A Few Ways to Save $$$ Shopping

No matter what your budget is, everyone can benefit from saving money right? So here are a few tips from People StyleWatch Magazine that I found pretty helpful. I’ve also added a few things that I think are helpful to remember also…remember I’m a big shopper and I try to save anywhere I can 🙂

1. Get More from Online Stores!

“Most sample-sale sites list the brands they’ll be selling in advance, so hunt around and figure out what you’d love to own. Set a price limit, then shop as soon as the sale goes live. If you see the right item at the right price, buy it!” – Lindsay Ginn, editor of brokeandbeautiful.com

“If the retailer has a live chat option, ask what coupons are available and start negotiating. you can save 5% or more, and you’ll often score free shipping.” – Robert Pagliarini, author and founder of richerlife.com

MY TIP: Sign up for emails from your favorite stores, because they often send coupons for online only discounts and sales!

2. Be Sure About Each Purchase!

“During your next big shopping trip, try on everything and instead of buying, take pictures of each item. Then go home, print the photos and create a post with a bull’s-eye. The center of the bull’s-eye is where the ‘I have to have this’ pieces go. The middle rings are the ‘I like this’ pieces, and the outer are the ‘Eh, maybe I can do without this’ pieces. After the poster is on your wall for about three weeks, narrow it down to what you really need. Usually, only a few pieces stay in the bull’s-eye.” -Robert Pagliarini

MY TIP: Try and make a list of the things that you want for sure each season, like brown riding boots, or a black leather jacket for fall. That way when you go shopping you know what you are looking for. A lot of times I like to shop around online for the things I like so I know what I am going to get before I go to the store. Then sometimes I will pick up a few extras I see at the store if it fits my outfits!

3. Shop Sales By Month!

Carmen Wong Ulrich suggests taking advantage of regular discounts during these months:

January: Winter clothes and accessories will be on megasale right after the holidays.

February: Valentine’s Day means discounts on jewelry and lingerie.

March: Expect closeout sales on boots, coats, gloves, and scarves!

April & May: Around Easter, look for dress sales. Summer-preview sales on tees, shorts, and etc also start. If you want to get in shape, some sneakers and athletic gear will also be discounted.

June & July: You can get deals on swimsuits, sundresses, and all things summer. July is dump-everything-summer month, and sales are amazing. (They’re getting ready for fall.)

August: This month is about back-to-school, but also back-to-work gear. Blouses, skirts, fall shoes, and bags hit the stores, and you can find some decent initial promotions to get you shopping.

September: Fall pieces are out in full swing. Expect early promotions on jackets and boots. Check online for Labor Day deals and coupon codes.

October & November: You’ll see preview sales on winter clothing such as coats and boots.

December: All things holiday! Sales started very early last year; some of the biggest ones were in place by the 15th. Keep an eye out for deals with loyalty and rewards cards this year – retailers will lean on them more than ever.

MY TIP: My favorite sales are the preview sales every year…For example Nordstrom and Piperlime have big Fall preview sales in July/August each year, and piperlime does it again in the spring. They put their fall clothes on sale before they are available full price and then after that sale they go back to full price, so you should get them while they are discounted. Plus a lot of stores have been doing big sales BEFORE Christmas. Last year Anthropologie had 50% off all of their sale before Christmas! It was perfect for buying gifts (not to mention getting a few things for myself that I forgot to ask for). 

Also this is the perfect way to use your emails from stores. They ALWAYS announce holiday sales through their emails, so don’t forget to sign up at your favorite stores to get this reminder!

4. Try These Sites and Apps!

“The latest thing is points apps like CheckPoint and ShopKick: They let you rack up rewards good for gift cards and coupons when you scan merchandise bar codes. Also, if you don’t already, ‘friend’ brands on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for sales and promo codes.” – Carmen Wong Ulrich, author of The Real Cost of Living

“Type in your zip code at salelocator.com to get a list of sales near you. And visit freeshipping.org to see which retailers are currently offering sales and free shipping.” – Catey Hill, autho of Shoo, Jimmy Choo: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More

MY TIP: Visit retailmenot.com for coupon codes at almost any retailer. Check it before checking out anywhere online, you may find out about a coupon or sale you didn’t know about! Also make sure yo visit flash sale boutiques online such at ruelala.com, hautelook.com, gilt.com, or modnique.com to name a few. They have sales on designer apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc at great prices!

5. Make the Most of Your Credit Cards!

“With store credit cards, you can get free shipping, rewards points, rewards on your birthday and more. But you must commit to paying off your bills. If you can’t, don’t use the card. Be honest with yourself!” – Kendal Perez, deals expert, hasselfreesavings.com

“I use one card for almost all of my purchases, from gas to jewelry to furniture, and use the points I rack up for travel. You can also use a cash-back card that acts as another discount on top of any deals you’ve already gotten.” – Carmen Wong Ulrich

MY TIP: I love that store credit cards off rewards points, but you have to pay off your card! One thing that a lot of stores do is allow you to make payments in their store (some stores, like Nordstrom even let you make it straight from your debit card now). This is great, because you can make your purchase on your store card to get the points and then pay it off right there in the store the same day and not worry about your bill!

To find great reward credit cards, visit plasticrewards.com

I hope all of these tips help!

*Found in People StyleWatch Magazine.

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