Your Best Swim Fit Ever!

Sadly, summer is almost over…so some of you might think that this post is a little late…but I figured I would get it in time for Labor Day and in time for you to all buy some great swimsuits while they are on sale for next year! I love to do that because swimsuits can get pretty expensive. I like to buy a few cheap fun suits I can ruin or use if I know I’m going to throw it away at the end of the year or use it to get messy, etc. But I definitely think it is worth it to spend the money on a couple good suits each year as well. I hate when you buy a cheap suit and it gets all balled up and fades, or when you buy an expensive one and it does that! So I’m going to show you some brands that I love and then talk about what is best for your body, because I know it took me a while to figure that out! I also have been obsessing over one piece suits this year too, so I will show you lots of options for that as well!

Some of my favorite swim sites/stores:,,,, These are my go-tos when I first start looking for swimsuits. I find greats suits elsewhere as you can tell by some of the ones I will post on here, but I always check out these places first for good quality suits, my staples, and unique finds! You can also look through some of my old posts at my favorite suits of the years and see where some of my other favorites stores are on those posts. Just use the tag “swim” to find those old posts.

This year I also found the site: I had shopped at the store in Vegas, but when I was down there with some friends in April we discovered that they have a website too! Woo hoo! It has great suits, especially for mixing and matching!

Here are some of the suits that I currently have my eye on: 

MINKPINK ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ One Piece –

Marysia Swim ‘Antibes Scallop’ Bikini –

ASOS ‘Global Stripe Tie Waist Swimsuit’ –

Norma Kamali ‘Retro Polka Dot’ Bikini –

Mini Delicious Apple Underwire Tank –

Huit ‘Miami Baby Strapless’ Bikini –

Chloe ‘Scalloped Edge’ One Piece –

Zimmermann ‘Bohemia Frill’ Bikini –

Now let’s talk about body shapes!

If you have a Small Chest: (this would be me! or…Kate Bosworth) To enhance your chest, wear suits with embellishment or details on top: ruffles, ruching, flowing fabric, an all over print, beading…Padding or underwire can also help out! Also sometimes too much coverage makes you look even smaller.

Kate is wearing an allover print, with is ruched in the center which creates the illusion that something is there on her tiny frame!

Victoria Secret ‘The Madi’ Ruffle Stripe Push Up’ Bandeau Top – (top 25.50 bottom 16.50)

Saha ‘Pure Romance’ One Piece – (99.00)

Curvy or Busty: (like Kim K) Support and coverage are your favorite words! Halter styles with medium to thick straps and suits with underwires work well for you because they provide this. Sturdy fabrics, ruching, and vertical ruffles on one pieces will help make your body look longer. Solid colors or prints with a dark background also help to minimize your bust! You can also go with bottoms with a print or embellishment to draw attention away from your top half.

Kim is wearing the thicker strapped VIX Bia Swimsuit, which provides great coverage…I think she probably has been since wearing this in almost every color. It’s a great suit for her shape.

Vix ‘Cherry Logo Bia’ Top and Bottom – (119.00)

Miraclesuit ‘Camila’ One Piece – (has a hidden underwire!) (103.90)

If you have Hips: (like Maria Menounos) Go for a top that widens your body, or the has details that bring focus to your top half. Pick a simple bottom. High cut bottoms with ties narrow your hips. Avoid light bottoms, and full coverage bottoms like boy shorts – it just brings more attention to the area.

Maria’s wide set straps on top and lacey ruffle brings attention to her top half, while the small tie bottoms slim her hips.

Mara Hoffman ‘Half Top Bikini’ –

L*Space ‘Audrey’ Halter Top –

Miraclesuit ‘Sonatina’  – (56.80)

Apple-Shaped: (like Jessica Simpson – post pregnancy – sorry I couldn’t find a good picture in a swimsuit…or Snooki, but she doesn’t really follow the rules so I couldn’t find a good picture either.) The best thing to slim your tummy is ruching down the middle or sides. Also, anything that has side sliming details, like colorblocking or piping. Support and coverage is also important here as well.

J.Crew ‘Polka-dot Ruched Underwire Tank’ – (side-ruching)

J.Crew ‘Golden Paisley Ruched Femme Tank’ – (dark print and tummy ruching helps hide anything you want to hide)

Spanx ‘Golden Touch’ One Piece – (the angled piping whittles your waist)

Slim/Slender and Tall: (like Gisele) Bandeaus! Take advantage of your long lines and streamlined silhouette with a bandeau. It’s simple and no fuss. You can get away with a lot because a simple bikini looks great on you, too. For one pieces open sides and backs are fun – it creates shape and makes your bum look amazing!

Gisele wears the simplest of bikinis and it looks amazing!

Peter Som ‘Zebra’ Bikini

Mara Hoffman ‘Totem V-Wire’ One Piece’ – (132.00)

Mikoh ‘Cannes’ One Piece –

Boyish/Pencil Figure: (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)This is close to the same as flat chested, but your hips are also very straight or “non-existent”…so you’re going to want to add embellishment and details to that area, much that same as your did to your top. Add curves by picking bottoms (and tops) that have ruffles, ruching, and patterns that bring out your waist, hips, and bust. Try high-waisted, boy-cut, or string bottoms! To create a waist you can try color blocking also. It helps to create the illusion of a wasit. Try to stay away from one pieces that are basic tanks or have high necklines – they tend to emphasize your straight up and down shape.

Rosie’s top and bottom have ruffles and an all over print that helps bring shape to her straight up and down figure.

Zimmerman ‘Rebel Frill’ Bikini – (140.00)

Chloe ‘Scalloped Edge’ Bikini – (275.00)

DKNY ‘Colorblock Cami Maillot New Blue’ Swimsuit – (73.99)

Hourglass: (like Blake Lively) You are lucky because you can get away with basically any shape! Have fun accentuating your curves with fun retro styles, deep v’s, and peplums this year, which are all in style and look like they are around to stay!

Blake Lively shows us how great her hourglass shape looks in a deep v swimsuit!

Zinke ‘Peplum’ Swimsuit –

BeBops ‘Classic High Waisted Retro’ Bikini –

6 Shore Road ‘Coast One Piece’ – (69.00)

And last but not least:

I got this idea from (She has a great blog, by the way!)

For the girls who think they have a pouch: and as she said…who doesn’t think that? haha, but if you really do or are concerned about it…You can go with a Molokini, but these are sometimes hard to pull off as it is. I would try a very simple one if you do (like the one posted below). Obviously any one piece will cover it, unless you feel like it will show through. A high wasited bottom is another way to cover that area and bring positive attention to that area in a different way. Ruching in that area and a chevron pattern will also give you a simming effect.

Ted Baker ‘Striped Padded Halter’ Bikini –

Tatjana Anika ‘Bandeau Cut Out’ One Piece –

‘Chevron Striped One-Piece’ Swimsuit –

Final Tips:

When looking for a suit, always remember to check these few things. 

shoulders: even if its strapless, raise and lower your shoulders to make sure the top stays where it’s supposed to!

bust: lean forward and adjust to make sure it doesn’t do the gap thing! you know what i mean!

sides: watch out for skin coming over the top – it means its too small! and no one wants muffin top or to see yours!

back: make sure it’s snug, but not too tight. you don’t want etxra skin there either. you also don’t want it falling down.

butt: wrinkles or sagging means it’s too big. 

I hope you have fun looking for a suit and find sun great ones on sale!!!

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Alexis Bittar “Panther” Collection

If I was a rich (wo)man”…yeah that was me singing, Tevye, from Fiddler on the Roof. Don’t judge. 

But I’m dying over Alexis Bittar’s Siyabona Elements Collection; particularly the “panther” pieces. Do you not just love them? I guess I’m partial to animalistic jewerly. My grandmother always wears things like this and I love it. I guess it just kind of reminds me of her. 

Take a walk on the wild side with me and enjoy these stalking sensations!

 Gunmetal Multi-Strand Panther Necklace

Gunmetal Panther Pendant

Gold Panther Hinge Braclet

Gold Panther Clip Earrings

Gunmetal Panther Pin

All of this can be found at

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What I Wore: Hearts on a Skirt and a Fun Braid

I think this is my favorite way to do my hair lately. The braid keeps all of my hair off the front of my hair in a functional, but cute way, and the messy bun keeps things casual so I can wear it anywhere…to the pool, out with friends, or even the office.

I like this outfit because it’s also casual and cute, but it’s dressy enough that I could wear it to church or an office if I have to dress up for the day (my office is pretty casual so I don’t really have to dress up there though).

What I Wore:

Shirt – Urban Outfitters Tee; Skirt – J.Crew; Shoes – Sam Edelman; Earrings – Forever 21; Watch – Timex

I almost think the earrings are my favorite part! They are total Forever 21 cheapies, but they’re clip-ons! And they remind me of some sort of grandma antiques or something. I wish they were real! I still love them anyway.

Super short tutorial! 

Start braid on one side of your head (next to your ear), and go across the front part of your hair in a french braid and pin on one side, if you want. I just pull it back into the pony. Then gather hair into a messy braid and you’re done! Message me on the facebook page or twitter if you have any questions!

XO, Kristin!

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Rainbow Bright – Nail Colors for Summer

As you can tell, I’m still clearly holding on to summer as long as I can, while others are moving onto fall already. I love fall clothes, but I live in Utah…I will have enough time for boots, coats, and scarves well into next April and May…so warm weather, please stay with me as long as you can! 

A lot of beauty salons will put their limited summer colors on sale, so I would double check for that going into the fall season, but I still think you have a couple more weeks to get these colors in while it’s warm! Plus you can always save them for next spring! 

Maybe I’ll switch my tune and get on the fall kick in September…yes I know it’s coming up…I’m waiting until at least after labor day 🙂

1. NCLA ‘All Eyes on Me’ – $16

2. NARS Nail Polish in ‘Kutki’ – $18

3. MAC Beth Ditto Nail Lacquer in ‘Near Beth Experience – $15

4. Dolce & Gabbana Intence Nail Lacquer in ‘Mint’ – $20

5. Essie ‘E-nuf is E-nuf’ – $8.00

6. O.P.I. ‘Lucky, Lucky Lavender’ – $8.50

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12 Fantastic Statement Necklaces from Shopbop

I love a good necklace. I used to wear only very simple jewelry, but I like to mix it up now and then. A great statement piece can make the whole feel of your outfit change. Shopbop has a ton of great statement necklaces featured right now. Take a look at some of my favorites here and visit the site to look at some more! 

Shop all of the necklaces at

Gemma Redux ‘Scalloped Stone’ Necklace – $297

Lulu Frost ‘Demeter’ Collar – $312

NCbis ‘Lisa’ Necklace – $295

Feliks+Adrik ‘Enamel Bib’ Necklace – $258

Belle Noel ‘Gypsy Chic’ Necklace – $215

House of Harlow 1960 ‘Abalone Sunburst’ Necklace – $80

Juliet & Company ‘Feuilles’ Necklace – $85

Low Luv x Erin Wasson ‘Oval Cage & Metal Tube Fringe’ Necklace – $165

Kenneth Jay Lane ‘Chain & Natural Stone’ Necklace – $123.20

Adia Kibur ‘Silver Bib’ Necklace – $75

Juliet & Company ‘Voyage’ Necklace – $58

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Petal to the Metal Flock’ Necklace – $248

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This Means War

Ohmigoodness…I could not stop laughing.

Maybe I was just in a weird mood, but I thought this movie was hilarious.

What do you get when you mix two federal agents (who happen to be best friends), a slightly OCD, but very successful and beautiful women, and her crazy best friend…? This awesome movie.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play two FBI agents who happen to meet the same girl and when they find out, they decide to see which one is the best for her. She just thinks she’s dating two great guys and turns to her best friend (Chelsey Handler) for advice on how to date two guys and which one to pick. It makes to be a sort of cheesy, but super funny movie. Don’t expect it to win an academy award (obviously), but I thought it was great for a romantic comedy (and I love Reese!)

Also, I’m pretty sure that Chelsey Handler is one of my favorite people ever. She totally made the movie. She is the best side kick in a movie ever. HILARIOUS. (but we already knew that about her).

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5 Great Face Masks

Rachel Zoe shared some of her favorite masks on the Zoe Report, so I think I’m going to have to try some of these out! Your face has some of the most sensitive skin on your body and probably gets some of the most damage. So give it a treat! 

Kaplan MD Firming Mask – $75

This mask helps fresh and brighten your face! Try before a big even to make your face glow!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clarifying Mask – $42

Wear this mask over night and wake up to a new face!

Rodial 5 Minute Facial – $45

Banish age spots and lines with this clay mask, while increasing collagen production.

IOMA Anti-Dryness Mask – $125

A mask that actually delivers moisture to your face! You will want this for the upcoming winter season!

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Mask – $40

Gets rid of dead skin cells and minimizes pores!

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Favorites Lately – Sunburst Pendant from BaubleBar and more!

‘Sunburst’ Pendant –

Lasercut Divided Dress –

7 for all Mankind ‘Charlie Cut Off’ Short – ($78.97)

“Never, ever apologize for anything that makes you happy.”

JOIE ‘Amone Savory Silk’ Blouse –

Kris Nations ‘Pluma Large Feather Necklace’ –

Studded Cowboy Ankle Boot –

West Elm ‘Zigzag’ Rug –

14K Gold Leaf Ring Stacking Band by ScarlettJewelry –

Cascade Gown –

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