Bachelor…South Africa

Ok…kind of jealous of all the Safari business.
Chantal just continues to bother me. Her date was cool, because I think it would be awesome to see all those animals. Honestly though, wouldn’t have wanted to be outside all night. I think it was kind of cool, but would have been cold and probably had a lot of bugs…what about all of those mosquito nets you see that they show in Africa? Maybe Chantal will get a disease. 🙂
BUT…Emily’s was way better. That’s one of my like top 5 things I want to do in my life. (well top five fun things…I want to ride an elephant) Also, how cute was her little outfit with the boots and everything? Loved her outfit at dinner too. And I think she got the better night option too. I know she’s not going to win because they keep making it look like she will. They always do that.
I just don’t like Ashley either. I liked so many girls other girls more at the beginning of the show. Ashley wasn’t even dressed up for Africa…lame. And flip flops…not a good idea. Still think Emily had the best date. Ashley and Brad had the most awkward night date ever. What do you think of the mosquito nets? hmmm…lol. When he pulled her aside to talk to her before the rose ceremony to talk about their bad date, it just had to make her stomach drop, so I actually felt kind of bad for her. I guess it was kind of better for him to do it that way instead of making her go through the ceremony. I thought the way she acted was a little surprising, when he tried to say goodbye, but I can understand why she would feel that way. I probably wouldn’t want to touch him either. But I guess that’s what you get when you go on the show. I thought she held herself together well and was glad to hear her say she was going to look for the good in the situation. I’m glad she’s gone, but that means that Chantal is going to win.
Also once again…did not love anybody’s dress choice for the rose ceremony…come on girls…
UMM..Michelle‘s back next week for the Women Tell All…woo hoo!!! DRAMA!!!
Quotes From this Week:

“I want what’s best for him…and it’s me damn it.” – Chantal

“I’m not someone who just goes and gets engaged to people.” – Chantal

“Let’s just get married here. Screw getting engaged” – Chantal

“What if that happened?” – Brad

“Brad left me alone in the wild and I was just confused…It’s possible that a lion could come eat me.”-Emily

“This is like the Lion King, but better” – Emily

“I’m not doing so well at dinner here. I’m really not.” – Brad (about dinner with Ashley)

“I’m not looking for four years, I’m not looking for fifteen years. I’m looking for my whole life.” – Brad

“You let me eat a worm!” – Chantal

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