Blue Lagoon Floral Maxi Dress + A Giveaway!

Blue Lagoon Floral Maxi Dress

Hey guys, surprise! More florals! But I mean, look at this dress! It’s from Shop Jessa Kae and it’s the perfect spring or even Easter dress! Don’t miss out below, but we’re doing a little giveaway!

I’m also loving this dome satchel from Henri Bendel because they have the cutest spring colors!

Also I am slightly obsessed with these beautiful moonstone rings from They’re insanely gorgeous. I love the way they look, but they also have a special meaning. The Romans believed that Moonstone was formed from the moonbeam and that it bestows love, prosperity, victory and wisdom upon the possessor. Other legends claim that it contained the gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance. It is said that Moonstone could calm the mind and allow the wearer to gain wise thoughts, while keeping the heart and mind in sync. You can visit the Moonstone Blog to learn more!

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Flannel Boyfriend Shirt and Numerology with Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani is one of my favorite jewelry brands. I love the significance behind each piece. They recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to find out more about their Numerology Collection and of course I said yes! I gave them a few pieces of information and waited to see what it would be. I received this cute bangle in the mail about a week later and was surprised to find out that my personal number is 3! The number 3 has always been my lucky number. It was my number for sports in high school as well! Kind of interesting that it turned out to be the same huh?

After receiving my bracelet, I wanted to find out more about it! Three is the number of creation, artists and intuitives. Embodying divine wholeness, the number encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, as well as the past, present, and future. People who embody the number three are said to be imaginative, talented, and dynamic!

You can find out what your unique soul number is by visiting Alex and Ani to map out your personal blueprint! I would love to hear about your number and it’s meaning! So if you visit the site, leave me a comment and let me know!!!

Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 2

  • Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 7Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 13Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 8Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 6Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 3Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 10Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 9Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 5Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 11Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 4Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 12Wild One Forever - Treasure and Bond Boyfriend Flannel Shirt with Patches 1

Shirt – Treasure & Bond; Jeans – old (similar here); Backpack – Tory Burch; Booties – Jeffrey Campbell for Free People; Necklaces – c/o Truly Kustom, c/o Truly Kustom; Bracelets – c/o Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani

Photos: Paige Nicolle Photo

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Neutrals from The Korner and Ann Taylor

I’ve been doing a bunch of fun colors lately, but I really love a good neutral. I love the light detailing in the embroidery on this skirt from The Korner. I’m so excited to wear this for spring and summer and the weather is sooo nice right now!
Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 5Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 11Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 10Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 6Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 1Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 7Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 3Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 9Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 2Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 4Wild One Forever - Beige Skirt 8

Blouse – Ann Taylor; Skirt – c/o The Korner; Sandals – Dolce Vita; Necklace – c/o Sequin Jewelry; Bracelets – c/o Sequin Jewelry, Anthropologie, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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Big Dot Crop Tee from Madewell

Casual…because Monday. I’m exhausted. Send me positive vibes this week!

I still have no voice because 1. I was sick last week and 2. I went to Justin Bieber. I’m way too old for him but I think he’s the cutest still. Has anyone else been to his concert yet?!?
Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 8Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 12Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 9Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 1Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 13Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 10Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 4Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 7Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 11Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 5Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 6Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 3Wild One Forever - Madewell Pink Polka Dots 2Top – Madewell; Jeans – Citizens of Humanity; Sandals – Vince Camuto (old); Watch – c/o Cluse Watches; Bracelet – c/o Kris Nations; Necklace – Gorjana; Ring – c/o Sophie R Jewelry; Bag – c/o Ora Delphine

Photos: LC Photography

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Dessert Diamonds Cardigan from Shop The Mint

Perfect timing for this cardigan! It was so nice and warm for a few weeks and guess what…it snowed two days ago 🙁 I’m not a fan of the weather being 35 Degrees when I leave for work again.

But this cardigan is a perfect transition piece from winter to spring. I love layering in the spring, because if it does get warm enough by the afternoon you can just “un-layer”. I love the print and it’s a great quality sweater. Get it at Shop The Mint! (direct link below) Plus you can sign up for their perks email and get $10 off your first order!

Also, I just received this gorgeous zodiac necklace and bracelet from Sequin! They feature my sign, Aries, are part of the Star Maps Collection, which illustrates detailed interpretations of the constellations and zodiac signs. What’s your sign?

View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

Cardigan – c/o Shop The Mint; Jeans – Citizens of Humanity; Shoes – Dolce Vita (old – similar here and here); Hat – J.Crew; Necklace – c/o Sequin Jewelry; Bracelet – c/o Sequin Jewelry

Photos: Brooke Bakken

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Favorites Lately – Tallulah Dress from Show Me Your Mumu

Tallulah Dress – showmeyourmumu.comTallulah Dress

Vince Camuto ‘Nayz’ Pump –

Vince Camuto 'Nayz' Pump

Mara Hoffman Lace Up Side One Piece – marahoffman.comMara Hoffman Lace Up Side One Piece

Vertical Arrow ‘Lucky’ Necklace – nashelle.comvertical-arrow-necklace

Hooded Lodge Cardigan – anthropologie.comHooded Lodge Cardigan

Sequined Turtleneck Top – h&

Sequined Turtleneck Top

Pearl and Crystal Earrings – jcrew.comJ.Crew Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Tilly Lace Midi Dress – frenchconnection.comFrench Connection Tilly Lace Midi Dress

Zodiac Gold Pendant – lasoula.comZodiac Gold Pendant

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Pom Pom Shorts from Shop Stevie

Today I get to share these cute pom pom shorts from Shop Stevie! She is the cutest girl ever! I got to meet her this year when we walked in Provo Fashion Week together and she has started her own shop in collaboration with her blog and she has the cutest pieces. I love these shorts, because they are perfect for summer. They’re bright and lightweight and I will be wearing them all the time! Visit her shop to see all of the other cute items she has available and stop by her blog too!!!
Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 6Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 1Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 8Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 9Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 12Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 14Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 11Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 10Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 2Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 5Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 17Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 13Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 15Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 7Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 18Wild One Forever - Stevie Shorts 16

Shorts – c/o Shop Stevie; Top – Anthropologie; Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here); Sandals – Sam Edelman; Necklaces – GorjanaAlex and Ani; Rings – Free People, Free People; Earrings – JES Design Studio

Photos: @kelsilouproductions

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The Stripped Project

A while ago I was asked to participate in The Stripped Project. We were supposed to come in a simple outfit, with absolutely no makeup on and do a photoshoot like that! I’m used to getting way more ready than I usually do for photo shoots! When I read about the reason behind it, which I will share in a moment I fell in love with the idea. I was also asked to answer some questions after the shoot, which made me think a lot too. You’ll see those below the photos. Feel free to leave any comments or tell me how you feel about this shoot or the topic in general because I love to hear from you! Please visit to see the other participants!

About The Stripped Project (from the creator): 

A compilation of raw portraits featuring bloggers with NO MAKE-UP and NO RETOUCHING. Women stripped of any facades, exposing their real beauty for all the world to see. These are the most beautiful photos I have ever taken. The most transparent. The most raw. And the most riveting.

As women, we think the word ‘beautiful’ only describes someone who fits within strict, media-defined parameters. Meanwhile, our flaws disqualify us from making the cut. We couldn’t be more wrong. Our unique strengths AND weaknesses make us beautiful; a beauty that no one else can replicate.

It is time for honesty and transparency in social media. Let’s stop defining beauty by a lack of flaws and start defining it by feeling comfortable and confident within our flaws. We all have them: physical, mental, and emotional. As a result, we all have something uniquely beautiful to offer the world. We have enough women pretending to be perfect. We need more women who are real and relatable; women who are not afraid of imperfection.

The Stripped Project was created to help women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Women do not need makeup, a new wardrobe, and perfect hair to be picture-worthy. As a photographer, I often find that what my subject considers to be her biggest flaw is actually her most beautiful and defining attribute.

With these photographs, I am starting to grasp my capacity for art, expression, and perspective. I am discovering more and more what it means to be beautiful. Most importantly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the courageous women who were a part of this project. I admire you all so very much. Thank you for letting me capture the real you.

With love,



So here it is! My stripped shoot. And I thought I would leave you with a quote that I feel fits this shoot so well. I don’t know who said it. I just found it on pinterest one day and I love it.

“HEY YOU! Yes you. Stop being so unhappy with yourself. You are perfect. Stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks. Love them. Without those things you wouldn’t be you. And why would you want to be anyone else? Be confident with who you are. Smile. It’ll draw people in. If anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself then you stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it. My happiness will not depend on others anymore. I’m happy because I love who I am. I love my flaws. I love my imperfections. They make me me. And ‘me’ is pretty amazing.”



Photos: Jordan Zobrist Photography

Kristin Davis – 28 years old

soft, strong, serene, confident, captivating.

What made you want to start blogging?
“I actually just started doing it for fun and I’ve always loved fashion. I started doing it more seriously because it’s something I love and I started meeting some really great people through it.”
When do you feel most beautiful?
“I love being tan in the summer and just throwing some lotion on my face and some blush and mascara!
And, honestly this may contract everything I say below, but I love getting ready for a Friday or Saturday night and going out to dinner. I don’t get very ready all week so finally taking some time to myself and just putting on a little makeup and picking out a fun outfit kind of relaxes me. I loved showing up to the guy I have been dating’s house and the first thing he says is you look so beautiful. But at the same time, one of my favorite texts from him was something along the lines of “Don’t get too done up tonight, you’re so beautiful without all of it.” I don’t need someone else to tell me that, but my heart kind of melted when he said that.”
Has becoming a successful blogger affected the amount you think about your appearance? If yes, how so?
“Yes and no. I definitely have always wanted to look cute and my outfits to be fun because I’ve always been interested in fashion like I said earlier, but there’s also a part of me that really doesn’t care. I will still go to work in my gym clothes with no makeup on all the time. I go to Target or even shopping like that and my hair in a top knot because the older I get I realize I just don’t need to be done up all the time. I love getting dressed up and going out with my friends or when I go to dinner, but sometimes you just need to be chill.”
How much do you think your success as a blogger is tied to your physical appearance?
“I think so because if you didn’t put yourself together as a fashion blogger I think people would be like “Why would I follow her? She isn’t even cute and doesn’t know how to match!” Which is sort of a sad fact. But there are tons of people with other types of blogs that get lots of followers. I hope so people follow me for what I write about, or maybe I’m a little funny sometimes, or to find out where great sales are. I don’t think I’m the cutest person on the planet so I don’t think that it’s all my physical appearance! ”
Have you ever struggled with a lack of confidence? If so, how did you get through it?
“Yes, definitely. I come off very confident, but I have had times when I am the most self conscious person you will ever meet. I’ve had to learn to get over it. I’m definitely not over it yet. Some days are better than others. I have had times where I look at myself and I’ve said I hate my body. I’m not small enough. I hate my hair. I hate my nose. I hate my face. I hate my legs. I’m not funny. Guys don’t like me. What’s wrong with me? She’s so much prettier than me. I hate myself. I still do it. But it’s honestly true that if you do not love yourself that no one else is going to. Not guys, not your friends, and not your followers. Confidence really is key. So if you have to fake it until you believe it, then do whatever you can. Comparison will kill you. I just have to look at what I have and I have to talk myself in to what I like about myself. I am so blessed. I have so many amazing people around me. I have an amazing family. I am smart. I am funny. I am cute. And sometimes I have to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that even when I don’t think it. I’ve spent a lot of time crying to myself or my mom or my friends because that stupid voice in the back of my head tells me I’m not. But the biggest thing to remember is that I’m the one that needs to tell myself that. I don’t need a guy to tell me that or my mom or my friends even though it feels really good to hear it from them. Focus on one thing every day that you like about yourself or that you are grateful for and little by little it starts to help.”
What are 5 things you love about yourself?
“I like that I am outgoing. I like my lips. I like that I am smart. I like my olive skin. I like my feet :).”
What made you want to be a part of The Stripped Project?
“I think that I wanted to do it because I am pretty self conscious. I wanted to do it because I just love the idea that you don’t need everything else to be pretty. All of my photos are pretty done up and I have fabulous outfits and this just seemed like something that would stand out. Everyone is beautiful for different reasons and everyone has flaws. I wanted to just be me.”
How did you feel being in front of the camera with no make-up on?
“At first I thought it was going to be weird, because I feel like I almost only put makeup on for my shoots sometimes! I’m so lazy and I don’t even wear makeup during the week at work. But then I just started acting like it was a normal shoot and I didn’t even notice!”
How do you maintain positive self-esteem while being involved in social media?
“I don’t get too many negative comments which I am very lucky for. I have awesome followers. But I think you just have to look at everyone that loves you and all the positive. Take the bad with a grain of salt and not let it get to you. Sometimes venting or sharing it with your close friends (and for me, other bloggers in the same position) helps because they know how you feel. But mostly you just have to ignore it. If it gets to you too much, maybe it’s not worth putting yourself out there that much.”
Have you ever felt pressure to look and act a certain way on social media?
“Yes. But I think the thing that I have learned is to stick to who you are. The people that will stick with you want that. If you conform and change then it’s not really you and your brand. If you do it just to get more followers, you wont’ actually be happy. If I want to post a personal picture or quote, but I know I will lose followers because of it, I just do it anyway now. I don’t care anymore. It’s my site and it’s my choice.”
How do you feel social media can be used to empower women?
“This makes me think of that picture that floats around from time to time that says “I’m not interested in competing, I hope we all make it.”
I think that supporting each other rather than tearing each other down is so important. Working together instead of competing is the best form of building yourself as well. I see all these comments on bigger bloggers posts all the time, like why would she wear this or she’s obviously not being modest or etc. Well it was her choice and you reaching out and commenting negatively just reflects poorly on you. Just don’t take the time to comment unless it’s going to be positive. I don’t know why you would even follow someone if it’s to bash or be rude to them. If I don’t agree with something someone did then I don’t take the time to publically be rude to them. So I think that supporting each other and posting positive things can completely help to empower each other at least on a small level. Another example the other day, a couple of my friends were posting the reasons that they are brave on instagram and I saw a HUGE support from people commenting back and just telling them how awesome they were. Small things like that can help boost a persons self esteem or at least make them feel so loved. I know that when I get a comment from someone it can make my entire day.”

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and you all feel your worth and know you are amazing!

(A lot of people have asked me where I got my necklace and my tank so I added a shop the post for you guys!)

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Sweater Weather and a Valentine’s Giveaway!

Cold weather is still going strong and I feel like I’m still trapped in the fall here. Apparently it’s Ground Hog’s Day or whatever and we have 6 more weeks of winter? Ugh. I feel like we didn’t really even have winter. It just rained a lot here. I’d honestly rather have rain than snow. But I’d rather have sun than anything else. So I’m just gonna pile on the sweaters and I apologize for 6 more weeks of fall clothing :/

But I have a fun Valentine’s Day giveaway below! So enter your little hearts out!
Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 11Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 15Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 19Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 3Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 14Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 12Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 6Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 22Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 1Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 20Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 5Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 16Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 8Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 4Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 17Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 23Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 7Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 2Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 9Wild One Forever - SweaterWearter 13

Sweater/Cardigan – Anthropologie (similar here and here); Blouse – J.Crew; Jeans – Paige Denim; Boots – J.Crew Factory; Necklace – Baublebar.

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair: Emma’s Parlour

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Today I am excited to announce I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to present you with a special Valentine’s Day Giveaway.  We wanted the winner to feel extra special this year with gifts specially hand picked and chosen by us.  Use the Rafflecoper below to enter. Also, please leave a comment on my blog.Good luck!

Contest runs until February 8th. Winner will be announced on the blog and emailed.vday1

 Gift Basket Contents:
Valentine’s Day Cards by Merri Meri || Bath Bombs and Soaps by Cindy Goatique || Essie Nail Polish in My Better Half and Twin Sweater Set || Kate Spate Yellow Polka Dot Mug || DW Home Candle in Remarkably Rose || $25 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card || $10 Starbucks Gift Card || Sparkly Earrings by Saressa Designsgiveaway-collage

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Two-tone Chambray with Clad & Cloth

Do you love chambray as much as me? Well then you are going to die over this shirt. It’s chambray, but the softest chambray you’ve ever worn! Most is kind of rough and thick (like wearing jeans…duh), but this is like wearing heaven! Plus it’s on sale right now! Go get this top and the varsity jacket (only $36!) I’m wearing at Clad & Cloth! Since I got them I’ve been wearing both non-stop because they’re both so versatile and stylish!

Also, be sure to follow their instagram for deals! @cladandcloth
Processed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetWild One Forever - Chambray 5Processed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Chambray – Clad & Cloth; Jacket – Clad & Cloth; Leggings – Zella; Boots – Madewell; Necklaces – Baublebar, Baublebar; Rings – Tai Pan Trading, Madewell, Baublebar.

Photos: Sam Stapley Photography

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