Beauty Tip – Make Eyes Look Even Bigger!

We all know that smoky shadow is a great way to make eyes look amazing for a dramatic effect, but adding a winged-out look will make your eyes look even bigger and supersize the effect!

Get Amber Heard’s gorgeous look right here!

Step 1: Tap light reflecting concealer to the inner triangle of your under eyes. (next to your nose bone and right under your lash line)

Step 2: Apply a shimmery golden pink shadow to your 1. lids and 2. across your lower lashes. The light reflection makes the area look bigger!

Step 3: Add some bronze shadow to the outer halves of the upper lids (to the crease) and the lower lashes; making an elongating, sideways V.

Step 4: Rim lower inner lids in black eyeliner, and finish with lengthening mascara! Don’t forget to curl lashes!

(Mila Kunis shows a more Matte look…but the shimmer look tends to open the eye more!)

*Tips from Cosmopolitan Magazine

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