Bachelor…really brad?

Brad is kind of an idiot.
This week was sort of slow. I think mostly because they didn’t really have much of Michelle on it this week. But Brad is dumb. And I’m getting really bored of him talking to his therapist every week. It’s obviously not helping him make very good decisions.
First of all, he took Emily to the Nascar track…ummm hello, her fiance died going to a race car track.
Then he let Ashley S go over Ashley H on the two on one? Are you kidding me? Ohmigosh, shoot me now. He’s so dumb. Ashley S was so cute, and H is like a psycho. Whatever. Then he didn’t even talk to S while he was walking her to the car. Rude.
Anyway, I just wish i was Chantal N, because she got a shopping spree. I’d take that.
Anyway, I’m sad that Ashley S and Lisa went home. I just want Ashley H out, and I’m kinda wanting him to get rid of Chantal O because she’s been driving me nuts lately, but I knew he was going to keep her.
Quotes from this weeks show

“You only want to make one incision…because if you have to start raising other places, that’s room for any other leakage” – Ghantal N

“Where would this leakage occur…?” – Brad

“Well think of all of the other body orrfices.” – Chantal N

“I feel like i’m gonna pee in my pants.” – Ashley S

“I’m really glad that this is happening. I think its time for the Ashleys to part ways. And there’s a chance that both Ashleys will go home tomorrow. Really at the end of the day i dont care who it is. I just wanna get out and see Brad.” – Michelle. (as both Ashleys are crying on the couch. classy.

“Plus I am fun and hot and you should see me in a race car. ” – Michelle

“Brad doesn’t know anything about my history with nascar…he knows that my fiance passed away and that i’m a mom, but he doesn’t know how all that kind of relates to this date in particular.” – emily

“I’m just seeing how emotional the women are. It’s just very diffifult.” – Brad…(DUH What did you expect?)

“I feel like there are very few women here. Brad is a man babysitting a bunch of little girls.” – Michelle

“It’s hard to feel like you’re not some creepy person watching Brad and Emily on a date all night.” – Chantal O

“I’ve been with certain guys in relationships and then at the end of it they don’t want to be with me. It just makes you feel like something is wrong with me.” – Ashley S

“If you think because you had a one on one, that you’re something special, throw it out the window.” – Marissa

“You’re not allowed to speak….(long speech)…I think we should go send some girls home now. And the next time we’re together you can talk.” – Michelle

“Please try to understand” – Brad to Marissa, after she got kicked off…umm you didn’t exactly explain to her what she’s supposed to understand…

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