ABree Original Designs – Pink and Gold

Here are the last of my outfits from my photoshoot for aBree Original Designs! (P.S. Stay tune tomorrow, because I’m finally doing the recap of the fashion show on my blog!!!)

I absolutely love the two different textures used together in this first outfit. The pink pops so bright against the gold, and I love how the dress falls. It’s not tight, but it’s still very flattering, and I love that it hits at a midi length.

This sequin blazer and shorts set is so unique! Such a fun combo!


If you have not seen Bree’s sequin maxi skirts you are totally missing out. They are incredible. The fabric she uses is soooo gorgeous and they fit beautifully. I need to have her make me one asap. If you visit her site you can order them in all different colors as well! I think that overall this is one of the most wearable pieces because you can dress it up or down and they are just impeccable. Plus they’re one of a kind!

All items are from the aBree Original 2014 line.

Photos by LC Photography UT

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  1. Hi Kristin–A friend sent me the link to your blog, and when I saw it (I love it, by the way), I realized that we have actually met a long time ago! It was in Park City with Rachel Chapman and Kristi Johnson…we all went to the spa together 🙂 I have seriously thought of you several times since in the line of, “Oh my heavens that girl was so well put together, I need lessons from her!” I guess now I can follow your blog and get the info there…I’m living in PG now if you ever want to get together! Love this outfit completely to death! Message me back if you want 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! How have you been!!! I live in PG too so we totally should! We should all get together and go to dinner or something sometime!

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