Weekly Bachelor Update
Brad is just SOOOO boring to me lately. I feel like he just says the same things over and over.
I was really bored with Chantal O’s hometown date.
Ashley’s actually made me like her more. It also made me really want french fries. I don’t really want gravy on them, but I’m tempted to go get my my car right now and get some.
I was dying when Shawntal (who I’ve been spelling her name wrong) made Brad go through the funeral home and lay on the table, etc. He was freaking out. I felt bad because you could tell that he was going to send her home because of the family stuff, with them wanting her to stay and just because he was freaking out. I like her more than the other Chantal and Ashley, so I was sad, but I saw that coming. I like her cuz she wasn’t freaking out when she left either. She was just sad, but pretty calm.
I just love Emily. Her little girl is so cute. I thought it was funny that she was mad at him for not kissing her and funny that he though her daughter was going to come downstairs.
Also…Emily is the only one that really looked that great at the rose ceremony. Step it up girls. Even her dress wasn’t that fabulous.
It made me so sad, and sort of hit home a little when Brad said, “I didn’t feel the way a man should feel when he hears you tell him that you love him.” That has got to be one of the worst feelings. I know it’s the bachelor, but having someone tell you that they don’t love you the way you love them hurts.
Quotes from this Week:

“From the moment I stepped out of that limo, and I saw him…well yes I slapped him…hahaha” – Chantal O

“I’m really hoping that once I see him everything just falls back into place and there’s chemistry and like SPARKS!” – Ashley H

“Like what? Moose burgers?” – Brad

“Can you guys sleep over?” – Ashley’s mom…loved Brad’s awkward reaction after that

“I’ve been thinking that if Shawntal and I get married these are going to be our conversations. There’ going to be centered around death. I’ve been asking myself all day…can I handle that?” – Brad

“Ok…I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I am.” – After Shawntal asked him if he wanted to know how to be embalmed.

“Where do we go from here? I don’t need to see a dead body. I really don’t.” – Brad

“Brad Womack is not getting out the front door without kissing me first. That’s for damn sure.” – Emily

Sneak Peak
Sport’s Illustrated Photos from last week’s episode. They turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Michelle really is pretty even though she’s crazy. I actually think Chantal is very pretty in these also. There are more pictures on the Sports Illustrated site if you want to see them.

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