Camping and Crablegs

So for Memorial Day Weekend Jake and I went to Marysville, UT with Janell and Burk and camped. It was so nice and warm. The boys fished and Janell and I just kinda hung out and we found this fun little antique shop. I bought a little gold watch for $3.00. haha. I love it though. It’s my souvenir from the weekend. We played this washer throwing game that we found at wal-mart like twenty times, but it is seriously like the most fun game. Then that night we went to this gas station that has been turned into a “restaurant”. Jake and I had been there a year ago with his brother and some of their friends so that’s why we decided to go back. They have unlimited crab legs and these giant servings of prime rib for pretty cheap and it is amaaaaaazing! It looks like the most white trash place ever, but I kid you not, it is sooooo good. I think I literally ate 25 crab legs (on top of everything else they give you). Ask Jake.

Anyway, then on Sunday, Janell and Burke had to head back, but Taylor and Devo wanted to come camping, so we headed back to Jake’s family’s house in Holden. They met us there, but the weather started getting bad and it was freezing! So…we ended up just having a fire and cooked hot dogs and smores there. It was really fun actually, but I don’t have any pictures from it. Hopefully we’ll get a good camping trip planned with all of our friends soon!

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