Are we expecting to live a fairy tale?

Today at work some of us got into a discussion about dating…
One of my co-workers (who is a 30-something unmarried male) argued that once girls get to a certain age they become incredibly picky, etc etc…
One of the girls who is married was saying that she thinks that many guys end up with girls who are not necessarily super career driven or haven’t decided what they are doing yet, because unless the guy doesn’t know either, they usually want her to follow them. (This will probably be blogged about later) And the girls who know what they want in life find it harder to find guys who will alter their path for the women’s. Unless the guy has no real plans yet, this is usually the case.
Male co-worker argued that it’s not that girls are driven or trying to figure out their lives etc, it’s that they think that life is supposed to be perfect and some sort of fairy tale. He talked about movies like the Notebook that portray this idea of this perfect romance and they find each other and it all works out. (actually I think the Notebook sort of shows that relationships are hard, but whatever) But he went on and one about how women expect so much and have this certain fantasy in their heads of the way they want things to be.
On one hand, I don’t understand what is so wrong with having high expectations and standards. Everyone wants to be happy right? The thing is, happiness is different for everyone. For one person it could be coming home and getting a kiss from the person they love everyday, for another it could be having a career and their spouse supporting them, for another it might be hand written love letters every day. I don’t think that just because a girl gets to a certain age means that she starts being picky. I think she starts to know herself more and learn what she wants and doesn’t want. She probably knows the kind of personality she has and what personality it will work with in a mate. She has probably started to forge her own way in the world, and having someone fit into that is sometimes difficult. I think men should understand that.
But on the other hand, if it’s supposed to work out won’t it? Or am I expecting to live a fairy tale?
Am I so desperately seeking for someone to treat me like I’m the only thing in the world that matters? Do I expect the person I fall in love with to treat me like a princess when I shouldn’t? I thought that was what love was. I thought that you treat each other like you’re the one thing they couldn’t live without. Am I just expecting too much? I obviously know that Noah is not going to write me a letter every day and I’ll find them one day and we’ll end up together…or a prince is going to find my shoe and search an entire kingdom to find me. But I would like to know that he loves me more than anything. I do think that chivalry goes a long way. And I think that more people need to look past themselves to be able to give love, and in return hopefully they will receive it as well.
I think every girl just wants a happy ending. I don’t see what is so wrong with that. I want a happy ending. I just don’t know what mine is yet…

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  1. did ammon have these opinions? was it him you were chatting with?
    He and I always chat about this very subject…
    I think boys have super specific ideals about the girl they want and the attitude and goals they want her to have them BOOM. If they meet one who has a slightly lessthat ideal plan they say shes "too picky" double standard I think.
    Im just glad I got engaged at 19 when I was too young or dumb to share my opinions. HAH!

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