones that sit in your ear, it will fall out
  35. Buy yourself some actual running shoes from an actual running store because running in junk “sneakers” will destroy your feet and your legs
  36. At first keep your runs short and slow to avoid injury and soreness so you do not quit.
  37. If you are breathing too hard slow down or walk a bit until you feel comfortable again
  38. Pick your route close to home (out your front door)—the more convenient it is the better chance you will have sticking with it.
  39. Set realistic short term and long term goals
  40. Remember Soreness one to two days after a run is normal (delayed onset muscle soreness).
  41. There’s no shame in walking
  42. Four laps around the local the high school track equals one mile
  43. Vary your training routes. This will prevent boredom and prevent your body from getting acclimated
  44. Push through rough spots by focusing on the sounds of your breath and feet touching the ground
  45. Do abdominal breathing to get rid of side cramps
  46. Run on trails if at all possible. It will be easier on your body and you’ll love it
  47. Dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than the temperature on the thermometer
  48. Run early in the morning or later in evening to avoid mid-day heat
  49. To keep cool in hot weather soak a bandana in cold water wring it out a bit and tie it loosely around your neck
  50. In the winter dress in layers (coolmax or other technical clothing) and wear a headband over your running hat to cover your ears.

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