Awesome Smart Phone Apps to Help you SAVE!

Remember coupon clipping? Yeah…every now and again I still do it, but using your smart phone is so much less hectic and messy! 

These apps below will be very helpful, especially during your holiday shopping over the next month, and during all of the sales after!

Scratch -Hard: (Free)  Use your location and product information to find the best deal nearby. “Scratch” the logo to reveal the savings below!

 Coupon Cabin: (free) Use this to sort and store your deals! Scissors free!

The Christmas List: (99 cents) This app helps keep track of everyone you have to buy gifts for. You can divide it into groups like kids, co-workers, family, etc. and keep track of how much you have spent on each person, the “status” of each purchase, and what you still have left to buy. Plus it’s password protected so those pesky peekers can’t sneak in and ruin the surprise!

The Find: (free) This app compares prices at nearby locations or online, so don’t go shopping without it!

Lemon Wallet: (free) Record all of your receipts on Lemon Wallet and keep track of your budget! It records every penny you spend and divides them into categories for you.

Key Ring: (free) All of your rewards memberships in one place!

Shop Kick: (free) Use this to look for and buy gifts and you’ll rack up “kicks”. “Kicks” go towards tons of cool freebies like itunes downloads and starbucks gifcards, etc.

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