Best and Worst of 2011 – Fashion Police

Just a heads up! – These are according to Fashion Police…some I agree with and some I do not quite understand…

These first five are the Top Five to have watched during 2011.

Most Polarizing – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
I’m not totally sure about this one because I don’t think they are totally opposite all the time, but I do think they were ones to watch. I love seeing what they are going to wear, even if it’s weird or crazy. Love them.

Most Fashion Forward – Sarah Jessica Parker
I totally agree with this, because it’s like she really is Carrie Bradshaw. (as evidence by the next picture…do NOT love that hat, but she went for it…) Obsessed with her hair.

Most Outrageous – Nicki Minaj
As long as this is not best dressed, I’m totally for it. She is for sure the most outrageous and a part of me is always interested to see what she will wear or what color her hair will be. She probably had some stiff competition with Lady Gaga, but she’s kind of the newer version I guess.

Emma Stone – Breakout Fashionista
LOVE HER! TOTALLY AGREE. She is so cute.

Jennifer Lopez – Sexiest Star
She does look amazing this year. The second picture is basically the perfect outfit. Look at her legs, and I NEED those shoes.

These were the three candidates up for the worst of the year…

Katy Perry
This one is hard because sometimes she looks sooo amazing and others she looks like…well, see below.
She just sometimes wears the weirdest outfits, lets way too much of her boobs hang out, or wears the wrong outfits to certains events. But a lot of the time I do really like her outfits…

Christina Aguilera
She was really pretty for a while, but she has gone back into terrible Xtina. She used to be in like a glamorous phase and now she wears clothes that are way trashy looking and WAY too small…also, let’s just not even get into what her hair is doing lately…I know you can afford better.

And now for the WORST OF THE WORST…
Is there a lot to say? She should have enough money by now to afford new clothes.
1. Is this first picture an ed hardy dress? Do they make those?
2. I wanted a Louie and now I’m not sure.
3. Umm…stop with the huge weird furry boots…they make cute ones. She is wearing yoga shorts, and I’m pretty sure she is not going to the gym in those shoes…why? I don’t want to talk about her hair either…and there is no such thing as jersey royalty. Sorry babe.

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