Bachelor…Final Rose

Yay!!! Emily won!
Chantal just really bugs me. I’m not sure why even. I was really annoyed by her shrieking on the boat date. However, I’m not gonna lie, I would NOT have gotten in the water with the sharks, because I’m deathly afraid so I guess I shouldn’t blame her. I probably would have cried. Also…you didn’t travel around the world for Brad. ABC made you fly around the world. Yeah it’s freaking awesome that you got to do it, but don’t act like you did it for him. Another also…Brad acts like he bases his decision about his relationship on the fact that Chantal swam with sharks…good thinking. Maybe that’s why you have to go to a therapist. Then when he was reading Chantal’s letter that night, she’s like crying and all he says is, “That’s uh…” and doesn’t even finish the sentence. Nice…maybe thank you. Or that’s so nice…something!
I didn’t like Chantal’s choice of dress so much. I would have liked it for an evening type thing I think, but not for this. I do always feel bad for the person that loses. It would be really hard to go through that. The way her face changed when he said he had stronger feelings for someone else almost broke my heart.
I love Emily. She’s for sure the better choice. She’s so cute. His family could see it. I’m not really sure what happened on the date with Emily to make Brad so mad. I can see why Emily would want to make sure Brad was serious about everything. I mean he likes Chantal because she’s adventurous and wants to play all the time. Her and Emily are completely opposite. Brad should have just reassured her about that he wants to be a good dad instead of taking offense to it. I felt really bad for Emily because she thought she messed it up so bad. All I know is that in a relationship when you’re having a disagreement like that, you need to just stop and say I love you and try to calm down and get to an agreement. Not feed fire to the flames. They’re going to need to work on the for the future. Back to more therapy Brad!
Quotes from this episode:

“There is no way in hell I would do this with anyone else. So the fact that I’m doing this speaks volumes.” – Chantal

“Today was all about death defying adventure. No doubt about it, Chantal is incredible. I feel so confident in our relationship. So many things have been answered with Chantal and I.” – Brad

“I’m ready to hear him tell me he loves me.” – Chantal

“Best case scenario…Brad asks me to be his wife.” – Chantal

“I’m really hoping that today is my last and final day as a single girl.” – Emily

“Every time anything good happens, my head absolutely sabotages my heart.” – Emily

“On the biggest and most exciting day of my life, also comes a hell of a lot of heartache.” – Brad

“How could I have been so convinced that he was the one when he didn’t even love me?” – Chantal

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