One For the Money

Just saw this last weekend…pretty good if you aren’t expecting too much. I think Katherine Heigl is cute and has funny girl movies. Jason O’Mara (the main guy)…not so bad on the eyes. I wouldn’t tell you to run out and see it, but it was funny.

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February Photoaday – Week One

Here goes another month… 🙂

Day 1- Wednesday Feb. 1 – Your View Today
View from my office at work…at least the mountains are pretty 🙂

Day 2 – Thursday Feb. 2 – Words
love this…want to get something like this for my house

Day 3 – Friday Feb. 3 – Hands
Crossing my fingers that I do well on my Ochem test.

Day 4 – Saturday Feb.4 – A stranger
Some bored boys…probably waiting for the girls to finish shopping. I know that’s what Jake was doing.

Day 5 – Sunday Feb. 5 – 10 a.m.
A little morning walk/job. I can’t believe the weather is this nice in February.

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Go Giants!

Jake’s team is in the superbowl this year, and earlier this year he bought me these cute sweats from Victoria Secret Pink…so I’m a Giants fan apparently 🙂

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Who is your celebrity style guru?

Quiz by Lucky

We’ve picked five famous entertainers known for their distinct way of dressing—and decoded their trademark aesthetic. But before you peek ahead, take this quick quiz to find out which one should be YOUR all time wardrobe guru. And, according to your match, which e-commerce sites best suit your style.


  1. If you could fill your closet with clothes from only one high-end designer, which would it be?

a. Versace.Super sexy cuts, bold and daring colors, lots of sparkly embellishments…sigh. I heart Donatella.

b. Chanel. Really is there any other option? I’m all about iconic silhouettes that manage to look fresh and exciting every season.

c. 3.1 Phillip Lim.His clothes are pretty yet always make me feel like I’m ahead of the curve.

d. Miu Miu.Oh yeah! The more bows and kitten prints, the better.

e. Stella McCartney.Social conscious clothing that always looks chic? I’m game.

  • You just bought a pair of red jeans. What do you wear them with?a. A low-cut top with ruffly bodice and black stiletto boots.

    And that’s just for brunch.

    b. Leopard print smoking slippers, a tuxedo shirt and a silver lariat necklace.
    Or maybe a mini bow-tie? I’m torn.c. My favorite cable knit sweater with navy stripes, vintage motorcycle boots and $300 wayfarers. Dude, it’s all about the high/low mix, you know?

    d. Sparkly ballet flats and a sailor-inspired top. Always keeping it cute.

    e. One of my husband/boyfriend’s plain white Hanes T-shirts and pointy-toed black pumps. Trust me, it looks more exciting than it sounds.

  • What is your favorite type of accessory?a. Statement earrings.

    Especially hoops—the bigger the better!b. Neckties. But for girls, duh.

    c. Stacked bangles. I didn’t coin the term “arm party” but I kind of wish I did.

    d. Patterned Tights. An absolute must with all solid ensembles. Heck, I sometimes even wear them with prints, too.

    e. Aviator sunglasses.
    What? I travel a lot.

  • What beauty treatment are you most willing to splurge on?a. A blow out.

    Never underestimate the power of big bouncy hair.b. Facial treatments. Since I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, it’s all about skincare, skincare, skincare!

    c. Ombre highlights. It takes a lots of time and money to attain effortless bedhead.

    d. Nail Art. This week I’m thinking hearts. And next week, hearts with smiley faces.

    e. Massage. I look my best when I feel completely relaxed. Plus, why would I spend hundreds on my hair when there are starving children in Uganda?

  • Were I re-incarnated as a handbag, it would be a…a. Sequined Fendi Baguette.

    Practicality be damned! I like to make a glamorous entrance.b. PS1 Satchel. I like to be spotted at all the best downtown parties.

    c. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch. Probably in cherry red. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a colorful accents.

    d. Metallic Kate Spade Scout. With polka dot lining!

    e. Celine Tote. It never goes out of style.

And my answer is…

Mostly C’s: Rachel Bilson

“The Mix Master”

You’re an equal oppurtunist when it come to your style. You enjoy trying out new trends, bright colors and funky prints and you’ll shop anywhere from mega chains to high-end boutiques. Still, you have a couple of favorite pieces you just can’t give up: cozy striped tops and plenty of low-heeled ankle booties.

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