Chevron Nails!

I’ve been having a small obsession with chevrons lately…on…clothes…NAILS! I found a really cute blog that has lots of nail ideas (see the bottom of this post), and I loved this idea!

All you need for this is your two colors, tape, and topcoat!

Start with your base color.

Use scissors (small scissors from your nail kit work well) to cut tape into the chevron shapes. Make sure to line the zig zags up together on your nails. Also be sure your nail is dry before you stick the tape on them. You can use fast drying top coat to speed up the process. Another helpful tip is to stick the tape to your skin a few times before putting it on your nail so it does not pull off the polish when you take it off or leave stick residue on your nail. You can use tweezers to help put the tape on and take it off your nails. Also be sure to stick it down on the edges.

Apply two coats of your next color. Let it dry partially and then take the tape off carefully. Add a top coat before it full dries.

This is what your nail will look like if you don’t let the the first color dry all the way when you take the tape off…super pretty huh? :p

Gorgeous chevron nails! This is just an example of skinnier chevrons. The picture above has a thicker example!

*found at

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