Braided Crown Hair Tutorial

I’ve been seeing this around on fashion blogs, models, etc and I thought I would mess around and try to figure it out! I wore my hair like this to a wedding tonight and everyone was asking me how to do it, so…here you go! (It’s easier than it looks!)

Step 1: Separate your hair into four sections, diving the front from the back on both sides.

Step 2: Braid each section (4 total) staying close to the root.

Step 3: Take the end of one braid and pull it towards the beginning of the next braid, going around your head in a circular pattern. If your hair is short, the end of the braid will meet where the next one starts. If it is long, they will overlap.

Step 4: Bobby pin the ends of the braids into the beginning of the next braid for shorter hair, or tuck it under your other braids for longer hair. Just make sure the ends don’t show or it will look messy. Try and hide the bobby pins so it looks like continuous braids around your head!

Finished product!┬áMine has a double effect because my braids are longer. (I curled the front pieces of my hair a little so they didn’t just hang down. You can do whatever you want!)

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