We spend how much on Nail Polish?!?

So, I came across this article the other day…and I could not believe it…well ok I can because one of my “facts” about myself on that instgram thing going around is about how much nail polish I own…but take a look. I was a little shocked.

Real Talk: Women Spend $768 Million A Year On Nail Polish.

Read article HERE.

What are your thoughts? Are we crazy? Maybe…but then again that’s probably not even including what we spend when we go get manicures, etc…geez! But it’s such a guilty pleasure!

Anyway, just thought that was interesting.Nail-Polish


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2013 SAG Awards

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were this Sunday and I don’t know that I was completely blown away with any dresses or completely devasted by any. There were a lot of really good dresses and a few “eh” ones, but not a ton that will stand out in my mind for years to come. I did like a lot more dresses than I hated again at least. Myabe I’m just becoming soft in my old age 😛 I’m just looking forward to the Grammy’s and the Oscars! Yay! I love awards season.

So here we go…Please let me know your opinions!

Nicole Kidman: I actually really liked this, but I had so many in my best dressed already I just put her at the top of my list.  The detail on this dress is gorgeous and color is great on her.Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Garner: I don’t feel like this is the best fit ever and I don’t love her hair that much, but the dress is very fun and she looks like a trophy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.Jennifer Garner SAG

January Jones: At first I really liked this dress. Now I don’t think I love it. I think if the collar wasn’t so high it would be better. It’s not awful though. At least the fit is great. I do NOT like her hair though.January Jones

Morena Barracin: From different angles this dress looks totally different. I think it would be perfect if it didn’t have those two weird mesh slits that go so high up the thighs. The one in the middle is ok. Morena Baccarin SAG

Julianna Margulies: I actually love this dress. The fit is great, especially since she is in her forties. I LOVE that she did something fun with her shoes and hair. She has looked really pretty lately I think.Julianna Margulies SAG

Jayma Mays: I like the bottom, but not the top. It makes her look kinda frumpy. In the light this dress looked goregous though. 1192979_ET_SAG_KDM_01

Jenna Fischer: I don’t love the color of the sequins, but I think the fit of this dress is great. She looks really elegant. I wish she had done something a little bit more fun with her hair.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsMichelle Dockery: I think this is a little bit too long and it’s a tiny bit boring, because I LOVED her dress at the Golden Globes, but it’s not horrible in any way. It looks like she was trying to be a tiny bit Shades of Grey or something. I don’t know. Michelle Dockery SAG

Katrina Bowden: This dress is a little bit funky, but kind of angelic. I’m not sure how that goes together, but it works. She looks fabulous. And it’s a different enough color that I wouldn’t have put it in my bridal section from the Golden Globes 🙂19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

Tina Fey: She looks so good here. I absolutely love her hair and makeup. I think she looks better and better with age. Such a flattering dress and the belt totally works too. Love her.

Tina Fey SAG

Sofia Vergara: I actually don’t love this. I don’t like that it has one shoulder, but then the other side has the hanging arm…it is a different shape than normal I guess? She always looks beautiful though.Sofia Vergara SAG

Helen Hunt: I think she kind of looks like a trophy too, but I’m ok with it. I think she’s another person who is starting to look better with age, because she definitely wasn’t for a while. She looks really happy and I think that’s the best part about this. But she’s rocking the dress and that’s great!
Helen Hunt SAG

Naya Rivera: I have been going back and forth with this dress. On one hand I think it’s just fine, but then again it’s just fine. She’s so young, why isn’t she wearing something fun! A bright color, or something shorter, or something sparkly! Just something else. I don’t know. It’s not bad. Just nothing special. Her  hair and face are perfect though.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsAmanda Seyfried: This fits her so well. I love love the bottom. This was another one that I couldn’t decide if I should put on my best dressed. The only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t love the necklace.
Amanda Seyfried

Kerry Washington: She alawys picks such interesting dresses and I like this, but I just have been loving her choices for her press tour for her new movie so much, that I didn’t love this AS much. (I’ll post those soon!

Kerry Washington SAG


Rose Byrne: I don’t like this dress or this hair. I usually love her. I’m sad. The Easter Bunny threw up on her. Wth? That’s all.Rose Byrne SAG

Anne Hathaway: Honestly I really don’t like this. I like the top, but I hated the bottom. I didn’t like the tulle and I didn’t like how it didn’t go all the way around. It was really short in the front and then just open. Just not my fav.Ann Hathaway SAG

Julianne Moore: I hate this. Maybe it would be ok on a younger person, but everything looks saggy. I don’t think I need to say anything else.Julianne Moore

Claire Danes: I think she kind of looks like a vampire here…compared to what she wore at the Golden Globes I don’t like this at all. I felt like there was just so much fabric and I thought it was kind of boring. Claire Danes

Lea Michele: Ok, I know that she doesn’t look bad, but I think it kind of looks big on her. There is a lot of fabric going on there. It’s just boring. I liked a lot of the dresses at this show again, so I had to pick something. Plus it looks way better on the model. (And why is the bottom of her hair such a different color?)

Lea Michele SAG


Jennifer Lawrence: A lot of people thought this was boring, but I love this. It fits her perfectly and I love the simplicity of it. She looks stunning. I absolutely love the lips and her hair. Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Chastain: I love this for the simplicity also. She looks like a true movie star. She definitely caught your eye. Love it.19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

Naomi Watts: I think she looks like an angel. Yes that was cheesy. But she looks so beautiful. I am in love with this dress. The whole look is effortless.1192977_ET_SAG_MJB_01

Marion Cotillard: This has got to be the cutest thing ever. Again it is so simple, but I’m in love with it. The skirt part of it is to die for. I think it totally flatters her. 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Julie Bowen: This is so different! She always looks so great! I absolutely love the sleeves and who wears a leather gown? It’s so modern, I love it! She looks beautiful.
19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsNina Dobrev: No one really talked about Nina, but I think this is the most beautiful color on her. Again very simple, but so pretty. It fit and flattered her so well. I just loved it.

Nina Dobrev SAG

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Snow Lumberjack

We had another huge snowstorm last night and all day today. Blah. I’m so over the snow 🙁 You don’t know how sad I get when I wake up to all white. You’d think it would be exciting seeing as I’m from somewhere that never got it when I was growing up. It took me 50 minutes to get to work and normally it takes less than 15. The roads were so bad all day. We literally sat and watched two cars come down the road and smash into a parked car on the side of the road outside of the office windows.

Well, sorry for the rant. Here’s just a little picture of some snow that makes it look a little bit pretty.

Apparently snow gives me the right to dress like a lumberjack. Since I was too lazy to actually take pictures or go outside in the snow (and cold) here are some awkward “selfies” for you. I’ll do better next time. I promise.redred2 2red4

Top – Forever 21 (old); Jeans – Forever 21; Beanie – (similar here); Boots – Sorels; Watch – Timex; Bracelets – BP Nordstrom, Forever 21; Rings – Disney Couture, Michael Kors.

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Heart Mani from The Beauty Department!

I seriously love The Beauty Department’s Nail Posts. So I’m re-posting another one of theirs. Click HERE, to go to their link, but it’s all copied below for your viewing pleasure! I tried to do this myself last year basically, by painting the heart myself and it was not as cute as this. This is way smarter! Can’t wait to try it! TBDheartmani

It’s almost Valentine’s day!! Whether you’re celebrating or not, a heart mani always looks simple + sweet. After trying to get a perfect heart a million different ways, I finally figured out the best way to do it. Washi tape! You can order it online, find it at a stationery store, or I’ve even seen it at Target in the stationery section. Washi tape is much less sticky than regular tape so you don’t have to worry about it adhering and pulling off your base color so much. Okay, here’s how we got the perfect heart!

  1. You’ll need a red, a metallic gold + a gold glitter. I used this for my red, this for my metallic gold + this for my gold glitter.
  2. You’ll also need washi tape and small scissors. I used the kind for trimming brows.
  3. Paint your nails with the red and let them dry for a few hours. I like to let the base dry overnight just to be safe.
  4. Cut a 2-3″ piece of washi tape, fold it in half but leave the ends apart like you see in photo 4.
  5. Place the open ends of the washi tape on your pointer finger on the opposite hand you cut with. Cut out a half heart that is a little less than half the width of the nail you’re putting the heart on.
  6. Gently peel your washi tape open to see the full heart.
  7. Place it on the nail and press the edges with a soft, dry, clean paintbrush.
  8. Paint the metallic coat first. This will give you the perfect heart shape, which you can’t get when using glitter polish alone.
  9. Now add the glitter polish on top of that.
  10. Peel your tape off slowly while the metallic and glitter polishes are still wet. You don’t want them to dry to the washi tape.

You can use a detailing brush to add more glitter to the heart if you want to. Add a top coat once the glitter heart has dried. xo

I can’t wait to try this! Be sure to post and share if you guys try it out! I can’t wait to see!!!

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Favorites Lately – Bonjour Striped Pullover

Stripe by N ‘Bonjour’ Striped Pullover – piperlime.comBonjour Striped Pullover - Blue stripe

Magic 🙂256142297528647017_py5S0lOU_c

Sarah Pinto 2013 Dot Weekly Planner – sarahpinto.comSarah Pinto 2013 dot weekly planner

Genie by Eugenia Kim ‘Jordan’ Wool Hat – nordstrom.comGenie by Eugenia Kim 'Jordan' Wool Hat

I’m going to try this this week…looks super easy, but so cute.264234703108061704_ojKdhhzi_cBryant Park Scarf – stelladot.comBryant Park Scarf

J.Crew ‘Darby’ Printed Loafers – jcrew.comJCrew Darby Printed LoafersRainy Day Mac – bodenusa.comBoden Rainy Day MacKnow your worth.103864335125753589_Kf3VYMIS_c

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The Moment I Knew – Taylor Swift’s brilliant young mind

I love this new song by Taylor Swift. I always love her lyrics. I’m not sure how she is so young, but is able to write down exactly how so many girls actually feel about what goes on in their life. And as embarrassing as that sounds coming from someone in their late twenties, if you don’t think it’s true then you are probably not a normal girl. (no offense!) I’m sorry, I love Taylor Swift and as many 12 year old girls are screaming at her concerts, you can probably ask just as many 20 or 30 year olds and they’ll tell you they remember feeling exactly like one of her songs at some point in her life. I do love her songs, but I really love her lyrics more. They are just very relatable.

I don’t know why, but I have just really been liking this song right now. I’m pretty sure most of us all know how that feeling when someone physically does not show up for something important. I think it hurts just as much if not more when maybe they don’t emotionally show up either. I’m not sure if she only meant to write this for the physical part or if I’m stretching the meaning because I want it to mean both, but that’s why I like music. It can mean whatever you want it to. It can be there for whatever you want it to be there for. I tend to get pretty emotionally connected to music, but I guess that’s usually the point of why it’s made right?

Anyway, I hope you like the song too.  

The Moment I Knew

You should have been there,

Should have burst through the door,

with that
‘baby I’m right here’ smile,

and it would
have felt like,

a million little shining stars that just aligned.

And I would have been so happy…


Christmas lights glisten,

I’ve got my eye on the door,

just waiting for you
to walk in,

But the time is ticking,

 People ask me how I’ve been

as I comb back through my memory

How you said you’d be here,

you said you’d be here.


And it was like slow motion,

standing there in my party dress,

in red

with no-one to impress,

and they’re
all laughing,

as I’m looking around the room,

but there’s one thing missing…

And that was the moment I knew.


And the hours pass by,

now I just want to be alone,

but your close friends
always seem to know

when there’s something really wrong,

so they follow me down the hall,

and there in the

I try not to fall apart,

as the
sinking feeling starts,

and I say hopelessly…

he said he’d be here.


And it was like slow motion,

standing there in my party dress,

in red

with no-one to impress,

and they’re
all laughing

and asking me all about you

but there’s one thing missing…

And that was the moment I knew.


What do you say

when tears are streaming down your face

 in front of
everyone you know?

And what do you do when the one

 who means the most to you

 is the one who
didn’t show?


You should have been here,

and I would have been so happy.


And it was like slow motion,

standing there in my party dress,

in red

with no-one to impress,

and they’re
all sitting around me singing

‘Happy Birthday To You’

and there’s one thing

and that was the moment I knew.


You called me later

 and said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t make it, ’

and I said, ‘I’m
Sorry too.’

And that was the moment I knew…

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Ten Gorg ID bracelets

I am loving ID bracelets right now. They can be petite and pretty or bold and bada**. Just the perfect touch you need to whatever look you are going for. Here are ten different styles of ID bracelets. What is your favorite look?

Bop Bijoux Leather ID Bracelet – shopbop.comBop Bijoux Leather ID Bracelet

Ann Dexter-Jones Green Agate Large ID Bracelet – barneys.comAnn Dexter Jones Green Agate Large ID Bracelet

Noir Jewelry Classic ID Bracelet – shopbop.comNoir Jewelry Classic ID Bracelet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather ID Bracelet – nordstrom.comMarc by Marc Jacobs Leather Id Bracelet

Express Pave ID Bracelet – express.comExpress Pave Id Bracelet

Love ID Bracelet – forever21.comLove ID Bracelet

Nicholas ID Bracelet – shopbop.comNicholas ID Bracelet

Baublebar Rainbow ID Bracelet – baublebar.comBaublebar Rainbow ID Bracelet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply ID Bracelet – bloomingdales.commarc by marc jacobs standard supply id bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff Pave ID Bracelet – shopbop.comRebecca Minkoff Pave ID Bracelet

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Neutral Nails

Neutral Nails are back this season! It’s no surprise that these gorgeous pinks and taupes are in, because they are so flattering on every skin tone! Here are some great colors to try!

Priti NYC ‘Truly Yours Carnation’

Priti NYC Truly Yours Carnation

Essie ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’

Essie Not Just A Pretty Face

Sally Hansen ‘Cafe Au Lait’

Sally Hansen Cafe au Lait

Muah! Hope you have fun trying out all of these lovely colors!Eva Mendes

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