5 Bags Every Girl Needs

I saw an article for this idea in Glamour Magazine so I thought I would put my own twist on it. In my opinion you can never have too many bags. It’s kind of like shoes…you can’t grow out of them or get too fat or skinny for them! They’re a great accessory! However one bag probably will not work for all of your needs. These 5 kinds of bags should be just the right amount for the essentials. Then you can build on your collection.

1. Day Bag
Make sure you buy a neutral color that will match with a lot of outfits and one that will hold everything you need throughout the day.
Michael Kors ‘Gia’ Ostrich Embossed Satchel

2. Evening Clutch
An embellished or sparkly clutch works for a formal evening or just with jeans for a fun night out.
La Regale Mesh Box Clutch – Nordstrom

3. Canvas Tote
Use it for a day at the beach or to be green and bring your groceries home in!
Boardwalk Tote – J.Crew

4. Classic Black Bag
It’s the one bag you can wear with anything and you will save forever.
Tory Burch ‘Amanda’ Satchel

5. Travel Bag
Make sure it is sturdy and the right size! Wheels are always a plus though!
Fossil ‘Vintage Key-Per’ Coated Canvas Duffel Bag

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