5 Beauty Tips for your Nails

1. Get your Best Nail Shape: It should be the same as your cuticles. To prevent nails from splitting, file in one direction instead of going back and forth.

2. Make Nail Polish Look Flawless: For even application, hold the brush parallel to the nail, not at a 90 degree angle. Paint a stroke down the middle, then down one each side. 

3. Create Nail Polish with Eye Shadow: Take a small amount of your favorite loose powder (shimmery works best) and spring it on nails while polish is still wet. Then add a clear top coat. For a trendy take, only apply the shadow on the tips. 

4. Fix Polish Mistakes with a Lip Brush: Choose a stiff version (or a paint brush) to erase smudges and clean up polish that got on your cuticles. 

5. Try Easy Tricks for a Mani that Lasts:

Make nails super clean: Polish will stay better. Use cotton pads soaked in rubbing alcohol – some removers leave oily residue. 

Use Cuticle Oil: It conditions nail so polish won’t get brittle and chip.

Do an extra top coat: Do this at the same time that you do your nails. You will extend the mani by at least two days! 

*Tips from People StyleWatch Magazine

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