Ten Day “YOU” Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – Nine Loves
1. Shoes
My theory is that a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. If I’m having a rough day or week, the thing that always makes me feel better is a new pair of fabulous shoes. Why? Because shoes always fit. You’re always same size in shoes, they never make you feel fat, and they’re usually more for fun that function. I buy shoes to make an outfit. So here’s to shoes.

2. Reading
I love to read. I could spend all night reading a good book and finish it. I wish I had more time! I’m always open to good recommendations too.

3. Vacations/ Trips
Love love love traveling! Even if it’s just for a day or two and it’s only two hours away! I love to go anywhere, and as I’ve said in previous posts, I hope to get to do more of it to many more places in the future. For now I just like to go on vacations whenever I can! Going to New York tomorrow! Woo hoo!

4. My Friends
I don’t think this one needs too much explaining 🙂

5. Shopping
Not sure I need to explain this one too much either. What girl doesn’t love shopping? Retail therapy anyone? It’s fun and it’s a stress reliever. Sometimes I just like to window shop even.

6. Music
I’ve talked about this before too. I’d die without music. I listen to it all day long. I love to sing. I love to sing in the car and blast my music as loud as I want! I love to listen to soft music at night while I fall asleep. I love listening to lyrics. I love Classical music when I’m thinking. I loved playing musical instruments when I was younger and hope to pick it back up when I can have access to a piano again. I love dancing, which goes with music…etc etc. Music is a part of my every day life.

7. Dancing
I love all kinds of dancing. I’ve danced since I was three years old. Mostly ballet, but like I said I love all kinds. I love to go out and dance with my friends, or by myself in my room (yeah I’m a nerd, who cares?). I love to watch dancing tv shows, etc. Kinda a sucker for cheesy dance movies too…Step Up…WHAT UP? haha. Just love it.

8. Summer
Sun. Sand. Beach. Boating. BBQs. Pools. Flip Flops. Dresses. Swim Suits. Popsicles. I could go on forever.

9. Taking Pictures/ Photography
I probably take more pictures than anyone I know. I just love to have the memories and be able to remember everything. It’s just fun to me. I might not be the best photographer ever, but I just like to take pictures. I also just like photography in general. I like seeing what other people have “captured”.

10. My Family
These photos are all from a trip my family took to Alaska two summers ago. My Grandpa and Grandma took our whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) on a Cruise. It was so fun. I love my family so much. I’m sad I only get to see them a few times a year since they live in Cali. But let me introduce them to you, since I haven’t really done it on here before.

This is my Brother Adam. He turns 22 next week and is working for the San Bernardino County Police Department as an intern. He graduates from UCSB in JUNE and then will hopefully start the Police Academy soon. 🙂

This is Taylor. He just turned 16 and got his driver’s license! Scary! He’s a sophomore in High School, is on Varsity Soccer for the second year, and just made it to State for Speech and Debate for the second year in a row too.

This is my mom 🙂 Most people think we look exactly alike. Everywhere I go I have someone ask me if I’m a Sharp. (her maiden name). My mom is probably one of my best friends since I’ve moved away from home. We definitely still have our moments when we fight, but I talk to her all the time and I’m not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t.

This is us with my Dad. He’s a dentist and the one that has taught me all about my good taste in “older” music haha. He used to quiz me in the car about Led Zeppelin and Stix, etc…while I’m tried to teach him the difference between N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. I’m not sure that stuck though.

The whole family :

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Weekend with my Fam

I got to spend last weekend with my family because they came to Utah to visit! Well at least my little brother, Taylor, and my mom did. My other little brother, Adam, had a big interview (good luck!) and my Dad had to work, so they stayed back in California. Taylor and my mom stayed with my Grandparents, so I went up on to Salt Lake on Thursday and then for the weekend. We got together with all my aunts and uncles a few times also, and then on Saturday my Grandparents took us out for my birthday dinner. I turn 25 next week 🙂 Here is a picture of it and of Taylor, Mom, and I birthday shopping.
They went home yesterday. Miss them already!

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Urban Dance Images

I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars, which I’ve actually never watched before, and I’m getting excited about going to New York tomorrow…SO…these images just kind of came together. Dancers in an Urban setting. I love dancers. I was one for about 18 years. I guess I still consider myself to be one because I love to do it whenever I can, but I’m always drawn to dancers and I love to watch dance.
I loved these photos, so enjoy!

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Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 – Eight Fears
1. Sharks
I am terrified of Sharks. However I am also fascinated by them. I am obsessed with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I probably have all the shows memorized and if I happened to get in Cash Cab on that week, I’d kill it. Sharks are so freaking scary to look at. They are seriously prehistoric looking and I would not want to be caught in the water with one of those things coming at me with all of its teeth. This is mean, but I would just hope I was swimming with a huge fat man or something and the shark would be smart enough to go for him first. I literally get scared at Lake Powell or other lakes sometimes because this ridiculous irrationality comes over me and I think that maybe someone has secretly dumped a shark in there and it’s going to come up and grab my bum while I’m waiting to get pulled up to wakeboard or something.
3. Spiders
These are almost worse than sharks because you can find them in your house. Ugh…shudder shudder. I HATE spiders. They make me icky all over. Nasty little creepy, crawly, ugly things. They’re just disgusting. And don’t worry, that second picture is totally real. Barf. If I ever saw a spider that big, I think I would die. Definitely faint. But probably die. Plus, spiders can totally kill you too.

3. I’m secretly a little afraid of taxis.
Mostly only when you have to ride in them alone. And mostly only because of all of the crime shows I watch, because I swear half of them have something to do with a taxi. And this is totally mean, but they always portray the taxi drivers to not be so upstanding. There was an episode of Criminal Minds I think, where the Taxi Driver was gasing the unsuspecting girls in the back of his taxi and then taking them back to his house and doing experiments on them. Yeah, little creepy. Or on Law and Order I feel like girls are always attacked in taxis. Hmmm…good thing I’m going to New York next week…guess I’ll have to get over that one.

4. “It”…not just any clowns…
Ok…so yeah, not just any clowns, although a lot of them are kind of creepy. (and I hate creepy clowns in general…they’re supposed to be nice). I used to have this rain gutter in front of my house where I had to park my car in high school so my Dad could get out in the morning before me and I was so scared someone was going to be hiding down there like in the movie “It”. I thought they were either going to pull me down there and “get” me, or they would slash my ankles or something and pull me under, etc etc. It technically wouldn’t even have had to be a clown…but like I said, the stupid scary clowns kinda bug me too, so I put them together.

5. Public Speaking
Just hate it. I can sing, dance, play piano, talk in a group of people….whatever. But I HATE getting up and speaking in public, or presenting. And I’m not really even a shy person. Just don’t know what it is.

6. I’m scared I won’t be able to have a baby.
I’ve always just had weird issues with my “female” system, and some of my cousins have had a hard time having kids. So I always have just had this fear in the back of my head or self that I won’t be able to have my own child. It’s totally irrational because I haven’t even tried yet and I’m not married, but I think it scares me more than not getting married, because I want to have kids so bad one day. But that’s just one of my fears. I want my own mini-me one day 🙂

7. Failure
This is not a surprise. I think most people are slightly afraid of this. I’m sort of a perfectionist. Most people who know me, know this about me. Lately though I get so nervous that I let it get in the way of me trying things. I go back and forth between the two things I posted below about it. I need to remember that if you don’t try you won’t succeed at all though.

8. Ending Up Alone
I don’t want to spend my whole life alone. I want to find someone to share it with and have a family. I don’t want to come home every night to an empty home. I like being around people. I’m scared to keep giving my heart to people who don’t reciprocate back. I just want to end up happy and have someone to share that with I guess.


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Ten Day “YOU” Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Seven Wants
I mostly just want to be happy, but these are some fun things to maybe have along the way.

1. Basically the entire J.Crew Spring collection

2. Swim with a dolphin, ride an elephant, and see a tiger in the wild

3. To be a nurse practitioner or anesthetist (which one, is going to depend on when I get done with nursing)

4. A closet full of Loubotins

5. To have a gorgeous home that I get to decorate however I want! I love interior decorating.
I’m obsessed with this room. I love the bedspread.
I love the staircase on this one.
6. To travel all over the place. (see my last post.)

7. To eventually get married to someone who loves me more than anything and have cute little babies.

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music and lyrics

For me, music has and always will be a big part of my life. I’ve played instruments since I was little. I’ve danced since I was little. I’m the girl who sings even when she doesn’t sound good…in the car, at work, anywhere really. You can use it to convey lots of emotions. It can make you want to jump around and dance, sing, or celebrate. It can make a workout a whole lot easier. It can also make you want to cry, or at the same time comfort you. As I’ve said for before, sometimes it seems like a song is meant just for you.

On a recent episode of Glee, Rachel has a hard time writing a song, because she isn’t able to reach down far enough into herself. Until she experiences true pain, she doesn’t find the right lyrics and emotion to really get that good song. I think this is why I love music so much. Because it’s real. Because it’s people’s real experiences and emotions. Whether happy or sad, fun or heartbreaking…a truly good and lasting song usually comes from a real place in the writer or singers heart, or whatever you want to call it.

I think this is also why on numerous occasions I turn to music when I’m having a hard time. Or possibly why I’ll burst into tears during a song in the car during these times. Like recently during this song:

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

Picture perfect memories
Scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone ’cause
I can’t fight it anymore
And I wonder if I
Ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It’s a quarter after one
I’m all alone
And I need you now
Said I wouldn’t call
But I’ve lost all control
And I need you now

And I don’t know how
I can do without
I just need you now

I’ve always loved this song. But I think hearing a song at a certain point in your life has a different effect on you. Yet another reason I love music. It can change meanings at different times too. It can also bring back certain memories. I guess that can sometimes be bad.

Anyway, this song yet again describes exactly how I felt the other night. It’s like all the hurt that I’m feeling, someone else already felt when they wrote this song. The line “I wonder if I ever cross your mind” will not stop going through my head…and I cannot sleep. Of course this relates a little bit to my post “say what you need to say”. This all sounds very vague, I know, but I just don’t want to throw the whole story out there. I just use this place to get my feelings out enough that I feel a little better. But I think almost everybody could relate to this lyric. Hasn’t everybody wondered that at some point? It hurts and it’s just slightly stressful.

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been having one of those “bad weeks”. Lots of confusing stuff going on…I’m hoping things will get figured out soon, but until then I guess I will just continue to sing in the car at the stop of my lungs and have a good cry when I need it. After all, the artist wrote the song for other people to either enjoy or to sympathize with right? And since when does a good cry not just make you feel a little better every once in a while?

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