Bachelor…Women Tell All

First of all I have to talk about Michelle…
– Michelle is by far the most fake person ever. When the other girls were like “I’m not buying it” when she was crying, that is exactly how I felt.
– Like she doesn’t know what she said about everyone? And she says that everyone said and equal amount of stuff they regret…they had whole shows just about what Michelle was saying…come on.
– She says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her and why she was crying at first…ummm all of America just saw the show and realize who you really are.
– And I’m sorry, she just keeps talking about her daughter…I almost think she just talked about her daughter more than she did the entire show. I kind of like how the girls called her out. Emily has a daughter and she made it work.
– I did like how Chris Harrison pointed out that if she was being sarcastic that she has to realize that it could be taken the wrong way.
– Then she’s saying that the negatives are outweighing the positives…Well yeah, you didn’t “win”, and everyone hates you because of how you acted. At least everyone else can walk away from it saying that had a good experience.
– Umm I hated her outfit too…she’s always just kind of casual…take advice from Ashley S…she looked so cute.
– Also her hair looks orange.
Ok…Ashley S
– Like I said…she looked so cute. I think she probably looked the best out of everyone there.
– She’s just so sweet.
– I liked that she wanted advice from him rather than just being upset.
– At least she was able to say that she was thankful for the experience.
Ashley H
– I want to rip her nasty new hair out of her head. What was she thinking? I already didn’t think she was very cute.
– I think Ashley just wanted to get attention. Did she think she wasn’t going to get as much because Michelle was going to be back?
– If you really felt that strongly, then go for it. Don’t freaking question yourself when you’re in the top three. You shot yourself in the foot.
– Sometimes she scares she. She starts talking in a creepy low voice…not attractive.
– When she talked to Brad she seemed a little pathetic, but I can’t blame her. I can’t say I haven’t felt the same when I feel like I regret something. It would just suck to have to do that on national tv.
– He repeats everything. It’s really annoying.
– Brad doesn’t seem very sincere tonight. He just seemed like he wanted to get in and get out.
– He says he’s truly happy and she’s changed his life so we’ll see if they stay together.
Chris Harrison is really funny to me. I think he’s a really good host. I felt like he was cracking jokes all night. He’s gotten funnier over time.
Quotes from this Week’s Episode:

“For a host, this is like a buffet.” – Chris

“Did you watch the show? Because I was a little confused about what you said about all of us. You were a little two faced” – Stacey

“I’m kind of equating you to a spider. You’re like creepy and everybody’s afraid of you.” – Jackie about Michelle

“Rachel’s about to pass out.” – Chris

“You were poisonous, you were toxic, you were frantic, you were frazzled, and you were freaking everyone out. And you ruined my chance with the Bachelor.” – Rachel to Melissa

“Brad didn’t want to be with you because you acted a fool.” – Jackie to Rachel

“I think the moral of the story is, don’t act like that in front of a guy.” – Ashley S

“Do I really want monkeys to attack Chantal? No I don’t. Am I really going to elbow someone? No I’m not.” – Michelle…well duh, but still? You were crazy

“Regret weighs so heavy on your heart.” – Ashley H

“I feel like a changed woman” – Ashley H

“Mercy! This is the hot seat.”- Brad

“Do I get my hug?” – Ashley H

“Yeah come here. O you mean Brad” – Chris

“We’re not doing this again.” – Chris to Brad

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