A Few Things to Help With New Years Resolutions

Most of us have the same resolutions every year…and I’m pretty sure every one of these below are on my list. The trouble is keeping them right? Well, Daily Candy and Opensky.com, has decided to help all of us out a bit. Here are some things to help keep your resolutions

1. Catch some more Z’s

Sleep is definitely not overrated. The Sleep Well collection at Opensky.com has everything from heat-transferring sheets to gel pillows to Relaxation Stress Rememdies to help get you to sleep every night in 2013!

2. Lose the Jiggle

Are you over the treadmill? Try a new video or workout set from Opensky’s Get Fit Collection. You can workout straight from home without having the hassel of the gym crowds on January!  Some fab workout clothes or new shoes might help a little too 🙂 

3. Green your Routine

Juicers, Detox Cleanses, and reusable produce bags…decide which is your best fit with these eco-friendly finds from the Live Green-er Collection. Lots of exercise, healthy foods, and no chemicals for me please! 

4. Kill the Clutter

Make room for more important things, by getting clutter out of the way! Organize your Life with any of Opensky’s helpful products for storing and cleaning!

5. Just Chill

Refresh, recharge, and reboot with with the Spa at Home! Give yourself a little bit more attention and avoid stress! Microdermabrasion kits, bath crystals, sugar scrubs, and more will help you take care of yourself!

*ideas from The Daily Candy

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