‘Band’ Together

I am a huge fan of headbands, not only because of Blair Waldorf, but because I’m secretly just really lazy and it makes doing your hair in the morning SO much easier! 

Thin headbands are becoming more and more in trend and they work for everyone! I love that they can be casual or dressy as well!

Cropped Hair/Pixie – You can “fake” an updo with a headband by teasing your hair and pushing the front back with the band.

Evan Rachel Wood

Short Hair/Bob – Twist hair back and secure with band. Curling makes the short pieces that come out of the hair-do look more placed as well.

Charlize Theron

Medium Length – Pull into a low or high bun and push up for a bump for height.

Kerry Washington (she has a little bump going on)

Long Hair – The thin band creates definition in the middle of the mass of hair you have going on up on your hair. See below on these three celebrities. 

Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gwyneth Paltrow

One celebrity that can be seen wearing the thin band over and over is Kristen Bell. Seen here she has a sleek updo, a cool ponytail, and even a wears it with her hair down. Love her!

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