Brian Atwood and the Celebrities who love his shoes

I posted yesterday about the Brian Atwood suede pumps that ‘Serena’ wore on Gossip Girl, but there are TONS of celebrities seen in these shoes all the time (shown below). They’ve been worn on Gossip Girl multiple times just this season. I’m obsessed with them too.

Here are some of the shoes and the celebrities who love them.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rachel Bilson

Mila Kunis

Leighton Meister

Julianne Hough

Victoria Beckham…she is a multiple time offender. If you look up Brian Atwood, her picture will come up…however I’m pretty sure that’s just her and shoes in general. 🙂 I love her style.


Rachel Zoe and Jennifer Lopez…I LOVE THESE BOOTIES

Nicole Richie

Victoria again

Leighton again

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