15 Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Toothbrush

Forget spending money on a bunch of high-tech tools to reach your beauty goals…here is one incredibly cheap tool that has multiple uses. I bet you have an extra laying around your house right now.

I bet you can think of even more uses…

1. Exfoliate chapped lips: Move in a circular motion to remove dead skin. 

2. Flatten flyaways!

3. Declump stuck-together lashes!

4. Buff away deodorant marks!

5. Tame your brows: you can also use Vaseline to help keep them down if they’re being extra nasty.

6. Add lift to you hair: Backcomb or tease hair with a toothbrush to get a more subtle result.

7. Touch up your roots: work dye through roots with the brush

8. Apply dry shampoo!

9. Clean out the vent in your blow dryer! or the lint of your lint roller!

10. Wipe off Self Tanner: you’re totally being cancer free right? Erase the evidence! Scrub it off your hands with a toothbrush, baking soda, water, and lemon juice!

11. Clean Your Nails: Swipe underneath tips to get rid of grime

12. Keep Cuticles in Shape!

13. Paint nails: Create splatter polish effect using the brush to do the splattering. 

14. Clean Jewelry!

15. Heal a hickey (brushing fades the bruising)…whoopsie. (You probably should really try to avoid those anyway)


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