12 Great MakeUp Tips

1. Double Up On Mascara for Extra-Lush Lashes: You will get the best effect if you apply one coat of thickening mascara, and then use a volumizing and lengthening version on the outer and center lashes to make eyes pop. 

2. Always Check Your Makeup In Natural Light: Avoid stripy blush or patchy foundation by looking at your makeup in natural light. You will be better able to see what needs to be fixed or blended. If your bathroom has dim light, check yourself in a compact by a window. 

3. Clean Brushes the Easy Way: Use towelette to wipe away excess makeup (and bacteria) quickly. Brushes should be cleaned weekly. Alternate between using wipes and baby or clarifying shampoo for a more thorough cleaning. Lay brushes flat to dry. (Try Japonesque Pro Brush Cleaner Wipes $18.50)

4. Make Eyes Bigger and Brighter in Two Simple Steps: First, line the inner rims with while or pale beige liner. Then use champagne shadow or a highlighting pencil on your eyes’ inner corners. It will create a widening effect and make the whites appear more vibrant. (Try Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte $23)

5. Play Up Your Features With Matte Bronzer: For a natural-looking contour, use a taupe that is one or two shades darker than your skin. (Skip shimmer.) Blend under cheekbone on your jawline and along the sides of your nose.

6. Get Liquid Liner Right Every Time: Trace your upper lashline with a pencil before using get or liquid. It will make it easier to pain a straight, clean line, and it will last longer! Look down into a mirror while applying, you will be able to get closer to the lashes and avoid getting it on your lids. 

7. Tip for Filling in Brows!: Before applying brow pencil, brush brow hairs down. Apply, then brush them back up. This makes it easy to follow the shape of your brows and then blend the pencil in.

8. Fake Fuller (or slimmer) Lips with Liner: A lip liner that matches your lips is key! To make lips appear plumper, trace the outside edge of your lip line, then fill in. Apply shimmery, neutral gloss to the center of your lips to finish. To slim a full pout, apply foundation to your mouth, then line lips just inside your natural lip line before filling them in. 

9. Prevent Smudged Mascara with a Spoon: To avoid mess-ups (especially on the bottom lashes), hold the edge of a spoon up to your lashline as your apply. 

10. Re-Fresh Makeup in a Minute: A mini touch-up can make a big difference: Just comb through lashes, blot away oil and reapply lip color. Do this a few times a day – before a meeting, after eating, or before you leave work. You’ll have an instantly revived look!

11. Brighten Skin with Highlighter: For a believable glow, apply a luminizing primer before foundation. Alternately, for a more noticeable glimmer use a creamy highlighter to illuminate key areas – the browbones, the tops of cheekbones, and around the outside of your lines. (Try Fresh Satin Luster Face Palette $45)

12. Do the Easiest Smoky Eye Ever: Just use eyeliner! Trace your eyes’ inner rims and outer corners with black pencil, then top it off with a creamy, shimmery gray pencil. Blend with your fingertips! (Try: Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Smoky Black $16.50, and Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Graphite Glint from Target $18)

*tips found in People StyleWatch Magazine

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