New Year’s Traditions

Not everyone gathers to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve…I don’t know why I thought it would be that way. Marie Clare Magazine had an article about rituals from around the world. Here are a few different traditions from around the world that I thought were pretty interesting.

What do you do on New Year’s Eve?

Mexico: Women put on new panties in one of two colors to symbolize their hopes for the coming year – Red for Love or Yellow for Money.

Belarus: Single women compete in unusual games, such as lining up piles of corn  and seeing whose kernels a rooster chooses first. The winner is considered the most likely to marry in the new year.

Japan: They throw a bonekai (or “forget-the-year” party), where bosses let employees get more relaxed than usual in the workplace.

Rio de Janeiro: Crowds father at the beach to throw flowers into the ocean at midnight.

Phillipines: Women wear polka dots. The roundness reminds them of coins and wealth.

Ecuador: They burn photos and scarecrows to destroy bad memories from the last 12 months.

Denmark: Friends smash dishes on each other’s doorsteps – those who end up with the most broken plates are believed to have the most loyal friends.

*Article found in Marie Clare Magazine.

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A Few Things to Help With New Years Resolutions

Most of us have the same resolutions every year…and I’m pretty sure every one of these below are on my list. The trouble is keeping them right? Well, Daily Candy and, has decided to help all of us out a bit. Here are some things to help keep your resolutions

1. Catch some more Z’s

Sleep is definitely not overrated. The Sleep Well collection at has everything from heat-transferring sheets to gel pillows to Relaxation Stress Rememdies to help get you to sleep every night in 2013!

2. Lose the Jiggle

Are you over the treadmill? Try a new video or workout set from Opensky’s Get Fit Collection. You can workout straight from home without having the hassel of the gym crowds on January!  Some fab workout clothes or new shoes might help a little too 🙂 

3. Green your Routine

Juicers, Detox Cleanses, and reusable produce bags…decide which is your best fit with these eco-friendly finds from the Live Green-er Collection. Lots of exercise, healthy foods, and no chemicals for me please! 

4. Kill the Clutter

Make room for more important things, by getting clutter out of the way! Organize your Life with any of Opensky’s helpful products for storing and cleaning!

5. Just Chill

Refresh, recharge, and reboot with with the Spa at Home! Give yourself a little bit more attention and avoid stress! Microdermabrasion kits, bath crystals, sugar scrubs, and more will help you take care of yourself!

*ideas from The Daily Candy

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Are you having a bad day?

Well here are 19 people who are having a worse day than you…

A friend sent this to me the other day and I laughed and laughed. Definitely made me feel a little bit better! Hope it cheers any of you up that maybe aren’t having a fabulous day 🙂


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Glitter Fade Tutorial for your Nails

If you saw my Christmas post about Nail Art, you will know that I just did my nails like this for the holidays. I loved it! It’s fun and cute and festive, but I would wear this style all year long. It’s also very easy! 

The Beauty Department just posted this tutorial on how and I figured it would probably be better to pass this on than try and do one on my own! I did red and gold for Christmas, but you can basically do any colors you want and it looks great!

  1. Start with any polish color you want. We used black so you could really see how it’s done. Let it dry really well. You can even put a thin topcoat over it if you want so it doesn’t smudge when you add the glitter.
  2. Using your dense glitter polish and a super-thin art brush, lay down a line of glitter polish at the tip of the nail. (Or you can do the moons if you’d rather.)
  3. Using the thinnest art brush you can find, drag the glitter polish out carefully. You don’t need to drag too much of the glitter because you want it to fade to almost nothing. Only go about half the length of the nail.
  4. After you’ve dragged it out, go back in and lay down one more line of glitter polish at the tip to make it look more dense.

Add your topcoat right away. It helps the glitter lay flatter and settle better in my opinion. Get creative with color combos. I wonder if this would look good coming out from the sides if you have longer nails…? Don’t forget to tweet (@tbdofficial) or instagram (@thebeautydept) us a photo if you try it out! Good luck and happy holidays, friends! xo

*found at


*When I did my nails, we used the tiny loose glitter from a craft store. You do the same motions as described above with the brush and make sure to seal it with topcoat. Either way works great, but I personally think the loose glitter make it look a little bit more sparkly. 

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Favorites Lately – Jigsaw Sequin Jacket

Jigsaw ‘Sequin Cropped’ Jacket –

Zara ‘High Heel Cowboy Ankle Boots’ –

Sugar Lip Polish –

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Amy’ Watch –

Tibi ‘Silk Faille’ Full Skirt –


Clare Vivier ‘Foldover Calfhair’ Clutch –

Pearl Essence Bangle –

J.Crew Collection Pencil Skirt in Tile Sequin –

I love this. I definitely need to learn it.

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Hey, It’s OK…

…to check your luggage when traveling. Some of us have needs that can’t fit in an overhead bin.

…to be skeptical of guys who signs his emails “XO”.

…if you consider Chelsea Handler to be our greatest living philosopher.

…to commute in flats, only to get to work and change into…less comfortable flats.

…to think Pandora sometimes might be more in touch with your feelings than you are.

…to only be capable of karaoke-ing after midnight.

…if your version of a cleanse is just making it to brunch without a snack first. Yay!

…to think the “douche-bag jar’ on New Girl is the best prop since Gossip Girl‘s bow headband.

…to say “YOU’RE WELCOME” if you hold the door and the person doesn’t say thank you.

…to wish you could have whatever’s in Kate Middleton’s stocking. Hell, even just what’s in the toe.

…to see a blinking red light in the sky and still think, Rudolph?

…if quirky, ironic holiday sweaters look neither quirky or ironic on you.

…if your boyfriend thinks you don’t wear any makeup. Sweet, naive boy.

Um, Not OK…

… to eat other people’s food from the work fridge. That’s called stealing. From a hungry person! So rude!

…to bail on plans with a friend, then post photos of what you did instead. The rudeness!

These always crack me up so I just thought I’d pass some of my favorites on from the past few months.

*from Glamour Magazine

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Christmas 2012!

Our Christmas was a little bit interesting this year. My brother, Adam, is a police officer and is on a training schedule, so he had to go into work around 6 this morning. Because of that, we had a fun dinner for Christmas Eve (tamales and crab legs!!!) and Adam opened all of his gifts. It was almost like we had two Christmases.

Adam opening his gifts.

My brothers, Adam and Taylor, and our dog, Tika.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

So Christmas morning, we were minus one, but my mom made us some fantastic blueberry pancakes. I guess I should get used to this since we’re all getting older and who knows how many Christmases we will all be in the same place. It’s sort of weird to wake up at 9:30, get ready, eat breakfast, and not open presents until around 11 or so. Weird, but nice at the same time since there are no crazy kids up at 6 in the morning! I do sort of miss it though.

Tika eating her Christmas present this year.

I got to talk to Kale and Jake on facetime and he told me all about his presents. Miss that little guy.

Later my mom made a whole turkey dinner and I ate until I was going to burst. So good! It was a great Christmas!

I hope you all had a great day too! Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Leggings – Two Ways!

As you can probably tell, I am obsessed with leggings this year. In the winter it’s just so much more comfy to wear leggings than jeans!

I got both pairs of these cute Christmas leggings at Soel Boutique in Provo and I have been wearing them non-stop! Just a little festive touch 🙂 I wear them as regular outfits and as pjs! I can’t get enough of them!

Leggings – Soel Boutique; Shirt – Urban Outfitters; Necklace – Madewell; Bracelet – Banana Republic; Watch – Kate Spade

Leggings – Tue Rock (from Soel Boutique); Sweatshirt – Anthropologie (old)

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