La Maison Talulah Candid Lace Mini Dress

I’m not going to lie, I’m probably going to be curled up on my couch this year for New Year’s Eve, but I can’t resist a gorgeous Little Black Dress. This one from La Maison Talulah is perfect for NYE with all it’s pretty details. Plus, it’s on sale and you could save it for another fun occasion! 

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New Year’s Eve 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve!

What are you guys doing tonight? I have planted myself in front of my tv and I may or may not be asleep at midnight. I’m usually one who loves to get dressed up, even if I’m just at a friends or a cabin, but I’m taking a break this year. I hope whatever you do you have an amazing night!

P.S. Have you guys seen “The Vow”? The gorgeous Lyria Leaf ring is from Parade Designs and you might recognize it from the movie!
Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 22Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 4Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 14Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 2Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 11Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 16Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 10Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 8Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 20Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 3Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 12Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 6Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 5Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 15Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 7Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 23Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 21Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 13Wild One Forever - New Year's Eve 1

Skirt – J.Crew Factory (similar here and here); Tee – Forever 21; Shoes – Sam Edelman (old); Rings – c/o Parade Designs, Banana Republic

Photos: Nina Tekwani Photography 

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2015 in Review

It’s that time again…How in the world is it already going to be 2016? I swear every year goes by faster and faster.

This has been a very interesting year for me. Ups and downs for sure and a lot of learning and growing. I can’t believe I’m going to be 30 this coming year.

My blog has grown so much this year and I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, photographers, shops, makeup artists, etc! I can’t even tell you how great this year has been in that aspect. I hope to continue to grow and that you’ll all follow along with me! Thank you so much for reading and following!

Here are some of my favorite looks from this year! (Click on each photo to take you to the original post and you can shop the products!)













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Wild-One-Forever-LuLus-Sequin-Skirt-12Wild-One-Forever-Free-People-and-Made-by-Mary-8Wild-One-Forever-Black-Embroidered-Dress-19-681x1024Wild-One-Forever-Free-People-Sweet-Thing-Tunic-14-1024x681Wild-One-Forever-Fringe-and-Nena-and-Co-19-681x1024Wild-One-Forever-Raga-Kaleidoscope-Jacket-5-1024x683Wild-One-Forever-XOXO-6-681x1024Wild-One-Forever-Shades-of-Black-4-683x1024Wild-One-Forever-Yosi-Samra-and-Ascot-and-Hart-16-1024x683Wild-One-Forever-Anthropologie-Primrose-Skirt-12-683x1024Wild-One-Forever-Anthropologie-Chelan-Wrap-Coat-3-683x1024View More:




Thank you so much for reading and supporting me this year! I can’t wait to see what comes in 2016 and I hope you all have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

Shop some of my favorite 2015 items below! (Remember you can click on each photo to take you to the original post to shop as well!)

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New Year’s Eve Look with Show Me Your Mumu

I have a problem…I want to buy everything from Show Me Your Mumu! Have you gone to their site yet? Just prepare yourselves for amazingness.

I love this sequin dress. When I got it I was like oooook New Year’s! I actually wore it to my work Christmas party too…I just don’t wanna stop! So, anyway here is my second New Year’s Eve look! Do you think I’d be crazy if I just put it on and stayed home and watched movies all night? Shhh…I might.
Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 5Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 1Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 10Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 4Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 11Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 16Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 2Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 8Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 14Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 15Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 13Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 17Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 9Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 3Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 6Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 7Wild One Forever - Show Me Your Mumu Tallulah Dress 12

Dress – c/o Show Me Your Mumu; Coat – Forever 21 (similar here and here – see more below!); Booties – J.Crew (similar here)

Photos: Remember When by Raquel

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New Year’s Eve Dress from Tai Pan Trading

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been trying to get this posted for a few days and I have been having the worst time with my computer! So here is my New Year’s Eve post with this beautiful dress from Tai Pan Trading! If you need a party dress that won’t blow your wallet make sure you stop at one of their locations because they have such cute outfits and fabulous jewelry and bags to go with it!

Plus I’ve got a giveaway below!
Wild One Forever - NYE Dress 8Wild One Forever - NYE dress 17Wild One Forever - NYE dress 6Wild One Forever - NYE dress 23Wild One Forever - NYE dress 11Wild One Forever - NYE dress 9Wild One Forever - NYE dress 1Wild One Forever - NYE dress 4Wild One Forever - NYE dress 21Wild One Forever - NYE dress 15Wild One Forever - NYE dress 8Wild One Forever - NYE dress 10Wild One Forever - NYE dress 13Wild One Forever - NYE dress 22Wild One Forever - NYE dress 7Wild One Forever - NYE dress 5Wild One Forever - NYE dress 19Wild One Forever - NYE dress 12Wild One Forever - NYE dress 20Wild One Forever - NYE dress 14Wild One Forever - NYE dress 16Wild One Forever - NYE dress 18

Dress – c/o Tai Pan Trading; Heels – Sam Edelman (old – but these are perfect!); Necklace – Anthropologie; Bracelets – Anthropologie, Anthropologie; Ring – Banana Republic

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair: Emma’s Parlour

I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway with these lovely ladies! We have teamed up to give 3 LUCKY winners some great prizes.
Winner #1 – $100 Nordstrom Gift Card
Winner #2 – $100 Victorias Secret Gift Card
Winner #3 – $100 ASOS Gift Card
Great right? These are 3 of my favorite places to shop so what a better way then to start out this year with a giveaway! Good luck!! 🙂PhotoGrid_1420009576716

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Kristin’s Photoaday – January and February

It’s been a while…

Got to work with the amazingly talented Kailey Rae Photography and I cannot wait to show you more! #sneakpeakphoto-6

Also, a sneak peak of my shoot with another amazingly talented photographer, Brittney Johnson, at Haizel Creations.HaizelCreations

The world is terribly beautiful. #christopherpoindexterphoto 4-3

Taylor’s Farewellphoto-10

Here’s to you and me and in between… #brandicarlileheartscontent

Goodbye Gentri! We are going to miss you!!!photo 1-12

Hanging with Tay before he 1-15

Business cards for days #buildyourblogconference2014businesscards

snowy shopping day with my momsnowmom

I’m not afraid of your dark.
photo 1-2

Feeling a little emotional…family pictures. We won’t all be together again for two years.brothers

Christopher Poindexterphoto 3

Rainy Sunday…all I wanna do is read, lay in bed, and listen to John Legend Processed with VSCOcam

This poor kid thinks I’m crazyphoto 3-13

Kinda hard to look normal when you’re trying not to cry. Good Luck in Argentina Elder 1-14

Henry was not in the mood for my jokes 1-13

Sundancingphoto 4-7

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!photo 2-13

2 a.m. #charlesbukowskiphoto-5

Mama, I’m coming home.frends

Happy New Years!newyears

Blogger Sleepover. Absolutely love these ladies.bloggers

Gonna steal theses 1-17

#tbt cabophoto 3-16

Snowmobiling with the 1-18

Snowmobiling #ootdphoto 2-18

The lovely Lilyphoto 1

My friend’s mom ran into Taylor on his way to the airport! So cute!photo 4

Date night with my Hip Hop 1-16

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New Year’s Traditions

Not everyone gathers to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve…I don’t know why I thought it would be that way. Marie Clare Magazine had an article about rituals from around the world. Here are a few different traditions from around the world that I thought were pretty interesting.

What do you do on New Year’s Eve?

Mexico: Women put on new panties in one of two colors to symbolize their hopes for the coming year – Red for Love or Yellow for Money.

Belarus: Single women compete in unusual games, such as lining up piles of corn  and seeing whose kernels a rooster chooses first. The winner is considered the most likely to marry in the new year.

Japan: They throw a bonekai (or “forget-the-year” party), where bosses let employees get more relaxed than usual in the workplace.

Rio de Janeiro: Crowds father at the beach to throw flowers into the ocean at midnight.

Phillipines: Women wear polka dots. The roundness reminds them of coins and wealth.

Ecuador: They burn photos and scarecrows to destroy bad memories from the last 12 months.

Denmark: Friends smash dishes on each other’s doorsteps – those who end up with the most broken plates are believed to have the most loyal friends.

*Article found in Marie Clare Magazine.

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2011 in Review

2011 was a very interesting year for me. I had ups and down like everyone does. I had some fun trips and good times. I have been trying to make a lot of important decisions this year, which I kind of wrote about in a previous post. I sort of feel like I’m getting to that point in my life. I think this coming year will be even more defining for me. I think I actually kind of grew up a lot this year and learned a lot about myself. I feel like I have amazing friends and an amazing family. I have a good job, and I am looking forward to hopefully finally starting school in the fall (crossing my fingers).
I thought I would just do a recap of the year…and if you all know me, I thought it appropriate to do in pictures 🙂 I have so many but these just remind me of some of the highlights of this year and then some of my favorite pictures.

Sundance to see some bands at the Owl Bar for the film festival

Sundance again for Nicole’s bday

Chelsey’s Bday

A fun month for trips
AZ for Janell’s bachelorette party


New York Trip – seriously the best trip ever. Loved every second of it. I couldn’t choose pictures.

I finally got to see Phantom…favorite of all time.

My birthday in NYC

Janell’s Wedding

Moab Trip

Cinco de Mayo

also, a month of birtdays

Jake’s…even though he’s not in this picture haha

Kale’s…at the jumping gym

Country Jam!

Fourth of July and the parade

Lagoon Day

Family at the Cabin

Lake Powell Trip

Lots of Concerts

Tim McGraw



Labor Day Powell Trip

Todd’s Wedding

Jenn’s Shower, Bachelorette Party, and Wedding

State Fair



Vegas Work Christmas Party Trip

Home for Christmas

New Years Eve Cabin Trip

dance central 🙂 whip your hair

Excited for 2012!

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