Bachelor…Michelle gone…

Bachelor Update
Brad is just boring to me.
But wow…he flat out told Emily, he’s taking her home on their date. Actually not really a total surprise because we’ve known how much he has liked her. I just feel like she’s not going to win…(also because I’ve heard she might be the next Bachelorette). So something’s going to have to go wrong. I really like her though.
Chantal N looks pretty fun actually. Liking her more and more. She doesn’t rip on the other girls all the time, and she’s not always freaking out and crying.
I would have felt really bad if Brit didn’t at least get the one on one. I was so sad that he sent her home early even though he wasn’t supposed to! At least he was being honest I guess. I love how Michelle sits there and tries to pretend she cares. But P.S. she has such a cute body! At least she has that going for her.
Bahahahah that’s all I can say about the photo shoot. O dear. I was so pissed he gave Ashley the rose though. I wanted her to go home so bad! ugh. I don’t know why he likes her. And I’m so sick of Chantal O crying about him not picking her. He keeps giving you roses, obviously he’s picking you. Freaking just send her home! I think last week was the only time she didn’t say that too him and it’s because she got a rose on her one on one.
I think I would have like Ashley H and Chantal O to go home, but o well. I didn’t care that much about Brit so I guess it doesn’t matter. I really just like Michelle for the entertainment value though. She didn’t say a word. Guess its kind of smart, because most of the girls look so stupid, but I was just hoping she would go out with a bang. I wonder if the show will just be boring now. It’ll probably just be Ashley annoying me and Chantal O crying all the time.
Quotes from tonight:

“Kissing in the rain is very very romantic” – Brad

“Brad and Brit are apparently going to be setting sail on the sea of love, but I think there is a good chance that their ship will go down” – Michelle

“Truely, you’re gonna use the yacht for Brit? Seems like a waste of a one on one if you ask me” – Michelle

“Brit and Brad…although it sounds really cute…not only do I not see them getting married, I don’t even if I even see them friending each other on facebook.” – Michelle

“I need to get over my fears and just do it for the relationship.” – Brit…about cliff jumping

“Life would be a lot better without Michelle around” – Chantal O

“When Brit and I were sitting on the little bay, we were asking all the right questions, we were having a great conversation, no doubt about it…but I was looking around we’re in the most romantic setting in the entire world and I don’t have that urge to just grab her and kiss her.” – Brad

“I feel like a fat lard.” – Chantal O

“I mean I am in love with this guy and I’m having to watch him roll in the sand and have another girl kissing on him. It’s brutual.” – Chantal O

“today’s group date is not going well. not nearly as i had planned and i’m to blame for that. michelle got a little aggressive but i also got caught up in it. there are two other women on this date. i could see the hurt all over their faces. i think kissing michelle went a little bit too far. i put myself in hot water here. the day’s not even half way over. I don’t know what to expect at the pool party. I want to calm every one down. I think the damage is done. Something is telling me that the day is going to get worse and not better. – Brad

“I just feel like if you can’t choose me over one out of three girls, then just send me home. It’s not like its who put themselves out their the most. It’s who do you want to go home and meet their family.” –

Chantal O

“I really wanted to talk to him. If I go home tonight I’m gonna be f-ing pissed.” – Michelle

“I’m scared out of my mind….there’s just so much confusion and turmoil within myself right now. I’m scared to death to face Brad tonight…I feel like I’m going home.” – Chantal O

“Can I have your hand or not a chance?” – Brad

“Ummm probably not.” – Michelle

“Saying goodbye to Michelle is extremely bittersweet for me. I have an intense physical attraction to her, but that would have worn off. And then her intensity and the way we kept butting heads a little bit, that would have become a volatile relationship very quickly. So I was very confident in telling Michelle goodbye.” – Brad

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