Favorites Lately – Julie Vos Collection at Baublebar

Julie Vos Elephant Bangle and Ring – baublebar.com

I just got these and I’m so excited about them! They are so cute! Get $10 off your purchase at bauble bar here!Julie Vos Elephants

Banana Republic Striped Trench – bananarepublic.com

OPI presents Mariah Carey…I love that the glitter is matte!

Jessica Simpson Jet Set Glitter Tote – overstock.comJessica Simpson Jet Setter Glitter Tote

I love Olivia Wilde’s blonde hair again. So much better than when it was blonde in the OC.Trina Truk ‘Midtown’ Dress – piperlime.com

Bop Bijoux Rock ID Bracelet – shopbop.comBop Bijoux Rock Id Bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Illy’ Tote – rebeccaminkoff.comRebecca Minkoff Illy Tote

I want to go places.228135537345694970_DmzEAtFQ_c

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Snow Day means Snow Boots!

I love my new Sorels, and I have been getting to wear them a LOT since we have been getting tons of snow (kind of to my dismay). While the snow may seem really pretty…it is WAY TOO COLD for me. Kale seems to love it though.

The temperatures have been in the single digits or below zero and I cannot handle that. It makes me just want to stay in bed with tons of blankets on. It’s so hard to get in my car and go to work in the morning!

We decided to get bundled up and brave the weather last Saturday though and hang out with Jake up in Midway. We went to lunch and made a makeshift sled behind his horses. Check out some of the pictures below for the fun!

Coat – Anthropologie (old – Similar here); Sweater – Madewell (sold out online); Shirt – Just a Cheap Shirt (old); Leggings – J.Crew; Beanie – B.P. Nordstrom (old); Boots – Sorel; Gloves – Soel Boutique.

First Kale got to go on a fun sleigh ride, just for him.

Then Jake and Ryan tied a shovel to the back of the sleigh and let the horse pull him around the homestead.

Jake took his turn being the horse for a while.

Someone’s tired out.

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Golden Globes 2013

The Golden Globes were two nights ago and I actually loved more dresses than I hated so it was a success! Of course I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They’re the greatest.

So onto my reviews…not that it matters to anyone so much, but I enjoy doing it. I always love to hear other peopel’s opinions…so comment away!!!

Did anyone else notice that there was an awful lot of white at the Globes this year? And not just white, but like bridal white? I literally think people were wearing wedding dresses or something. Or at least some of these will definitely be inspiring some wedding dresses in the future. Some of these were great and some not so great…here’s to the “brides”…

Amanda Seyfriend: I like this a lot. It fits her really well. It wasn’t my favorite dress of the night, but she looked great. I also love how soft her hair looks. Wish I could have seen the detailing at the top a little bit more.

Amy Adams: I don’t particularly love this. This is definitely one of the more weddingish looks. I think I may have loved this more if it was another color. I don’t love the tulle at the bottom, but I kind of like the shape. I wish her hair on the one side was not so plastered to her head, but more loose and soft. The color is just too close to her skin tone for me.

Julianne Hough: This, I want to barf on. Her eyes are very dark and vampirey for this big poofy light dress. The dress looks like it came straight out of dancing with the stars and then they added a giant skirt. I would either like the top with a straight down skirt or the bottom…ok I don’t like the bottom at all. Again, maybe a different color or something. But you can’t do sparkle and poof and white…I don’t know. I hate this.

Hayden Panettiere: I do like this. She’s the perfect tan (not overly sprayed!) and the fit is soooo good on her. I like the mermaid shape and I can totally see people copying this for their wedding dress. I like that her jewelry and hair is very simple.

Megan Fox: I think this dress still falls into the bridal category, but she looks great. I do think it kind of looks like a lot of the other dresses she wears. The same shape, but hey if it works, it works! She looks beautiful!

Jennifer Lopez: Everyone loved this dress so much and I didn’t. Maybe I just don’t like it on her. I think the dress is pretty, I just don’t like everything together and I can’t figure out what it is.Maybe it’s just that it’s white. If it has been red or black I think maybe I would like it. Or maroon…yes burgandy, I would have loved.

The Leg…

I’m not sure what was going on this night, but apparently everyone felt like copying Angelina Jolie and thrusting out their leg for the world. Ok, it didn’t work for Angie the first time…

Eva Longoria: I don’t like this much at all. The slit is so high and then it has such a low neckline. You have to pick one or the other. I would probably put this on the worst dressed list, but her face looks pretty.

Halle Berry: I absolutely hate this. I love Halle, but I hate this. One of her boobs looks three sizes bigger than the other one. The pattern is awful. Why in the world someone would wear this is beyond me? As George said on Fashion Police, this looks like a dress that Beyonce would have worn in a music video 15 years ago, and that’s not a good thing. WORST DRESSED.

Heidi Klum: She never looks bad. Not my favorite dress that she has eve worn, but she looks pretty freaking good. Her hair looks perfect and she’s rocking the dress…I don’t even mind “the leg”.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley: I don’t have tons to say about this. It’s not my favorite. It’s not the worst. I think the shoes cut off her legs and thats hard to do seeing as she has the longest legs in the world. Just eh…

Ok…here are my “in the middles”. Not quite my favorites, but definitely not bad!

Anne Hathaway: I think this is really pretty on her, but it kinda matches her skin. It almost needed something else. It does look very classic and simple though, so I kind of like it for that reason.

Naomi Watts: She looks so glamourous. LOVE the hair. I like the train a lot. I just think the dress itself looks a little bit heavy or something. I like it from the back better than from the front.

Lea Michele: I actually love this. I love the dress and I love the hair. I just don’t love how tan she is. And she’s not doing the annoying pose! haha.

Allison Williams: I think this girl is so pretty and I can’t wait to see her get bigger and bigger. I like this look a lot. It’s simple and classic, but it doesn’t stand out too much to me.

Kristen Bell: Is she not so cute pregnant? I think this dress is way flattering. The neckline makes her look like she has a very short neck….BUT I think the embroidery and beading is beautiful! I love the flowiness and the color. Such a great pick.

Stacy Keibler: I think this dress is a little bit boring for her, but her figure looks awesome! I wish she had done something a little bit more with her hair. I don’t know what, but just something.

Lena Dunham: This isn’t my favorite dress, but I think it was a good dress for her. It’s a great color against her skin and I think the shape makes her look great. I also think her makeup is really pretty.

Olivia Munn: I think she is the cutest! I like the simple hair and simple shape, but she made it a little bit fun with the pattern on top. I also love her necklace!

Zoey Deschanel: True Zoey style! A big, bright, fun dress! I just love her! She looks great! The shape is cute and girly and I love the pearls. I can’t fault anything, I just had others I liked more. I just like that she does her own thing, but it’s not so crazy that it’s terrible.

Julianne Moore: I like that she went for classic and elegant. Simple and age appropriate.

Sofia Vergara: The mermaid returns! Sleek as ever! And I love it. This shape just works for her too. I love her hair straight. Sparkle Sparkle! Love it.

Connie Britton: I like this a lot too. I think the color is and shape are flattering and I absolutely love her hair.

Nicole Kidman: I really like this because it’s different from what she was wearing last year. I like that she had soft hair with a more severe dress. The dress was fun.

Kerry Washington: This dress I keep going back and forth on. I’ll look at it and like it, and then I’ll look at it and decide that I don’t. I like her hair. And I like that the dress is different, but I’m still up in the air! Who wants to help me decide!?!

Marion Cotillard: I like the dress. I think it cute and fits her personality, but I think there is something about her hair that is throwing me off. In some pictures shes looks sooo young. Like teenager young. I thought it was Hailey Steinfield or whatever. I guess it’s better to look you, but still…

Kate Hudson: I almost put her on my best dressed, but I had to narrow it down. She looks gorgeous. I love her hair, but she could have put it up so you could see the collar a little bit better. She looks classic, but kinda sexy at the same time.

Jessica Chastain: First off. I do not like her hair. I think the dress is a good color on her, but it’s not my favorite, but I love her so much…so she doesn’t have to be on the worst dressed 🙂

Taylor Swift: I love that she looks so grown up! This is completely different for her! The color is really pretty.Her hair looks a little bit wet or something, but I think that’s the only thing I don’t like.

Emily Deschanel: I absolutely love the shoulders on this dress. I would wear this right now. I love the shape and the length and I think she looks absolutely beautiful. This was almost on my best dressed too, but I had to narrow 🙁


Sienna Miller: I honestly have no idea what is happening here. This looks like something my mom would have put me in for Easter Sunday when I was like three, but a little bit shorter. I do not like this at all. And I don’t have anything to say about it. I also think it looks like she just pulled her hair into a bun and left the house.

Rachel Weisz: I actually kind of like this in pictures, but on tv it was not that great. It looked weird and didn’t move well. I also don’t think that she should have worn this to the Golden Globes. Also with how many people looked so good, I had to pick worst dressed for this. I do like her hair.

Rachel Zoe: Ok, I do realize that this is just an after party…but spray tan much? Wow. The dress is pretty cute, but it makes her looks sooooo skinny because it’s so baggy. Yikes!

Julieanne Marguiles: A lot of people liked this a lot…I didn’t. I think it’s kind of cool in the back, but I think it looks really gothic, especially with her hair slicked back into that ponytail. I’m not a huge fan of the short skirt and then the see-through overlay. It has to be done a particular way. I’m just not a fan.

O, and don’t forget Halle and Julianne Hough…shudder shudder.


Michelle Dockery: I love love love the gold collar/top of this dress. I love the entire dress. The shape is gorgeous. This is my favorite white dress of the night. The neckline goes so well with the length of her hair.

Claire Danes: Seriously? She just had a baby. Amazing! Her hair looks so full and pretty. I love the color and the ruching on the front of the dress. It looks effortless.

Emily Blunt: She is one of my favorite people and she stays super under the radar. I love this dress. The detailing is gorgegous. I think the color is amazing on her and I love the pop of color with the earings. A simple bag and bun tied it all together!

Jennifer Lawrence: I love this so much. The fit is perfect. The color looks great on her. I love love love this shape. She looks like a classic movie star.

Lucy Lui: I think this is so great. I don’t know what it is, but I want to wear it. Right now. I love it. I know it’s not the spring or anything, but I absolutely am in love with this! She just looks so cute! I love the shape and the print. What are your thoughts on this dress?

Nicole Richie: I don’t know why I like this so much, but I think she looks amazing. The color stands out on her and I love her interesting clutch. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous!

Jessica Alba: Does she ever look bad? She’s as pretty as a peach…no pun intend. Love this. From the hair to the mermaid bottom! Beautiful colors and a perfect fit!

Jennifer Garner: She looks stunning. That’s all. I love this color on her. I love the texture. I love her jewelry. I love her hair. I love her makeup. I love everything.

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If you don’t like Country Music…

You probably shouldn’t read this post…

I’ve been liking country a lot lately…ok ok I always like country, but I really like these songs right now, so I’m sharing, like I tend to do. Hope you like!

Merry Go’ Round – Kacey Musgraves

Mama’s Broken Heart – Miranda Lambert

Sure Be Cool If You Did – Blake Shelton

Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) – Gary Allen

Goodbye in her Eyes – Zac Brown

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Favorites Lately – Frye ‘Lindsay’ Spur Short Boot

Frye ‘Lindsay’ Spur Short Boot – piperlime.comTibi ‘Claire’ Stripe Easy Silk Top – tibi.comDeborah Lippmann ‘Girls’ Collection – deborahlippmann.com

If I had bangs, I would do this every day.

Bardot Floral Blazer – nordstrom.com

Juicy Couture Floppy Fedora with Feathers – piperlime.com

J.Crew Pajama Set in Anchor Print – jcrew.com

Auden ‘Remy’ Spike Necklace – shopbop.comI saw this on pinterest and I think it’s such a great idea! It’s a daily calender that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like, “(Child’s name) took her first steps.” Imagine how neat it would be in 10 years. – Use the cute porcelain berry cartons.

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Fashion and Beauty Resolutions for 2013!

I decided to do these resolutions/goals separately, because they are a little bit different than my other ones. A little bit more frivolous if you will, but I’m still determined to keep them, because….I have been so lazy. It has been basically below 0 since the year started and I can’t deal with that. I even wore my workout clothes to work the other day and it wasn’t a Saturday. Today I am wearing leggings, Jake’s shirt, his beanie, and uggs…this has got to stop. I write a fashion blog. It’s embarrising. Except the problem is that I don’t find it embarrasing or pathetic. I think it’s comfortable. AHHHH I hate Utah and these freezing temperatures. The new says that it is supposed to be -13 degrees this week. No. Not ok. I’ve posted this before, but it’s all I can think about. I have bought many a sweatpant…even sweatpants and a sweatshirt that match!…in my day. The problem is wearing them in public or to work! GASP! I have broken every rule I could possibly break apparently. Shoot me. So I am going to try better.

Here are my fashion and beauty resolutions this year so I don’t look like such a bum anymore. Wish me luck:

1. DO MY HAIR! Ohmigosh I pay enough to get my hair done that I should actually do it. And the thing is that I love my hair. The girl who does it is amazing. I love the color, I love everything about it, so I should show it off. I’m just lazy. It’s a freaking miracle if I even do it on the weekends, so my goal is to do it at least 3 times during weekdays, whether it is blow-drying and curling or straightening it, or doing something cute like braids or up in a “do”. I’m doing to try really hard.

2. WEAR PANTS. I am the queen of leggings. So I mean like any kind of pants. I think it’s mostly a winter thing. I just like to be comfy…but I would like to start wearing cuter pants than jeans too.

3. LESS IMPULSE BUYING. I do this a lot. Which sometimes is ok and I end up with awesome things, but a lot of times results in a trip back to the mall for returns. Whoops. Gotta think about that a little bit more.

4. PAINT MY NAILS. You could nickname me “chip”. That’s what my nails always look like. I just need to take the time to keep them up and I have sooo many nail polish colors. Time to put them to use!

5. WEAR MY HEELS. I also have a lot of these that I need to use. No use in having them ifI don’t wear them. I have two probelms though…I love to buy them, but it snows here all the time so I just wear boots. I’ll just have to wear boots to work and change I guess?

6. DRESS UP MORE. I have a lot of clothes that I could do this with, I just need to not be lazy. I would also like to start wearing dresses more. This would help me with wanting to be comfy all the time.

7. SHAVE MORE. Sorry this is embarrassing and maybe a little gross. But I need to. I’m sure people at the gym are like for real big foot? Yeah it’s embarrassing too. Hey, I only wear pants in the winter…ok ok sweat pants.

8. USE THE MAKE-UP THAT I BUY. I get really excited to buy make-up and then a lot of times I just use the exact same products all of the time. I usually just do a very simple, natural-ish face, but I really like to buy fun stuff! So on the weekends, maybe I can start trying out that stuff.

9. Along the same lines, WEAR WHAT I HAVE. I have a lot of clothes that just sit in my closet so I need to try and mix them into my daily wear more. I don’t throw them out or give them away because I still really like them, but I forget to wear them.

10. STOP FREAKING OUT OVER MY FLAWS! I have to work on beating myself up. Some days I think I’m chubby and some days I’m the ugliest and some days I have zits all over! But really I’m pretty lucky and I just think it’s something that most girls do. So I have to work on my perception 🙂

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of January

My cute Christmas owls and feathers from West Elm, but I’m considering keeping them out all year long.

gloves in cailfornia? what?

Taylor playing soccer…woot woot!

Gossip Girl finale…:( saddest day of my life, but i LOVED Blair’s dress.

gold holiday leggings and ‘by boe’ necklace. obsessed.

the fish boys

Kale and his monster spray! He sprays it in his room before he goes to sleep so they can’t come in!

snow boots…brrrr

I don’t know how I keep ending up in places like this. I barely even camp! #scheels

Sometimes this is just what you need.

Old photo…but I posted it for Taylor’s bday! He turned 18! What!!!

Starting my collection #classics

I’m moving to Russia. It’s just as cold here.

Riding the train to Sale Lake with our friends!

I told him it would get stuck. He thought it was hilarious.

Yes, that is a shovel tied to a sleigh. Hey whatever works right? He also thought this was hilarious.

Kale has decided to learn his ninja skills from Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVDs.

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Chambray and Leopard

This is my go-to outfit right now. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how much I wear it. This shirt and these leggings match with everything! I wear it with scarves, or a coat, or cute jewelry…even with a sweater over it. I just love liquid leggings and chambray, separate or together! I wore this out shopping down in California and didn’t have to wear a coat or sweater, so it was fabulous! Ah I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear a coat everyday!

What’s your go-to outfit right now?

Shirt – BP Nordstrom; Leggings – Forever 21 (sold out online); Scarf – BP Nordstrom; Boots – Frye; Necklaces – Madewell, Madewell; Watch – Michael Kors (similar here); Ring – Michael Kors.

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