Bachelor…bugs, monkeys, and psychos.

Weekly Bachelor Update
When Brad was climbing up the stairs in the cave, he was walking like a hobbit.
I really don’t love Chantal O. I was hoping she would go home. Plus it looks like she has gained just a little bit of weight.
Michelle literally is psychotic…but it’s freaking so funny to me. Brad was getting so mad. Bahahaha.
Emily is just so pretty to me, but she is really screwed up. It’s her own fault if she won’t let anyone in. Granted its the Bachelor and they never really make it, but she needs to try, and not “run away”.
And I’m starting to like Chantel N a lot more.
Yet another week with Ashley H still here. Ugh.
I’m sad about Jackie. I liked her. 🙁
Next week looks interesting…drama!
Quotes from this week:

“When I found out we were going to Costa Rica, the first image in my head was rain forests. I clearly did not grow up in a jungle and I don’t think Brad did either, so I think that this is a new experience for everybody.” – Emily

“I’m not quite sure why Chantal’s name was on the date card. But if Brad is more interested in Chantal, then I am not his girl. All I can do is be myself, be patient, and hope that Chantal gets attacked my monkeys. ” – Michelle

“I’ve seen lately a different side to Chantal O. The last conversation was a litte bit dramatic.” – Brad

“For me I just feel like she’s really aggressive, and really overly confident…almost like egotistical.” – Michelle

(Loved Emily’s look at the end of the comment. She looked at her like you crazy hypocrite.)

“It’s definitely a different position, having me legs wrapped around brad, but it’s one I could get used to.” – Chantal

“It makes me happy to think that the rain has completely ruined their one on one date. There’s a chance that it could be the worst date Brad’s been on, but it’s hard to know. I’m not there.” – Michelle

“To be very honest with you. I’m pissed. On our one on one date, we made a pact to never repel down anything with anyone else.” – Michelle

“Brad is amazing. He was like telling everyone it was gonna be ok.” – Ashley H

“It’s really annoying to see Brad to be so nice to the other girls.” – Michelle

“I really don’t care if these other girls are jealous. I really don’t. I know there’s a rose tonight, and Im 100% sure I’m going to get it.” – Michelle

“I’m really getting bugged by these girls. Like I’m not trying to be a bitch, but they all need to go home.” – Michelle

“I hate bugs. But it’s not every bug, it’s bugs that crunch when you step on them.” – Alli

“I’m tired of Michelle getting mad at me for nothing.” – Brad

“I was happy to see Michelle, but then Michelle once again starts questioning my decisions. I have six other women to think about, not just Michelle.” – Brad

“You’re scaring me. You’re scaring me badly.” – Brad to Michelle

“I don’t want you to think I go run my mouth off to him about any of you, because I don’t.” – Michelle

“I was quiet because I don’t really have anything to say to her. I don’t even want to look at her. She just annoys me this much.” – Chantal O about Michelle

“I can’t believe he looked at me and said, I don’t wanna be with you. It sucks.” – Jackie

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