Catching Fire Costumes

So I finally saw Catching Fire. Loved it! Now I just need to decide if I loved the book, the movie, or the wardrobes better. These movies are just as good as the books. Usually I love the books more, but I really like the movies for this series because they stay so true to the book and I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.

I am obsessed with what costume designer, Trish Summerville, did with this movie’s outfits. I think I want to live in The Capitol. I would die to wear these dresses.

Johanna’s (Jena Malone) custom dress was made by Trish Summerville and Jan Taminiau out of pressed cork and nails, with cascading chiffon to look like leaves. Perfect for the lumber district.

I think Effie’s (Elizabeth Banks) dresses give everyone a run for their money. All of these are Alexander McQueen. I think out of everyone’s I would pick hers to wear. So extravagant, but I love it!

I loved Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) hair and makeup in this mocking jay dress, designed by Trish Summerville. The details are amazing. (Effie in Alexander McQueen again)

catching fire

I wish I could find a better picture of Katniss’ chariot dress because it was so amazing on her.

And her wedding dress…by Tex Sevario. Unbelievable .

Just a few more favs of Effie 🙂tumblr_mwn05y1Swx1r9i187o4_400

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  1. eek! those are amazing! I’m so glad that the designers really took the opportunity to use the fantasy story to inspire such original designs

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