Tula Skincare: Why Probiotics?

Tula Skincare and Probiotics

I have been using Tula since last summer and I feel like my skin just loves me so much more than the last 31 years of my life. It’s a very gentle, yet effective skincare and I honestly pick their moisturizing cream over anything else. I like that it can be used day or night, because it’s not too thick for the day, but it’s extremely hydrating to use overnight. Living in Utah, the weather makes my skin so dry, so this has been a lifesaver for me during the winter, and even during the summer when I’m doing activities in the water that dries out my skin.

Why do I love Tula so much? Well I’m going to tell you about how they use probiotics for your skin if you keep reading below AND give you a discount code to use so you can try it for yourself!

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Stronger Label “Hero” Set and My Favorite Workout Accessories

Stronger Label "Hero" Workout Set

I am committing myself to being healthy and working out consistently this year. I want to be Stronger! Which is exactly why I love Stronger Label. They celebrate strong women and the events that made them strong! Also because they’re outfits are so cute and soooo soft! What makes you Stronger?

I’ve also linked a bunch of my favorite workout accessories and equipment below!

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Becca Swim and the FabFitFun Spring Box

Becca Swim and Gypsy 05 Roundie

Rain Rain Go Away, I need to be on a beach…I don’t even care about the rhyme. I cannot wait for summer to get here! A lot of that might be due to the fact that I am obsessed with this swimsuit by Becca Swim from Everything But Water! The criss cross detail is so fun and it matches perfectly with my beach bag (also from Everything But Water)! If you haven’t shopped at Everything But Water yet, you’re missing out. They literally have EVERYTHING…but water. It’s been one of my favorite shops for swimwear, coverups, and accessories for years!

The Spring Fabfitfun box is still available! They have so many goodies in this one! The value is over $350! I’m obsessed with this roundie from Gypsy 05 that comes in the box! You can get $10 off your first box with this code: KRISTIND

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Vital Proteins for Collagen Production

Anyone else notice a drastic difference in your skin when you started getting close to age 30? My whole body seemed to change within a month of my birthday. A lot of people would say that it was all in my head, but I felt like I went through a second round of puberty or something.  My metabolism changed, I needed even more sleep, my recovery time from working out increased, and my hair and skin became so dry. I kind of had a mini meltdown!

Hello! Solution! Collagen! Do any of you really understand what it is or what is does? I am not going to pretend I totally understood what it was either, so I’ll give you a quick little rundown. Collagen is a form of protein, which is built out of amino acids. These are linked into what we call peptides, and these peptides are essential for collagen production in your body. Collagen is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Collagen also makes up about  70% of our skin, so you can see where I am going with this…

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My 2017 Guide to Wanting to Working Out

How many of you are like me and find yourself lacking motivation to work out? I would love to be one of those people who is super consistent and super motivated. Working two full time jobs limits my time and sometimes I’m just so exhausted when I get home. I have made it a goal this year to try and be more consistent! I love working out, but sometimes I fall out of the habit and it’s harder for me to start again. So I’m going to try to make it a habit again! I have put together a little list of ideas to help you gain motivation and maybe even trick yourself into liking working out. If I can trick myself for a month, then I’ll probably be back in the habit and will be back to loving it! IMG_6279(My first workout of 2017!!!)

Try Something New! 

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over can get mundane. I love trying new classes and new exercises to see what I love the most. For example, I recently just started working out with an online trainer! At first you may think that getting a trainer online is not as good as the real thing. I’m here to change your mind. I started doing Kayla and I had such a hard time staying motivated and wasn’t seeing results because I couldn’t stay consistent. Recently I started working with @trainerkelli through the @level212 fitness app. It’s COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED! I love it. She asks me what my goals are and tailors my workout to me specifically, so I can focus on which parts of my body I want to improve or what fitness goals I want to achieve. It’s 100 times better than a workout app that has the same workouts for everyone. If I have a really hard time with a certain workout, I can message Kelli and she’ll switch it up or I can ask her for advise on how to do it. She sets up my workouts for how many times I can fit in during the week and I have to check in with her, so I have a lot of motivation and I don’t want to cheat since it’s a real person and not a computer! There are videos linked to each workout and describe and show you how each one should be done. I’m going to be doing a post specifically about this later, but this has helped me so much over the past few weeks because it motivates me to get there! Image-7

Get a buddy!

Lots of people think this means you have to have someone who is going to do your whole workout with you. Most people want totally different results or just have different bodies that respond to different things. If you find someone you totally match with then woo hoo, maybe you found your “swollmate”. However, I think just having someone to go with makes it so much harder for me to say no! Half my problem is just getting there so if I have someone that is counting on me or who is willing to just go at the same time that helps me a ton! This helps me so much, even if it’s just driving to the gym together and we separate and do our own workouts!

Make a Bomb.com Playlist!

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me at the gym…forgetting my headphones! Music totally pumps me up and keeps me going! I read somewhere that music actually helps people work out longer and harder. Who needs pre-workout when you have Beyonce right?

Make it Convient for you!

You don’t have to go to the gym for a good workout! If you don’t have tons of time to drive to or spend at the gym, pop in a Jillian Michael’s video at home! Or go out for a quick run! Sometimes I just go over to the gym at my apartment complex when I’m trying to save time. It doesn’t have all of the machines that my normal gym does, but if it makes it easier for me to work out, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it?! Also you don’t have to work out at 5 AM! You workout when you have time. Don’t force yourself to do something that is not going to work for you. Remember we’re trying to make this about loving your workout again!

Set Realistic Goals!

I always over exaggerate mine. I’m like I need to lose 20 pounds! I need to work out every day! But when I look at my schedule 3 days a week seems much more likely. Start small and work your way up to your big goals. By hitting the small steps first you’ll see progress and it will be motivating. Then you can keep reaching for your ultimate goal. I get discouraged when I don’t see it happening right away and I think coming to terms with that will help me in the long run.

Don’t Overindulge, but Don’t Deprive!

As far as a diet goes, my best option is balance. I struggle with eating chicken and rice every day, so I don’t do it. I try to eat healthy, but I don’t deprive myself of a little treat or cheat day! If I go completely crazy on a diet I’m miserable. Some people are amazing at this, but for me a little bit of moderation goes a long way. If you’re miserable you won’t want to stick with it and ultimately you’re not going to see goals.

Have fun! 

If you hate running, don’t run! Maybe try a Zumba class or Yoga! Find what you love and what makes you happy and stick with those exercises. Remember you are not the same as the girl next to you and different things are going to work better for different bodies! If you find something you love, and are having fun while doing it, you are much more likely to have it become a habit and you will look forward to your work out.

I hope these tricks were helpful and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and also your goals and progress! Leave me a comment with what your health goals are for the year and if you have any other tricks you think work the best send them my way!!!

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Wanderlust + Juice Organic Juice

If you guys follow me on snapchat (@krdavis33) you probably saw me talking about the juice cleanse I did with Just Organic Juice last week! If not, then you missed out and you should follow me. Haha! Jk! But honestly, I loved it! I felt so much better afterwards. Today I am giving away a one day cleanse on my instagram! (@kristinrosedavis) So make sure you enter!

Now I just wanted to talk to you a little bit more about the cleanse that I did. I did the Hard Boot 3-day cleanse. It’s their signature and most popular cleanse. The “Hard Boot” Cleanse will flood your body with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals, give your body the digestive rest to clean house, and help you shed those extra pounds.

Here are what the juices in this one are:

  • (1) Green Envy: Red Apples, Spinach, Celery, Parsley, Ginger, Dandelion, Cucumber, and Pear
  • (2) Greatfruit-n-Mint: Mint and Grapefruit
  • (3) Roots: Lemon, Celery, Dandelion, Beets, and Carrots
  • (4) Clorofeelgood: Spinach, Romaine, Parsley, Kale, and Green Apples
  • (5) Just Beet It: Lemon, Ginger, Beets, and Carrots
  • (6) Almondelight: Vanilla Bean, Dates, Filtered Water, and Raw Almonds

I LOVED the Grapefruit one and the Almond. I was craving it by the end of the day. I struggled a little bit with the Beet ones, but they are actually not too bad since they have Lemon and Ginger mixed in.

Let me know if you guys have more questions!

Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 7Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 10Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 5Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 4Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 9Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 1Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 2Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 8Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 6Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 11Wild One Forever - Wanderlust and Just Organic Juice 3

Tank – Target; Shorts – 7 for All Mankind (old); Sneakers – Converse; Bracelet – Lulu Dharma; Mandala Tapestry – c/o Lady Scorpio 101; Juices – c/o Just Organic Juice

Photos: Remember When by Raquel

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Airabella Active Pink Lemonade Capris + Giveaway

Ok, so today is my birthday and I wanted to give you guys a little present! These capris from Airabella Active are possibly some of the cutest and most comfortable leggings I have tried on in a while! They are so soft! I love the color! So to thank you for being such awesome followers look for a GIVEAWAY on my instagram @kristinrosedavis in the morning! But if you just can’t wait because these pants are so cute, you can get 15% off your order by using code: airabella15

Good Luck and thank you all so much for following and supporting me!
Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 13Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 2Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 16Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 3Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 9Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 5Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 15Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 12Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 14Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 7Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 18Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 11Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 6Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 1Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 8Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 4Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 10Wild One Forever - Pink Airabella Active 17Leggings – c/o Airabella Active; Tank – Lulu Lemon; Sports Bra – Lulu Lemon; Shoes – Nike

Photos: LC Photography

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