3 Swimwear Brands You’ll Want to Know About

Contrary to most women, I LOVE to shop for swim suits…well maybe not the trying on part exactly, but the shopping part yes. There are so many cute ones out there! I like to just purchase them (in the store or online) and take them home. It’s so much better to try them on at home and in good lighting. I feel like most stores do NOT have good lighting…fluorescents should be banned. Then I just return what I don’t like.

Anyway, here are three new(ish) swimwear brands that I love and I’m sure they will be everywhere soon enough.

1. Prism Swimwear – Minimalist and simple, but this line’s clean lines are what draws us to it. Prism’s designs are based on the world’s most luxurious and popular travel destinations, such as London, Rio, New York, etc.

2. Mikoh Swimwear – This line has been around for a little while, but is becoming more and more popular. Created by California surfer girls, this line consists of super trendy designs and bright colors. Great fun styles!

3. Giego Swimwear – This swimwear line literally only has six tops and six bottoms right now, but they are basically all mix and matchable. They are made to not completely go together. Go for pretty and delicate or bold and loud. The beauty of this line is that you get to choose your statement and make it your own.


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