4th of July Nails! TWO TUTORIALS

BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK! Well…at least your nails can be right? 🙂

Here are some fun ideas for festive fourth nails! Try pumping it up a notch with glitter and sparkle to match the fireworks on the big night.

You could even recycle these and be Wonder Woman for Halloween 🙂

Tutorial #1: Stars and Stripes (from Teen Vogue Online)

step 1: apply your base, a matte white

step 2: add stripes using a precision polish brush.

step 3: add glitter. once your stripes dry go over again with a glitter polish. can add dry glitter to wet polish, but using glitter polish works better.

step 4: draw a star. using a nail art pen is the easiest way. add gold around the edge or stripes behind for fun effect.

step 5: go over to seal with top coat.

All Done!!!

Tutorial #2: Splatter Paint Nails

(You can use any color, but I thought this was fun in red, white, and blue)

What you’ll need: 
– 1 paper plate
– Tape and scissors
– A couple of Q-tips
– Nail polish remover
– 1 straw cut in half. Using a shorter straw will give you more control over the splatter.
– Any 3 nail polishes colors.

How to Splatter Nail Paint: 

  1. Paint your nails opaque white and let dry.
  2. Take a strip of tape and wrap around the finger just under the cuticle. Take another piece of tape and wrap from one side of the nail all the way around to the other side. Taping will make cleanup much easier.
  3. Place a few drops of polish onto your paper plate and dip one end of the straw into the polish (hold a few seconds to make sure the polish covers the entire hole of the straw).
    With your nail on the plate, place the straw about 2-3 inches from your nail and use a quick breath to blow out the polish. This part is important… pretend you’re enunciating the word “two” instead of blowing with a “hoo.”  Repeat for all 10 nails.
  4. Repeat step 3 with your second polish color.
  5. Once you’re done splattering polish, remove the tape. Dip the Q-tip into the nail polish remover and use it to clean up the excess polish.

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