Blair’s Wedding Attire

At the moment I can’t even begin to discuss what happened in last night’s episode…don’t even doubt me when I say I had a mild heart attack and couldn’t fall asleep. (Yes I have problems.)
The wardrobe was amaaaaaaazing.
Vera Wang is a genius.
I wish I could afford her. Maybe one day.
Anyway, I was obssessed with Serena’s MOH dress. Also I kind of loved the skirts on the bridesmaid dresses. Ummm, I want to be in Blair’s Wedding. Except I think that if I knew it wasn’t going to be to Chuck I would have recuse myself.

Also, Blair’s dress was perfect. I loved it. Maybe not the style that I would pick for myself, because I am partial to lace, but I don’t think I’d complain if Vera Wang made this dress for me.

Now I’m just going to have to take a few weeks to recover from last nights tragedies. 🙁

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