10 Silver Linings of Life’s Lowest Moments by Glamour

in no particular order…
– after three weeks on crutches, your triceps will be ripped.

– an outdoor wedding in the rain makes for very cinematic pictures.

– if someone steals your identity, that means they have to take on your credit card debt, right? Right?

– having a pimple make you look younger.

– the baby. the baby is the silver lining even though you just got a million stitches down there.

– maybe the firemen will be hot.

– well, at least you know the air bags work.

– Now they can see that, besides being brilliant and beautiful, at hear you’re just a regular person with a temper.

– you bag was stolen, giving you the best excuse ever to buy a new, even nice bag. Joke’s on you, robber man!

– Two days of stomach flu = Hey! Take those jeans out of the giveaway bag…They fit again!

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