4 ways to sink a marriage/relationship

I was listening to ZHT this morning and they had a marriage therapist on the “morning zoo”. They were talking about relationships etc….kind of the obvious topic, but ANYWAY…they gave the top 4 ways you can ruin a marriage or relationship. Basically just little things people do that they might not realize harm their marriage. I thought it was interesting, because it’s kind of the same in a dating relationship too. Just thought I would post.
1. Trash talking your spouse to your friends. (or telling your friends the details of your relationship)
2. Snipping at each other/little comments. You’re usually upset about something else anyway and you make remarks to or about them.
3. Parenting out of sync. Kids always find a way to play you against each other if this is the case.
4. Not trying new things. (Getting stuck in a rut)
*I could probably work on some of these things in my relationship and friendships.

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