Blake and Leighton

Chick Crush Day 6
Blake Lively and Leighton Meester
I figured I would put them together since I’ve already done a post about each of them and they’re so cute together anyway!
They’re both best known for being on Gossip Girl (one of my favorite shows!) Both are gorgeous and talented I think. Blake actually could either go to Stanford or Columbia, but hasn’t started classes because of filming…so an IVY league school is a pretty good thing huh? I loved her in the Town and hope to see her in more movies soon. She was also just ranked one of people’s best dressed of the year for 2010 and was on the cover for it. Leighton’s tv debut was on Law and Order (another one of my favorite shows!). She’s starting to be in more movies and has two more coming out this year! Yay! Loved Country Strong! Haven’t seen The Roommate…little iffy on that one, but it’s a scary thriller so you never know with those…also another best dressed person.
Love them both!

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