Brickyard Buffalo Holiday Buys!

I got the pleasure of working with Brickyard Buffalo¬†again recently, so I wanted to share two of my favorite holiday items that just went live on their website! You have to make sure that you get online right away though or they will sell out! I don’t know if you saw my instagram the other night, but they posted an adorable cardigan with elbow patches, and it sold out in just a few hours…so if you want to be holiday ready hop on and get on these! Plus, sign up for their emails and you won’t miss out on their amazing deals every day! This cute sweater is only $15!

The Phoebe SweaterBrickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Holiday Sweater1Brickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Holiday Sweater3Brickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Holiday Sweater2

Reindeer Sweats
Brickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Reindeer SweatsBrickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Reindeer Sweats2Brickyard Buffalo-WildOneForever Reindeer Sweats3

Get both of these at right now! Hurry before they sell out!

Photos:;@britt_jacox on instagram!

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