Albion Fit Watercolors and a Giveaway!

This is a hard post for me. I have been extremely lazy about working out this year. I had been swamped with work and blogging, and I was just exhausted. One of the first things to go was the gym. I just didn’t have time. Besides the fact that my body obviously did not stay in shape, I noticed a huge change in my mood. You know the whole endorphins thing (think Legally Blonde)…well it’s true.

The past few weeks I have been working with Trainer Kelli through the Level 212 Fitness App. I’m starting to see some progress already, but I think the biggest change is that my mood has improved! I feel happier and like I have more energy. I always thought I would get more tired if I worked out, which happened at first, but overall I feel much better and have much more energy during the day. I also sat down with Kelli this week and we went over how important wellness in all aspects of our lives is to our health! While I am working out with her app about 3 times a week right now, I am adding some wellness components to my training. My project for this week was to make a list every night of the things I like about myself. Surprisingly and sort of sadly, this was really hard for me. But as the week has been going on it’s getting easier. Which is also why I decided to do this post.

When I first got these photos back I did not want to post them. I am not in shape. I am soft. My arms aren’t toned and my jeans don’t fit right. I have always been small, but there is a big difference between being skinny and being in shape. I have struggle with being unhappy with how I look for a long time. I have tried extreme diets and I have gone about “getting skinny” in some unhealthy ways in the past. With Kelli’s training plan I am hoping that I can adopt some healthy ways to get in shape! I hope this will be motivating to you guys as well! So I decided to still post them because I am trying to have a healthier view of myself. I don’t need to continue to dwell on or list all of the things I dislike about my body, but I can work on improving them. This is where I am starting. This is a good motivator to get back in shape and improve myself as a whole. I think being able to feel about myself mentally is just as important as keeping my body healthy and in shape. I can’t wait for you guys to come along on my journey and see the results!

Now it’s time for a GIVEAWAY!

Albion Fit and I are giving one of you the chance to win your choice of leggings from their site! Enter to win on my Instagram (@kristinrosedavis) by following the instructions there! But if you want some extra entries follow along on these as well:

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Just leave me a comment and let me know where you followed and you’ll get an extra entry for each one!

Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 1Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 5Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 9Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 3Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 12Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 8Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 7Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 10Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 2Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 11Wild One Forever - Albion Fit Muse Watercolor 4

Tee – Victoria’s Secret (old – love this); Sports Bra – c/o Albion Fit; Leggings – c/o Albion Fit; Shoes – Nike

Photos: Peace Photo

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  1. I think you look great! ? That muse print is so pretty. I follow you both on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

  2. I follow both of you on twitter, pinterest, and facebook, and I follow you on bloglovin. thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I’ve had some health issues that I’m finally close to resolving, and then I will be cleared to start working out again. I cringe at the thought of my lack of muscle tone right now. Cute workout clothes make a world of difference though!

    Entered (& following) on Instagram: @rainesmom

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

    1. And following you on Bloglovin: Kim Pincombe Cole

      ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  4. I Love Albion Fit!! And I think you look great!!

    I’m following albion fit and wildoneforever1 on Twitter. @kcatapano

  5. I follow you and them on all avenues – Twitter and Gram mentormommyof2 and Facebook – Cynthia Gaarder

  6. Love this outfit! And your hair is such a gorgeous blonde!! I can’t find anyone around my area that can get my blonde right… it stinks!
    I’ve followed you both on Twitter, facebook, pinterest and Instagram for years now!
    I also follow you on bloglovin.
    Twitter @CaitlynS412
    Facebook Caitlyn Stone
    Pinterest- Caitlyn S. (
    Bloglovin- cstone412
    Ig- @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs

    Thanks for the chance! I’ve loved Albion fit since they started and I have wanted to get something for a while…just haven’t had the chance! Trying to save, save, save …..

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