A Baseball Cap for Fall with Animal Print

I always love a hat, but this year I LOVE baseball hats. They’re so casual and cute, but this year the trend is to dress them up and I think it’s fantastic. This outfit is still pretty casual, but the top can be worn either way and adding heels makes it a little more fun. If I wanted to make it even more dressy I probably would have added a jeweled statement necklace, but I thought the printed arms drew enough attention to the top. I don’t like to go too overboard on my outfits unless the occasion calls for it.

And the winner of the Spiegel Trench Coat Giveaway is Roxanne Tomkinson!! Congrats! Please email Lily at lilyac13@gmail.com to claim it!


Sweatshirt – Piper; Jeans – J Brand; Shoes – Shoe Dazzle; Hat – B.P. Nordstrom.

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  1. I was going to say that looked like a comfy, casual outfit till I scrolled down and saw the heels! Perhaps not as comfy, but an unexpected twist, and I like that!

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